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If the MonsterVerse continues, will Godzilla die in a future film?

If the MonsterVerse continues, will Godzilla die in a future film?

Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Apr-06-2017 11:43 PM

It's no doubt that the MonsterVerse has many fans excited right now, especially me. I for one can't wait to see all the hardcore fights that are going to happen in Godzilla 2 & Godzilla vs. Kong, but if the MonsterVerse continues, will Godzilla continue on?

This is a question I've asked myself on the second time I went to see Kong: Skull Island, since I focused more attention to the story, but I definitely got major vibes from a few lines that was said by Hank Marlow when he was talking of and mourning his friend Gunpei. Marlow says that in the beginning that they were enemies that were determined to kill each other, one of the reasons being the war that was going on at the time. It all started out by which Marlow saw Gunpei's plane crash onto the beach, prompting Marlow to head towards him and to begin firing his pistol at him, but missing all shots. Gunpei pulls out his pistol, but Marlow immediately runs the other way, resulting in a chase to begin. Gunpei fires his pistol, but misses the shots and when Marlow reaches a cliff, Gunpei is right behind him and the two begin to fight on whether who lives and who dies. Just when it seemed Marlow was about to be killed, two massive hands appear, grabbing onto the cliff edge, followed by a huge body appearing and ending in a roar with the reflection of the monster seen through Marlow's eye. Though of course the monster is Kong.


Marlow and Gunpei would later become sworn friends because of the dangers on the island, because they were the bigger threat. No matter what, Marlow and Gunpei would always have each other's backs....that is until one of the dangers, the Skullcrawlers, killed Gunpei. I believe that during that certain scene when Marlow was talking about Gunpei, though it's not confirming, but foreshadowing that Godzilla and Kong do team up in the future, but somewhere along that future, Godzilla and Kong do become allies....yet somewhere in that future, the mighty King will die.


Marlow represents the Western World who in turn is Kong. Gunpei represents the Eastern World who in turn is Godzilla. East meets West, Godzilla and Kong, the two greatest iconic giant monsters in the history of the world. There was also another particular scene that I believe is foreshadowing that will show Kong will give Godzilla one heck of a monster fight. When the young soldier asks Marlow who he believes would win in a fight, the Tigers or the Cubs. Marlow answers to the Tigers (Godzilla) because the Cubs (Kong) wouldn't stand a chance because they're to small. Marlow than proceeds to say that wait till the Cubs grow up because they'll be fully capable of handling themselves against their opponents since Kong is small, although not to us humans, and young still, but once he reached at his physical peak, Godzilla will be in for a fight.


For some strange apparent reason, that's what I felt when Marlow was talking about Gunpei. I actually believe that if the MonsterVerse continues, Godzilla will die in a future film and Kong could carry on Godzilla's legacy in keeping the balance of the world. If Godzilla does die however, his death needs to be memorable, honorable, with special purpose and meaning, because Godzilla has only died twice in total and both those deaths had what I mentioned in my opinion. He can't just die and than come back alive later on like so many other fictional characters, one example being Superman because if he does, than his deaths would just lose meaning and nobody would care for it anymore. His death needs to remain permanent like the previous two. If the MonsterVerse does continue on, I hope WB & Legendary take note of what I wrote.

What do you think? If the MonsterVerse does continue, do you believe Godzilla might die in a future film? Let me know in the comment section.


11 Responses to If the MonsterVerse continues, will Godzilla die in a future film?

G. H. (Gman)

Apr-07-2017 12:58 AM

The thing is Toho has placed a lot of restrictions, conditions and mandates over how Legendary is allowed to handle Godzilla. One of the reasons Godzilla fought another monster in the 2014 movie is because Toho required it. Among those heavily circulating, but not necessarily confirmed conditions was that Legendary is not allowed to kill Godzilla. This is the most believable one considering Toho's many requirements were put in place to avoid another 1998 debacle.

I'm sure there may be some loopholes in consideration of Godzilla's death; there may have to be another Godzilla to take his place. Or perhaps he comes back to life--But one of the most popular words on Toho's massive list of conditions was that killing him was off limits.

Besides, why kill the golden egg layer?

Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Apr-07-2017 2:04 AM

@G. H. (Gman)

I didn't know that Toho won't allow Godzilla to be killed off. I always thought that if a studio had the rights to a certain character, they're free to use them however they want. But I can see where your headed though, why kill off the golden egg? With me, I've wanted to see how the world around Godzilla would be without him, whether it be run over by tyrannical monsters or how other planet protecting monsters could handle on defending the planet without Godzilla or a world where humans build global armies of mechas to defend themselves against other monsters and just so many theories on what could happen without him. There's plenty of monsters that naturally protect the Earth and I would want to see their ways of handling it whether it be easy or hard and many other things. But like you said, Toho won't allow Godzilla to be killed off. That's something a lot of fans don't want to happen, but I would want to see how a world of giant monsters would be without a Godzilla.


Apr-07-2017 4:15 AM

I know Toho told IDW that they couldn't kill Godzilla in the comics.

G. H. (Gman)

Apr-07-2017 9:39 AM

 "With me, I've wanted to see how the world around Godzilla would be without him,"

It's an interesting thing worth exploring in the Monsterverse that might be possible as long as Legendary brings Godzilla back or he's simply mistook for being dead. (ala, Superman in Batman v. Superman it seems.)

But while Legendary has the rights to use Godzilla, fans need to undestand it's more of a conditional agreement: "You can borrow my car as long as you don't paint it or put bumper stickers on it and I have to okay the hubcaps."

This is largely because of the treatment Godzilla got from Hollywood 19 years ago. Now Toho is very strict about the way the character is used by other studios, comics, video games, etc. (Toho had an artist redraw an entire cover for one of IDW's comics because they didn't like how Godzilla's fingers were positioned.) Godzilla is always Toho's, everyone else is just walking on eggshells to borrow him.

Im Durp

Apr-07-2017 9:57 AM

I tend to think if this monsterverse is a big success and they keep it going after Kong vs Godzilla legendary will probably have to talk to toho about keeping the rights. Depending on their trackrecord with the monster I could see Legendary being able to negotiate killing their Godzilla at the end of their series.


I know toho supposedly gave Legendary a rulebook worth or regulations for G14, but this was the first hollywood outing for the monster since the 98 mess, so naturally toho would be super strict with their ruling at the time.


Not saying Legendary will kill him off, or could, but if their movies do well enough they might have more room to negotiate with Toho about that being a possible endgame scenario. 

G. H. (Gman)

Apr-07-2017 10:39 AM

Even then I feel like it has to be a "door open" scenario. On Legendary's end, just in case their "last one" makes a tone of dough, they would probably leave a thread available for yanking Godzilla out of the grave.

Lets be honest, no self-respecting company/studio decides to kill a franchise. If Marvel killed Iron Man, that's billions of dollars worth in films and merchandise that they're not receiving every year. I'm pretty sure Legendary is more than happy to abide by Toho's condition to not kill Godzilla.


Apr-07-2017 10:47 AM

I agree with everything you said Gman.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Lord Tyrannos/I Meme Everything

Apr-07-2017 1:50 PM

Huh, I never thought about that symbolism with Marlow and Gunpei. Very interesting theory

"Hahahrawrrahaha" - Dr. Ian Malcolm


Apr-15-2017 6:18 AM

Sorry for posting kind of late, but I feel like if Godzilla dies, maybe Godzilla Jr. will appear and replace him, like in Godzilla VS Destoroyah. I feel like completely killing of Godzilla wouldn't be a good idea, as arguably he is the "title character" of the series. If he were to die, I think he should be replaced. No Godzilla at all doesn't seem like a good idea and I don't think TOHO would allow it.


"Is that a monkey?"

G. H. (Gman)

Apr-15-2017 5:30 PM

"...I don't think TOHO would allow it."


Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Apr-15-2017 5:47 PM


No monster can replace Godzilla, that I do know. If Toho were to one day allow Godzilla to be killed, it would have to mark the end of the series of the MonsterVerse because once he dies, so do his movies with him, but in the honorable way. If Toho feels that eventually down the line that the situation seems worthy and special and of course concluding the end of the MonsterVerse, I don't see why Godzilla wouldn't be killed off. I know there are some people who will very disagree with me because of what I'm saying, because he's the star of the movies, but I'm talking the end. Maybe if he were to die, later in a movie, were treated to shots of other monsters that are now willing to protect the Earth because of Godzilla, thus concluding the series. Just like in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. Jr. wasn't his father, but the shot of him at the end showed that he's continuing the legacy of Godzilla which than concluded the Heisei Era. I wouldn't mind the MonsterVerse following that format.

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