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Matching some DC villains with some of Godzilla's villains

Matching some DC villains with some of Godzilla's villains

Draegar: The Hooded Figure

May-07-2017 7:18 PM

So I've been thinking to myself on which characters from the DC Universe closely fit that with some of the monster villains from the Godzilla universe.

I won't go into deep explanations here as it would become so very long and I just want to share who I believe fits with it, but of course I'll explain the basic reasons why I believe so.

King Ghidorah = Darkseid
Darkseid is a character than wants control of the universe under his rule, taking over planets, bring about fear, and causing nothing but destruction. The Showa Era version of King Ghidorah would fit that of the description as he travels across the galaxies, seeking to destroy planets, strike fear, bring destruction, and though not necessarily rule the universe, but to be a force to be reckoned with.

Gigan = Deathstroke
Deathstroke is a villian that's an equal in fighting capabilities to Batman. He has fighting techniques, swords, and the occasional guns he uses. Gigan is an expert in fighting that makes use of his blades that he has and was even able to give Godzilla a beating. In the Final Wars film, he uses his Cluster Light Ray as a long range weapon, similar to that of a gun.

Destoroyah = Doomsday
Doomsday is a character that's solely focused on just destruction of all things. He doesn't care what or who it is and once he's done with it, he'll move on to the next one. Destoroyah is like Doosmday as he just wants to destroy everything. He kept on continuing to fight, but eventually though, he was defeated.

Keizer Ghidorah = The Anti-Monitor
The Anti-Monitor is one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe, even as to what he did in COIE. Keizer Ghidorah could perhaps relate to the character in a way as he can quickly deal with enemies fast and end them, and which at the same time, to almost bring about the end of the world had he defeated Godzilla.

Megaguirus = Superwoman
Superwoman, an alternate Earth version of Wonder Woman, is someone no one wants to mess with. She will deal with anybody that she deems to be a threat to her and end them. Megaguirus is like that as she wants to be the powerful one and wants Godzilla out of the equation.

Spacegodzilla = Brainiac
Brainiac is someone that's focused on always seeking knowledge, collecting cities, and destroying planets. Spacegodzilla is like him as he seeks to want to gain more power always and in a way turn the Earth into his fortress.

Mechagodzilla = Owlman
Owlman, an alternate Earth version of Batman, seeks to handle things when he can and however he can. He poses strength and fighting techniques, probably more better than Batman. Mechagodzilla isn't an alternate dimension character, but rather the mechanical clone of Godzilla. Mechagodzilla proved to be a character that can handle itself against Fodzill and almost beating him.

Orga = Ultraman
An alternate Earth version of Superman, he is only focused on being the survival of the fittest. He doesn't care about the weak and his fights with Superman seem to be equal at times. Orga, before his death, seemed very close to cloning himself as Godzilla, but even before that, he still managed to give Godzilla a god fight.

Megalon = The Ocean Master/Norm
Norm, the half-brother of Aquaman, despises the human dwellers living on the surface. He only cares for Atlantis and nothing else. Megalon, the guardian of Atlantis seeks to destroy the humans as his home was in danger of being destroyed by the humans. Like both characters, they gave good fights to the humans, and Megalon giving it to Godzilla, but they were defeated in the end.

Battra = Ares
Ares is a character who's main enemy is Wonder Woman and which he draws his power from conflict. He likes to bring about destruction and and have himself to be the only powerful one. Battra is a monster who's main enemy is Mothra and only seeks to bring terror on Earth. Both characters do their best to do what they can to harm the planet, but are stopped.

What DC villains do you believe match that of Godzilla's villains?

8 Responses to Matching some DC villains with some of Godzilla's villains

Something Real

Aug-14-2017 10:06 PM

G:KOTM - This was exceedingly neat and very compelling! I very much enjoyed your comparisons within this presentation. Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us! :)


Aug-15-2017 9:18 AM

This is a cool idea, unfortunately I don't follow the DC world as close as some others. Im a fan, just not a dedicated fan. So I cannot really add much to this conversation.

But I like where you are going with this thinking. It gives me an idea of my own.



Aug-16-2017 9:12 AM

OOOOO.... I got one. Biollante=Poison Ivy. For physical and characteristic reasons. Both plant based villains. Both female counter parts of there enemy. Both have toxic tendencies in attack and character. I think Poison Ivy was a scientist? Right? or still is one?so both villains were scientists. biollante has the human spirit from Erika Shiragami. that's why I say that.


Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Aug-16-2017 9:43 AM

^That's actually a pretty good one. I never even thought of that, but yes, Poison Ivy, (or going by her name of Pamela Lilian Isley), was a botanist before she took the mantle of becoming Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy still seeks to protect all the plants of the world, but rather the methods of the way she does it currently aren't exactly the right approaches to it.

As far as Biollante though, she's a enemy of Godzilla, but I wouldn't classify her as an actual "villain" like King Ghidorah or Destoroyah or Gigan. But still though, I like the matching of the two you came up with.


Aug-16-2017 11:03 AM

I don't know the characteristics of each DC villain. I just have a general idea from old cartoons and some of the DC movies. But thank you, I was quite proud of that entry.

I have another, its a stretch but I want to keep this conversation going.

Hedorah= The Joker.

Just hear me out. This just goes to on my opinion on what I know about The Joker, im sure there is a whole book about the joker that I have no idea about but here I go. 

If we compare Godzilla and Hedorah's relationship to that of Batman and The Joker they have a similar narrative. As far as I know about the Joker, his past history is a mystery, same with Hedorah. No one in the Godzilla world is exactly sure where Hedorah came from, either outer space or a mutant on earth, hedorah is shrouded in mystery. All the other kaiju's have a history a back story, a motive for their destruction. the Joker and Hedorah do not, they crave destruction because its both in their nature to destroy.

The Joker is Batman's arch enemy, The Joker has no rules, he does what he pleases. Batman is obsessed with capturing The Joker, he even has the urge to kill the Joker. Godzilla believe it or not rarely kills his enemies(in the showa series) once they are defeated, like Batman. King Ghidorah, Gigan, Megalon, Ebirah, Mothra,(the exception of Kumonga and the Kamacuras) Godzilla has live and retreat multiple times. But Hedorah Godzilla seemed to be obsessed with killing in the end, even putting himself in physical danger to destroy Hedorah! Godzilla even snuffed out the species by destroying the 2 eggs! Godzilla hated Hedorah with all of his heart, the same must be with batman and the joker.

I feel also that Hedorah had a sense of humor, a rare characteristic of a kaiju in the Toho world. When Hedorah ensnares Godzilla in his sludge in that crater, Hedorah seemed to giggle! Like it felt good about what it did to Godzilla. He embarrassed Godzilla by "oozing" on him and that pleased Hedorah. The Joker... well its quite obvious where Im going here with the Joker. I need a whole website to make my point. they don't call him The joker for nothing.

Hedorah also seemed to thwart every attempt made by Godzilla to stop him. The joker seems to be able to trick batman as well at most times. Even when Godzilla seemed to have an upper hand Hedorah would just pull another trick from its sleeve and over come Godzilla. The joker has proven many times to outsmart Batman, killing Robin or other innocent people.

I hope this all makes sense. I know other people are going to argue with this one. But I hope to of made my point in comparison.


Draegar: The Hooded Figure

Aug-16-2017 5:03 PM

^Joker has had many origin stories; most well known one probably being from Batman: The Killing Joke where Joker was a failed comedian that was pressured into committing crime as the Red Hood in order to support his pregnant wife. Batman sort of in a way caused some interference that caused Joker to fall into a chemical vat that disfigured him, thus leading to him being the Joker as he is. The story was if I am correct, it was a built up of Joker's 1951 origin story, but I'm not entirely sure though.

Back to the the topic though, in some points you provided, I can agree that Hedorah and Joker have some close comparisons. Hedorah may have perhaps been Godzilla's deadliest enemy in the Showa Era, but I have my doubts on that at certain times, but whereas for the Joker, I believe that he is Batman's deadliest enemy to which I can see that similarity. 

Overall though, I like the comparisons between the two that you provided.

The Jurassic Bootleg

Aug-16-2017 7:16 PM

Interesting matching! loved the Gigan and Deathstroke comparison!

Godzilla Generations was a beautiful game! I loved the fact that there's a laser cannon inside of Dr. Serizawa's eyepatch.


Aug-17-2017 7:00 AM

I see, didn't know that much about the Joker.


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