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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Godzilla 2) is the upcoming sequel to Legendary Pictures' and Warner Bros. Pictures' Godzilla (2014) movie. Directed by Michael Dougherty, Godzilla: King of the Monsters will see the introduction of other Toho monsters Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah. All three superspecies will vie for dominance of Earth and Godzilla will rise again to restore nature's balance.

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Posted May-30-2017 7:18 PM

So I figured I'd write a versus match as the way I use to before when I was much younger when I first started out writing Godzilla matches. It may not have the same tone as it did once before, but I gave it my best shot at doing it.



Location: 100 miles off the California shore of the Pacific Ocean

King Ghidorah was flying high in the sky, blasting through the air and breaking apart the clouds as he lets out his roars of terror to make himself known. He flies over the Pacific Ocean shores, looking for a opponent that seems worthy to fight. The three heads look about in the water, trying to find any monster moving underneath, but it's still no luck for him.

King Ghidorah continues flying, until he sees something in the water. He spots a large monster swimming just slightly above the water surface; its Slattern! King Ghidorah flies higher into the sky and begins dive bombing towards Slattern with full speed. Slattern hears the roars of King Ghidorah approaching, so he turns around and sees that King Ghidorah is coming in fast. Slattern quickly tries to dive back underwater, but King Ghidorah already reached him and slams all his weight into Slattern, putting them both underwater. The two monsters slowly begin sinking to the ocean floor as to which King Ghidorah struggles to exit out of the water, but Slattern has the advantage now.

Slattern begins using his large hands and swings them against King Ghidorah's heads, pushing him in the water. Slattern than grabs King Ghidorah and holds him while swimming down to the ocean floor, slamming him against it. King Ghidorah struggles to get up, but Slattern continues to use his massive size over King Ghidorah and pounds him with punches on his body. King Ghidorah than fires his gravity beams at Slattern's body, causing him great pain and retreating for a brief moment. King Ghidorah takes advantage of the opportunity to leave, so he builds up strength to give a massive leap out of the water and begins flying. Slattern, seeing that King Ghidorah escaped, decides to follow him. King Ghidorah flies toward the shore, having Slatterm follow, than arriving on the shore. Slattern is still massive over King Ghidorah in size, but King Ghidorah still has the advantage of the air. Slattern quickly takes running towards King Ghidorah, but King Ghidorah quickly takes to the air, but only to have Slattern use his tails to bring down King Ghidorah.

Slattern quickly turns his body halfway and uses his tails to start striking on King Ghidorah's body. His tails pierce manage to pierce King Ghidorah's hard gold scales skin, but King Ghidorah is a tough monster that can dish it out. He gets back up and fires his Gravity Beams at Slattern's body that puts him in more pain. Slattern turns to King Ghidorah and lets out a mighty ferocious roar. Slattern quickly runs to King Ghidorah and tackles him like a football player. Slattern than brings up his fists and starts slamming them in King Ghidorah while also using his tails to puncture wounds on King Ghidorah's body. King Ghidorah's right head than grabs onto on of Slattern's arms while the left head grabs the other and brings Slattern forward to throw him across. King Ghidorah than quickly gets up, turns around, flies up, and begins firing his Gravity Beams at Slattern. King Ghidorah must figure out a way to get rid of Slattern's tails without getting close to them, but also not letting him know of his plan. King Ghidorah than flies higher to the sky and begins to head back down to Slattern.

He's approaching him at fast speeds and just when he arrives to Slattern, King Ghidorah quickly brings his feet forward, kicking Slattern back a massive distance. Slattern is hurt from the attack, but King Ghidorah quickly takes advantage by focusing his Gravity Beams on Slattern's tails, cutting them all off. Slattern's pain increases as he cant take any more injuries. King Ghidorah than walks towards Slattern and picks him up by the feet using his mouths. He than takes off to the air, flying high as he ever does before. As the while King Ghidorah is getting closer to edge of space, he flips Slattern like a pancake on a pan, grabbing him by the arms and dive bombing to a mountain. King Ghidorah is flying faster than ever before, causing thunderous crackles across the skies. He sees the mountain is getting closer and just before he can crash into the mountain, King Ghidorah releases Slattern into the mountain, destroying it completely.

King Ghidorah than begins flying slowly over the destroyed mountain, seeing the status of Slattern. Slattern tries to get up, but collapses onto the ground, now dead. King Ghidorah roars in victory and fires his Gravity Beams all over the mountain, marking his destruction and kill, than flies off, looking for another worthy opponent.

The end.

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Vitas Thanos

Jun-10-2017 7:13 PM





Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah aaaahhh blllllllll ah ah

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