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Zilla vs Gorosaurus

Zilla vs Gorosaurus

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Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Jan-03-2019 3:43 PM

This is just some story I made about a month ago.

Hope you enjoy it


The city of Paris saw nothing but clear blue skies as the civilians and tourists busied themselves all around the city.

Tourists flocked themselves around the historical monument Arc De Triomphe as a tour guide rambled on about something in the monuments creation. But what none of them knew was that the beautiful city of Paris would soon be in ruins...


Suddenly, the ground began to shake and rumble. Was it an Earthquake? Without warning, the head of Gorosaurus smashed its way through the ground at the base of one of the legs of the Arc De Triomphe.


A massive dinosaurian kaiju with large and powerful looking legs and a long thick tail that dragged on the ground, Gorosaurus looked something akin to an oversized dinosaur. Green scales covered Gorosaurus on most parts of body, with the exception of having light tan scales on his underbelly, with a row of small spikes running down his back.


Gorosaurus roared threateningly at the fleeing civilians before another rumble distracted him.


The ground near the ruins of the Arc De Triomphe exploded to reveal the form of Zilla, the mutated Iguana beast!


Zilla’s head was shaped somewhat like a box, and faint traces of gills could be seen on the side of Zilla’s large neck. Sharp dorsal plates protruded from Zilla’s back as his long, thin tail swished around.


Gorosaurus, furious at this intruders appearance, roared threateningly at Zilla. But Zilla would not back down that easily! With a cry of fury, Zilla leapt high into the air and crashed on top of Gorosaurus, sending both monsters tumbling to the ground.


Zilla got off first, but with a snapping motion with his mouth, Gorosaurus clamped his jaws around Zilla’s tail, causing the mutant iguana to howl in pain.


Dragging Zilla backwards, Gorosaurus flung Zilla into a building, watching it collapse on top of Zilla. Grabbing Zilla’s exposed tail, Gorosaurus pulled Zilla out of the wreckage and tossed him to the ground. When Zilla tried to get up, Gorosaurus delivered a powerful kangaroo kick to Zilla’s face. The force of the blow sent Zilla reeling as a spray of blood flew out of Zilla’s mouth, along with several teeth.


Spitting out more blood, Zilla prepared to climb to his feet when Gorosaurus clamped his jaws around Zilla’s neck, causing Zilla to howl in pain.


Incredibly, Zilla grabbed Gorosaurus’s jaws and pulled them off his neck, and turned around to whip his tail at Gorosaurus’s face.


Jumping onto Gorosaurus’s back, Zila slashed wildly at Gorosaurus, drawing the dinosaurs blood. Gorosaurus, thrashing wildly, backed into a building, and both kaiju crashed into the building.


Quick to get to his feet, Zilla moved away just in time to dodge another of Gorosaurus’s kangaroo kicks.


Catching up to Zilla and slamming into him with stupendous force, Gorosaurus headbutted Zilla into another building and jumped onto him only for Zilla to grab Gorosaurus’s face with his feet and delivered a powerful kick of his own, knocking Gorosaurus to the ground.


Zilla burrowed under the ground to escape the thrashing Gorosaurus, but it was naught, as Gorosaurus noticed, and followed Zilla’s trail. Zilla, thinking he was far away enough from Gorosaurus, jumped out of a large hole in in the ground he had made, turned around, and to his shock, saw Gorosaurus jump right on top of him, knocking him to the ground.


Zilla writhed and thrashed under Gorosaurus’s feet, but he could not escape! Gorosaurus reached down to bite Zilla’s throat when suddenly, Zilla gave a absolutely cacophonous roar! Gusts of wind poured out of Zilla’s maw, shattering glass on the windows of nearby buildings. The shattered glass fell onto Gorosaurus’s body, and he reared up, screeching in pain as the shards of sharp glass poked into his hide.


Zilla, taking advantage of his foes disorientation, leapt at Gorosaurus, slamming into him and pushing him back. Gorosaurus slammed his foot down were Zilla was, but the crafty reptile avoided the attack, and kicked Gorosaurus in the face, knocking him back.


Zilla then proceeded to knee Gorosaurus in the side of his face, sending the dinosaur crashing into a building. Zilla repeated kneeing Gorosaurus in the face several times over until Gorosaurus stopped moving, sagging onto the building.


Zilla, moving away from Gorosaurus’s prone body, began to lick his wounds, treating himself for the injures he had sustained. Turning back to Gorosaurus, Zilla leaned in closer to see if Gorosaurus was still alive when Gorosaurus’s eyes opened!


Roaring in absolute fury, Gorosaurus slammed his large head onto Zilla’s side, knocking the mutant iguana backwards. Turning around, Gorosaurus began to slam his tail onto Zilla several times. Dodging the last tail strike, Zilla slammed his foot into Gorosaurus’s tail and climbed up his back, onto his head, before jumping onto a building.


Shaking his head, Gorosaurus opened his eyes, but Zilla was nowhere in sight! Confused at his foes sudden disappearance, Gorosaurus growled in frustration right before a piece of debris hit him on the side of the head! Zilla, perched atop a particularly tall building, threw more rocks and hunks of metal at Gorosaurus, making Gorosaurus howl in pain and duck to avoid the falling projectiles.


When Gorosaurus turned back to face Zilla, Zilla threw one last rock at Gorosaurus before screeching in what sounded like laughter.


Gorosaurus, pushed beyond mere anger, gave a bellowing roar of rage before smashing into the building Zilla was on. Zilla jumped away from the falling building in time to see Grosaurus body-slam him to the ground. Zilla pushed Gorosaurus off with his powerful legs, but right after he got up, he tripped on Gorosaurus’s thrashing tail.


Gorosaurus, getting to his feet, ran at full speed at the fallen Zilla, and backhanded him across the face, causing Zilla to cry in pain. Gorosaurus then slammed his foot down on Zilla’s leg, causing Zilla to howl in pain.


Zilla, snarling angrily, picked up a large piece of debris and hurled it at Gorosaurus. The piece of metal flew at Gorosaurus’s face before exploding into shrapnel on contact with Gorosaurus.


Gorosaurus howled in pain, and kicked Zilla’s face with his large foot, but Zilla grabbed a nearby oil truck and threw it at Gorosaurus with all of his might, and Gorosaurus’s head was consumed in a ball of fire.


Shrieking and writhing in pain, Gorosaurus clutched his bleeding, bruised, and now burned face as Zilla jumped on top of a large building. Escaping Gorosaurus’s wrath...or so he thought. Gorosaurus, blind with rage, began to destroy buildings with unheeded anger as Zilla hopped from building to building, avoiding Gorosaurus’s howls and cries of rage.


Zilla, perched atop a tall building, looked at Gorosaurus’s back and leaped for it, only to have Gorosaurus’s tail slam into him, sending him tumbling into a building, and slicing off the tip of one of his dorsal plates.


Gorosaurus, screaming in fury at Zilla, howled and roared into the sky with a mixture of pain and anger.


Zilla, picking up the severed tip of his dorsal plate, tossed it at Gorosaurus, taunting him to come closer. Seeing this, Gorosaurus howled in rage and charged at Zilla, wanting to rip him apart.


Thinking on the spot, Zilla developed a surreptitious plan within his surprisingly intelligent brain. But the time was now or never. He had to act fast.


Zilla, readying his legs, dived underneath Gorosaurus’s underbelly and drove his scutes directly into Gorosaurus’s underside! Gorosaurus’s blood poured out of the holes in which Zilla’s spikes had penetrated him.


Gorosaurus screeched in unimaginable pain as Zilla, roaring in fury, with his spines still stuck in Gorosaurus, jumped up and backflipped over Gorosaurus and landed neatly on the ground as Gorosaurus fell sideways onto the ground, his blood spraying on the side of a wrecked building.


Victorious, Zilla began to lick his wounds when suddenly, Gorosaurus lunged for Zilla’s throat! Zilla, wincing in pain, raked his claws on the top of Gorosaurus’s head. With a gasp of pained breath, Gorosaurus finally collapsed to the ground, unconscious from blood loss and the absurd amount of wounds he had sustained during his fight with Zilla.


Zilla leaned back and relaxed, licking his lips at the prospect of catching fish in the ocean. After all, he was quite hungry.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

6 Responses to Zilla vs Gorosaurus

Toxinsan54 #TeamMothra

Jan-04-2019 5:14 PM

It would be an interesting fight



MDK 2 (MinecraftDinoKaiju) #TeamGodzilla

Apr-05-2019 9:28 AM

This sounds cool. Why didn't I see this on the forum activity before?

"Let's just wait and see." - MinecraftDinoKaiju

Flyleaf-Rapt0r #TeamMothra

Sep-18-2019 3:13 PM



"Cutting it up!"

-Cut Man

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Sep-18-2019 3:35 PM


If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

MinecraftDinoKaiju #TeamGodzilla

Sep-19-2019 8:31 AM

This was a nice fight. Also, it reminds me of the video with the same concept made by the YouTuber known as Vrahno. Nice job.

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Sep-19-2019 9:27 AM

I remember  that one. Both about as cool as the other, which is about 11/10

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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