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My Godzilla Game Idea: Super Mechagodzilla Character Profiles

My Godzilla Game Idea: Super Mechagodzilla Character Profiles

Cecegames02 #TeamGodzilla

Jan-18-2019 6:39 PM

Super Mechagodzilla


Default Abilities

Ability 1- Cranial Beams- Fires an aimable beam from each of his eyes. Drains one power meter bar.


Ability 2- Chest Blast- Fires a massive beam from his chest that destroys everything for a short distance in front of Mechagodzilla. Drains two power meter bars.

Custom Abilities

Oral Beam- Fires an aimable blast from Mechagodzilla's mouth. Drains two power meter bars

Shoulder Cannons- Fires a beam from both of Mechagodzilla's shoulder cannons. Can be rotated but not aimed. Uses two power meter bars.

Light Missiles- Fires a volley of missiles in a scrambling direction. Uses one power meter bar.

Shock Clamps- Targets chosen enemy and fires clamps at them, and shocks them, leaving them temporarily stunned.


Default (MGII)




NT-1 Alloy- Mechagodzillla takes 30% less damage from beam and power attacks.

Maser Cannons- Mechagodzilla's beam attacks deal 30% more damage

Extended Shock- Shock Clamps shocks enemies for a longer time.

Extra Fuel Cells- Mechagodzilla can fly for a longer time using his jetpack.

Extra Rockets- Mechagodzilla fires more missiles using Light Rockets.

That's all I got. Tell me if you thought I was missing something.

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

2 Responses to My Godzilla Game Idea: Super Mechagodzilla Character Profiles

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Jan-18-2019 7:36 PM

Awesome job again!

You need to contact a game design company to make your game a real thing

"Nothing on Earth is it's equal-a creature without fear. It looks down on all that are haughty, it is king over all that are proud".~Job 41, 33-34

Cecegames02 #TeamGodzilla

Jan-19-2019 7:03 AM

Thanks man!

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

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