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My Godzilla Game Idea: Skins Update

My Godzilla Game Idea: Skins Update

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BaragonMember154 XPJan-19-2019 7:55 AMTeam Godzilla

So I had ideas for some more skins for the game I have the Idea for.


Default (MG)

Headless (Eye Beams fire from the red thing on his CPU Brain)

Post-Deployed (Notice his armor is slightly dirty)

MGII (Has the MG2 Symbol on his shoulder and his armor is shinier)



Numa Numa (Has dem badass glasses on)

Future Characters (I haven't created their profiles yet)


Default (MGIII)

Evil (His eyes are red)

Damaged (Notice I've given all the mechagodzillas a skin like this)

King Ghidorah

Default (Showa, has curved horns)

Heisei (His horns are straight and longer)



Default (Showa)





That's all for now, let me know what characters you want to have custom skins, and what you want the abilities for the listed characters to be. PEACE!

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

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5 Responses to My Godzilla Game Idea: Skins Update


RodanMember1789 XPJan-19-2019 12:10 PM


Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4817 XPJan-19-2019 10:03 PMTeam Ghidorah

I feel like giving Mothra the skins to Mothra Leo and all of his forms isn't right. Mothra Leo is a clearly different character and has been identified as a "male" Mothra, where-as the traditional Mothra is generally considered a "she". Additionally, Mothra Leo and his forms are more akin to Ultraman's powers than the Godzilla series' Mothra.

That's Armored Mothra, not Aqua Mothra. This is Aqua:

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


GodzillaMember8212 XPJan-20-2019 12:17 AM

Different skins is a great idea. It would be even better if there were different skills/powers too instead of only a different look. (This may have been addressed in another thread- sorry for any redundancy).


BaragonMember154 XPJan-20-2019 8:43 AMTeam Godzilla

Yo Gman. I don't know much of Showa Mothra's powers, so I'm just combining Leo and Showa so that I can give them all the same powers so Mothra would have more custom abilities.

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."


BaragonMember154 XPJan-20-2019 8:44 AMTeam Godzilla

Also, DK, check out my other "Godzilla Game Idea" Posts, cuz I have TONS of abilities for one character

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

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