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One of the new titans...  A wooly mammoth?

One of the new titans... A wooly mammoth?

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Mothra LarvaeMember15 XPFeb-01-2019 10:35 AM

I like this idea. In a way, to me, it ties Godzilla’s story into Kong’s story. Remember the huge yak like creature on skull island? Just my thoughts. 

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8 Responses to One of the new titans... A wooly mammoth?


RodanMember1789 XPFeb-01-2019 3:36 PM

Yes, a wolly mammoth will appear in Godzilla King of the monsters. It knocks down a building with it's tusks.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPFeb-01-2019 7:48 PM

^Was that ever confirmed? I think it was part of some rumored plot but that’s it. 

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


BaragonMember158 XPFeb-02-2019 5:51 AM

Would like to suggest that in the future you put some manner of Spoiler warning in your title and not blatantly describe the possible spoiler element in the title.  While I also have heard the rumor of the mammoth kaiju a lot of people have not and it would be considerate not to post topics with spoilery titles for the sake of people who want to maintain some element of surprise.


Mothra LarvaeMember15 XPFeb-02-2019 6:24 AM

I appreciate the advice... If you would like to block/delete me, feel free. 


BaragonMember158 XPFeb-02-2019 7:01 AM

I didn't say anything about me being being offended or upset, I'm just suggesting you have spoiler courtesy on a forum with spoilerly titles. No need to take it personal. Cheers.


BaragonMember154 XPFeb-03-2019 2:37 PMTeam Godzilla

It's not a mammoth in kong you idiot is a buffalo

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."


Mothra LarvaeMember15 XPFeb-04-2019 10:44 AM

You seem nice.

Who said there was a mammoth in Kong? 

You may want to read a little more closely before you start mouthing off, Einstein. 


BaragonMember307 XPFeb-07-2019 6:02 PM

Just post a spoiler alert next time, OP, then problem solved.

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