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Godzilla Extinction:Chapter 2

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BaragonMember160 XPAug-24-2019 10:04 PM

Chapter 2: Wraith

Rodan is on resting in Mount Fuji, resting peacefully after his fight with Methuselah. Recently, the other titans have been getting on his nerves. It’s like they are purposefully trying to pick fights with him for no reason other than for fun. Not that he doesn’t love fighting; it’s one of his favorite pasttimes after all, but he needs a break! Even though that he should of gotten used to it, he just wants a break. He’s tired of getting new wounds almost every year. But he would like it if someone helped him; if he just had someone to help him every now and then. Then something gets his attention. To his right, a… for lack of a better word, weird snake like titan that is pink, has two bladed arms, and is...floating? He’s never seen a titan like this before. But… it seems… unnatural… with every movement it makes, Rodan feels sick to his core, like there’s something demonic about it. Now that he gets a good look at it, it really does look like some kind of demon. Rodan immediately wants it gone. He isn’t going to kill it… ok if it comes to it, he will kill it, no matter what. Rodan flies down, nearing the titan. However, when he comes closer, he realizes that it’s larger, bulkier (for its kinds apparently light build)… a female. A new female titan? But why would she wake up now? And how did I not notice she was here?!!!!! However he doesn’t care, he just wants her off the island. “What. Are. You. Doing. HERE?!!!!” He roars. The titan puts her hands up, as if she surrenders immediately. Well that was easy. Thinks Rodan. “I’m Wraith, I’m just passing through.” Rodan doesn’t buy it, not for one second. Though the name does sound a little familiar… “Get off my ISLAND.” Wraith backs off a bit, actually looking scared, despite her demonic appearance. Rodan still doesn’t buy it, so with one flap with his wings, charges after her. Wraith proceeds to cover herself in a white light, and what Rodan thinks he saw, teleports. She appears again farther away from him. “Listen, I don’t want to fight, Lava-bird.” Lava bird? LAVA BIRD?!!!!!! She comes into HIS territory… She picks a fight with HIM… and now she’s insulting him?!!! “HOW DARE YOU?!!!!” “What?!!! What did I-” Rodan cuts her off by ramming into her and pecking at her face and neck, all the while clawing up her stomach. However, Wraith recovers and begins to claw back at him with all four of her demonic arms. However, Rodan’s kind is much stronger than hers, and he’s easily winning this fight. It all seems to be going well for Rodan; the fight going much easier than most, but then she stabs into his shoulder with her tusks. Rodan stops for a moment, shocked at the attack. Then, Wraith pushes him off, sending him falling into the ocean. Rodan doesn’t even try to right himself. He just falls… and falls… and falls for what seems like an eternity. Finally, he hits the water, and sinks. Wraith watches from the air in surprise. Did I just kill him? Man, lava birds must be WEAK. She chuckles to herself. 


Rodan just lets himself sink. He has the worst feeling of Dejavu. What’s the point? Every time he beats one, another takes its place. And every time it looks like he’ll win, they pull a Mothra (or in this case a Wraith) and get him in his shoulder. Why do they always go for the shoulder? Why won’t they just leave me alone? Angered, Rodan tries to calm himself down; everytime he gets angry, he gets reckless. That’s when he swears he can hear the demon chuckling to itself. I knew it… Now, he’s getting angry. I’m going to ****ing kill that son of a- Next he hears more laughter… this time maybe Mothra? Then another titan laughing. Ghidorah? Now Godzilla, Behemoth, Manda, Zilla- it seems like every titan that’s ever LIVED is laughing at his failure. Not again! Calm down Rhody, cal- then he hears 2 voices, ones that cut through all the rest. His parents. Ok… There’s no going back now…


Wraith watches the water a bit longer, just in case the lava bird survived. Nope, he’s dead. Well, I guess I can stay here for now. But I gotta- Then she hears something… something very faint, coming from the water. She also sees an orange glow coming from deep within the water, the closer it gets, the louder the sound is. It almost sounds like a roar from underwater, but there’s no possible way that lava bird can make a roar so loud she can hear it from here. Right? Suddenly, the lava bird shoots out of the water, at speeds she hasn’t seen in a long time. All the while, he’s creating the longest, loudest most rage-filled roar she’s heard in a LONG time. Rodan slashes her, but keeps going up. Wraith looks at her wound, and not only is she bleeding, she’s also been burnt pretty bad from that attack, even more than from his other attacks. But where is he going? Is he giving up? Wraith waits awhile, to see if he comes back. Nothing. No signs of life. Finally, after a few minutes of patiently waiting, she starts flying off relieved. However, she starts hearing that faint sound again… and the sound of fire crackling… and both sounds get louder and louder until she can hear that infamous roar. It’s coming from above her. Nothing. Am I just imagining things? However, she notices a faint, orange glow above the clouds, which gets brighter and brighter the louder the roar gets (which is quite loud, nearly as loud as the sound produced from a sonic boom!). After a long while of watching she realizes that it’s the lava bird. That realization took too long. Suddenly, Rodan, completely covered in flames, roaring like a maniac, and looking like he wants to kill everything in sight bursts from the cloud right above her. Wraith tries to fly away, but she can’t escape the inevitable. Rodan slams into her back, creating a shockwave around them. Wraith immediately starts to fall, and covered in flames. It’d be one hell of a miracle if she survived that. Rodan watches from above until she crashes into the waves. Rodan feels MUCH better than before, all his wounds healed, and he just kicked someone’s ***!!! Hmmph, showed them. Some titans… On that note, Rodan flies back to his cave, with a healed body, mind, and most important to him, with his pride restored. The flames he created in his re-entry must have healed him, or something. On his way back, he swoops down and snatches an orca from its pod and eats it in only a few bites. Should be enough to last him awhile; the flames gave him enough energy anyway. He flies on until he reaches his new, but familiar home. Mount Fuji. He lands by his enormous cave and slowly walks in. He hasn’t felt this good in a long time; he feels so good that he almost can’t even sleep! However, he does it anyway. His dreams are filled only with battles and many glorious victories for Rodan.

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AnguirusMember1245 XPAug-26-2019 6:43 AMTeam Mothra

Noice, it's up.

she/her/herself, dino/saur/dinoself, robo/bot/roboself
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