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Godzilla Extinction Chapter 7: Brawl

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TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Sep-16-2019 10:06 AM

Original Idea By Dantefrancis

Made In Collaboration With: 


Titan Of Water





Chapter 7: Brawl

Location: Mount Everest 

Titanus Neobehemothus


Behemoth is rolling out the facility he recently destroyed. He thought that humans were annoying, but to trap him while he’s in his egg. Rude. ”Stupid humans, trapping me in an area full of mountains.” The moving boulder stops moving, and un forms himself to start climbing. “What’s worse is that I can’t stay as a boulder as long as I wished to, meaning I have to move as a creature, not an unstoppable force of nature.Where's the fun in that?!””I agree…” Behemoth thought that was just a voice in his head and proceeded to climb the mountain. “Still Stubborn, I see, that’s good. I was starting to think after you were reborn, you might change a bit. Glad to see you haven’t, Behemoth.” When Behemoth finished the  climb, he noticed something. That there is a storm that completely covers the sky. Then when the lightning flashes, it shows a shadow of what looked like a flying reptile. Behemoth keeps staring at the cloud. “Hey Behemoth! Nice to see you finally woke up!” Behemoth whirls around and sees a giant crystalline creature. “Who are you?” “Aw shit. Hey guys! He doesn’t remember us.” “We can tell, Krystalak! Jeez, I’m not stupid!” “Well sorry, but you couldn’t tell a squid from a mo-” “God damn it, now is not the time  dude.” “FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!!!!” Behemoth roars and charges the crystal beast, but it easily sidesteps him and rams him in the side. Shit! “Can you guys please help me with him?!!” “Christ, if you can’t handle Behemoth in his first stage, then you’re really-” “Oh shut up Liles!” “Fine, I’ll come down and help you/” Krystalak tries to pin Behemoth, but he keeps clawing back at him, and rolls into him, knocking the crystalline beast over. Suddenly, he’s picked up by something much larger than him, and carried into the sky. He looks up and sees he’s being lifted by a three headed dragon. “Let me go ya friggin dragon!” “You’ll be fine when you wake up again. You’re always a bit less aggressive after a nap.” “Bitch the fuck you talking about?” “You’ll see,” says all three heads at once. Suddenly, the dragon drops Behemoth, letting him fall all the way to the bottom of the mountain. Behemoth can feel himself crumpling into ways he shouldn’t, and hears many bones breaking. It’s a miracle he’s even alive. He looks around while bleeding out, and sees the crystal monster and the dragon land next to him. “Shit Ghidorah, you didn’t need to beat him up this bad.” “You know he’ll be fine, just let him take a nap.” Behemoth can barely keep his eyes open. He fights the urge to sleep, but soon all he can see is darkness and he falls unconscious…

“Ghidorah, he’s taking a little too long to wake up…” “Christ Krystalak, stop worrying. He’ll wake up right about… now.” Behemoth opens his eyes staring up at the much bigger Kaiju before him. “Well what do you know; you were right!” “When am I wrong?” “Still, that was right on the money!” “One of you fuckers better tell me what is going on RIGHT NOW, OR I’M GOING TO-” “CHILL!!! CHILL!!! Man, I always hate it when he rebirths. Have to wait MONTHS for his memories to come back.” “So I’m supposed to know you? Who even are you guys?” “Well… I’m Krystallak, but this guy… a tad more complicated…” Both of them turn towards the dragon. The  middle head starts the introductions, “Ok. My name is Liles. The head to my left’s name is Dortones, and the right head is named Maxsones. Most people just call us Ghidorah. Good enough an introduction for you?” “Hold on, why does each of your heads have a different-” “It’s because each one is kind of a different person. We’re just linked together with this one body.” “Doesn’t that get… annoying?” All of the heads stay silent for a moment. “I’ll take that as a-” “Listen Behemoth, I don’t have the time to reexplain the naming system my kind use, but rather we could explain IMPORTANT questions you have? Agreed? Good.” “Ok… how do I know you?” “Ghidorah and I are your friends, or allies. Basically, us three have known each other since we were hatchlings, and have always had a special hate towards Godzilla.” “...Who?” Liles chimes in and says, “He’s the alpha of all the Kaiju. But I should be alpha, as should Dortones and Maxsones, because we’re the strongest of all the Kaiju, and he’s a horrible alpha.” “Ok, first of all: if you are the strongest of them all, then why not just handle him yourself? Heck, the two of you could have beaten him a long time ago.” Ghidorah and Krystalak stay silent. The silence says it all. “So you’re not the str-” Ghidorah slams into Behemoth and plants his foot onto his head, driving him to the floor. “Listen bub! Don’t you DARE challenge my strength!” says Maxsones. “Guys, let him up! We’re only second strongest- in a couple months he’s going to remember that anyway!” yells Dortones. “Quiet! However, Dortones is right. I’ll be taking control back, Maxsones,” chimes in Liles. “Fine.” “Wait, how DO you guys share  that body?” “Well, Liles has the most control over the body since he’s the middle head. Maxsones and I have very little control, but in order for it to be fair we share that portion control of the body because Liles can grant us control of what he can use and vice versa.” Says Dortones. “ENOUGH! Let’s get back to important matters. Now, I assume your second question was going to be why Gojira is a horrible alpha?” says Maxsones. “Well, now it’s if his name is Godzilla or-” “Godzillaishisspeciesnamebuthisactualnameis Gojira.” Says Dortones as fast as he can. “GOD DAMN IT! Anyways, he’s a horrible alpha because he makes everyone sleep constantly. Whenever someone wakes up to get some food, he makes them go back to sleep. If they refuse, he beats them up until they’re unconscious. It’s not like we’re all lazy bums like him.” “Christ, he sounds horrible.” “Yeah, we’re the only things keeping him from achieving that. Everytime we wake up, we wake up everyone else and try to bring him down. If we all fought together, we’d beat the crap out of him. But no one joins us and fights him alone, and get their asses kicked.” “Hmm… Wait, one more thing.” “What is it?” “You mentioned that “everytime I died I lost my memories for a few months’... and you know the process down to a t… how many times have I died?!!!!” “Oh, too many times man! Too many times!” “OH JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!” “Anyways, I think you should stop asking questions. It’s getting tiring and there’s no point if you’re going to get them back in a couple months.” “Wait, one last thing. It’s current.” “Go on.” “Where’s Wraith, Kraken, and Goliath?” “Eh, somewhere out there. Probably meeting up with the other ends of their bonds.” “Bonds?” “...Shit, flew right into that one, didn’t you Ghidorah?” “Oh shut up Krystalak!”

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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2 Responses to Godzilla Extinction Chapter 7: Brawl

Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Sep-16-2019 10:30 AM

The behemoth in the story is NOT the sloth-ape-mammoth

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Sep-16-2019 11:37 AM

Yeah, sorry if we didn't make that clear. The Behemoth is from Evolve!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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