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Godzilla (Monsterverse) vs Ebirah vs Gaira vs Gezora vs Titanosaurus

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Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Sep-16-2019 5:46 PM

Oh boy, I'm cranking out fights like a machine! Hope you guys enjoy this slugfest.

After the death of King Ghidorah at the hands of Godzilla, the world was now a relatively peaceful place. Unfortunately, some monsters just begged to differ.


The city of Seattle was relatively peaceful, being spared by the recent titan attacks. However, that was not to be the case forever. The giant lobster kaiju Ebirah crawled out of the Pugent sound, crushing a building with his claws. The city went into a full panic, evacuating the city as fast as they could. But another monster had been attracted to Seattle. Snatching up the helpless humans, the green gargantua Gaira scooped the fleeing civilians up and ate them up. The humanoid monster was excited at the prospect of a feast, but his feeding was interrupted by yet ANOTHER monster. Gezora, the mutant cephalopod appeared to attack the city as well! Gaira grunted angrily, not wanting to be disturbed from his meal. But Ebirah and Gezora both closed in on him. The three monsters then turned around at the sound of a strange warbling cry, emanating from Titanosaurus! All four monsters stared each other down, waiting for each other to make the first move. But heavy footsteps startled the titans, followed by a cacophonous roar of rage. The king of the monsters, Godzilla had arrived! 


Furious at the monsters for showing up to attack a city, Godzilla decided to put the 4 monsters down. Ebirah, Gaira, Gezora, and Titanosaurus begged to differ though, as they were now angry at Godzilla for showing up. But they still wanted to kill each other…


Ebirah made the first move, tackling Gezora, slashing wildly with his claws. Gezora fell back wrapping his tentacles on Ebirahs arms. Meanwhile, Gaira charged towards Godzilla, only to be met by a tail swipe, throwing the gargantua into a building. Titanosaurus made his own move, using his tail fin to generate gusts of wind that nearly blew the almost 100,000 ton Godzilla off his feet. Godzilla used his weight to ground himself, and walked towards Titanosaurus as fast as he could. Reaching him, Godzilla grabbed Titanosaurus and knocked him to the floor. Grabbing Titanosaurus by his tail, Godzilla slammed him onto the ground, over and over. Suddenly, Gaira grabbed Godzilla by the tail and dragged him away from the dazed Titanosaurus. Godzilla used his tail to fling Gaira over his head, landing with a thud next to Titanosaurus. 


Ebirah screeched a Gezora used his tentacles to throw him, with the oversized lobster landing near Titanosaurus and Gaira. Godzilla growled at Gezora, who slid towards the alpha kaiju, bend on Godzilla’s destruction. Titanosaurus and Ebirah both recovered at attacked each other, neither getting the upper hand. Ebirah then smacked Titanosaurus on the head with his larger claw, then proceeded to drive his smaller, spear-claw straight into Titanosaurus’s heart. Titanosaurus wailed in pain before going limp. Sliding his claw out of Titanosaurus, Ebirah watched as Titanosaurus’s body fell to the ground. The aquatic dinosaur was dead. Ebirah turned around just in time to see Godzilla slam his tail onto the Lobster titan’s head. Stunned, Ebirah backed away, reeling in pain. Godzilla then tore Ebirah’s larger claw off his body, then swung it like a base-ball bat, smacking Ebirah straight into Gezora. Gezora, recovering quickly, wrapped his tentacles around the weakend lobster, crushing the hard carapace with his tentacled grip. Gezora’s beak penatrated Ebirah’s shell, sucking the meat out of the still-alive Ebirah. Ebirah’s struggles became less and less before going completely still in Gezora’s clutches. Satisfied, Gezora unraveled himself from Ebirah’s mangled body, sliding over to Gaira, who was still locked in battle with Godzilla. 


Gezora grasped Gaira’s neck with his tentacles, dragging the Gargantua away, but Gaira was strong. Maybe too strong. Gaira ripped Gezora’s tentacles off his body, tossed them away, then gripped the mutant cuttlefish's head and tore Gezora in half! Tossing the two, bloody halves of Gezora onto the ground, Gaira roared victoriously. 


Godzilla watched as Gaira killed Gezora, grateful that he had only one enemy left to go. Godzilla roared at Gaira, who turned around and roared back. Godzilla’s dorsal plates lit up with blue luminescence, before Godzilla blasted the Green Gargantua’s head with his atomic breath! Gaira’s head Vaporized in the wake of Godzilla’s atomic breath, the monsters headless body crashing to the ground. Godzilla roared victoriously, proving that he was the king of the monsters once again.


You guys all know why Godzilla won...

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

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2 Responses to Godzilla (Monsterverse) vs Ebirah vs Gaira vs Gezora vs Titanosaurus

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Sep-16-2019 8:44 PM

Yeah... it was kinda one sided... was rooting for Titanosaurus to stay alive, but he died first lol

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Kattozilla #TeamMothra

Sep-17-2019 11:36 AM

Poor, underrated Ebirah....he's on my favorites list somehow.

I make these really weird crossovers just for fun

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