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Godzilla x Symphogear chapter 4: Ghidorah

Godzilla x Symphogear chapter 4: Ghidorah

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Gmkgoji #TeamRodan

Dec-16-2019 9:58 AM

Chapter 4 is HERE. This has a kaiju vs kaiju fight, so I don't think you'll be dissapointed. Hope you guys enjoy.


Hibiki sat in an osprey helicopter transporting her to Antarctica. Holding an ipad, she got an incoming call from Rio. Tsubasa’s face appeared on the screen. “Tachibana. What is the situation?” “I don’t know, but I was told to go to Antarctica with these soldiers and Serizawa.” replied Hibiki. “Alright. Report if something happens.” As Tsubasa cut the transmission, the Osprey landed on the ice. Hibiki, Serizawa, a few scientists, and several soldiers exited the osprey, looking at the outpost containing an unknown titan. “Doctor, we’re picking up electrical signals,” said a scientist to Serizawa. Suddenly, several lightning bolts struck the outpost, explosions going off. “Doctor, the energy spike we detected earlier is rising rapidly!” As the lightning stopped, everyone held their breath…


Then the outpost exploded. 


Everyone hit the ground as the outpost was destroyed, nothing was left except a massive hole in the ice, with smoke and icy vapor billowing from the crater. Standing up, Hibiki felt the wind change direction, heading towards the crater as the smoke flickered with yellow light. As the smoke cleared, a massive spiked tail rose slowly out of the crater. Seconds later, a dragon-esque head attached to a long neck emerged as well. Another tail rose from the crater as well, before something that made everyone’s heart skip a beat rose. Another head. The two heads snorted, their breath turning into mist in the freezing air. Than slowly, the third and final head rose out of the crater, and all three heads turned to look at the tiny humans. “Ah fu-” One of the titan’s tails slammed down near Hibiki and the others, and they all scrambled to get away as the middle head screeched, lightning flashing around it. The massive titan raised his wings out of the ice, raining massive ice boulders down upon Hibiki and the others. As the scientists retreated to the osprey, Hibiki prepared to fight, but Serizawa gripped her shoulder. “Now is not the time.” As Seizawa pulled Hibiki away, The soldiers opened fire on the three-headed dragon, the monster’s left head examining the soldiers. Finally, as the head got bored of the soldiers, all three heads raised their necks high above the ground, yellow energy pulsating within their necks. Then, they spat lightning. The soldiers screamed as they were desintagrated by the golden beams of lighting. Hibiki looked on, horrified at the soldiers deaths.


As the massive titan leaned down to lick the remains of the soldiers, Serizawa pointed to the demonic three-headed dragon. “That is Ghidorah. The one, who is many.” Hibiki looked at Ghidorah, terrified at this demonic creature. Suddenly, Ghidorah reared up, and retreated a small distance, sniffing the air and looking around with his twisting necks. The remaining humans looked at a small patch in the ice that was glowing a light blue. Ghidorah hissed, eyeing the blue glow warily. Then, the ice exploded, massive dorsal plates pulsing with blue light erupted from the ice, with the owner of the dorsal plates revealing himself. 


Godzilla stepped onto the ice, his massive foot shattering an ice layer. Godzilla huffed, his breath turning into mist in the frosty air. Ghidorah slammed his foot onto the ice while his tails rattled the middle head roaring furiously. Godzilla snorted, his face full of hatred and loathing. Ghidorah reared up, and spread his wings, his true height over 500 feet tall. Ghidorah’s wings spread out wide, the span over 1000 feet. Ghidorah and Godzilla stood like two gunslingers in the wild west, having an epic stand-off. Then, Godzilla broke the silence.






Godzilla and Ghidorah rushed each other, and when the slammed into each other, a shockwave exploded out from their impact point. Godzilla gripped the right head, biting it, but the left head quickly bit down on Godzilla’s shoulder, the massive titan roaring in pain as he slammed the right head onto the ice near the osprey. The osprey slid across the ice, before crashing into an ice wall, rendering it useless. Godzilla roared as Ghidorah’s middle head blasted Godzilla with a gravity beam, the titan stepping back. Ghidorah hissed as Godzilla snarled, both titans expressing their hatred for each other. Ghidorah than spat all three of his gravity beams at Godzilla, the arcing electricity slamming into Godzilla’s chest, the titan hitting the ground with a thud. As the humans escaped the broken osprey, Serizawa looked up to see Godzilla rise, and roar furiously at Ghidorah as the moon shone brightly overhead.


Ghidorah slithered to meet Godzilla, the two creatures exchanging blows that would shatter mountains. Godzilla cried out in pain as another Gravity caught him in the neck, the titan slamming his tail onto the ground. As Hibiki looked on, the dorsal plates at the tip of the tail lit up slowly with an eerie blue light. As the luminescent glow traveled up Godzilla’s dorsal plates, the monster reared up, inhaling as his chest expanded.

Godzilla shot his atomic breath at Ghidorah, the blue energy taking the shape of a blue, fiery laser. Ghidorah, however, dodged the beam by twisting his lithe necks out of the way, before countering with his gravity beams. The electric bolts of energy slammed into Godzilla, whos head turned to blast an ice shelf, the ice exploding into fiery bits. As Godzilla’s beam shut off, Ghidorah’s gravity beams pushed Godzilla into the crater where Ghidorah was originally trapped.


As Godzilla fell into the crater, Ghidorah turned to eye the humans with malicious intent, but suddenly, a massive explosion hit Ghidorah’s left head, screeching, Ghidorah turned to see the flag ship argo shoot more missiles at him. Using his wings to shield him, Ghidorah hissed as more explosions detonated against his golden wings. Godzilla climbed out of the crater, roaring at Ghidorah, but the hydra spread his wings and lifted off the ground, flying away as he disappeared into the blizzard above. Hibiki looked on as Godzilla roared into the night sky, the titanic reptile howling in rage.

Please leave suggestions. Thanks. 

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2 Responses to Godzilla x Symphogear chapter 4: Ghidorah

TheLazyFish #TeamGodzilla

Dec-16-2019 10:11 AM

Can't wait for chapter 5

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Monster_Zero 2112 #TeamGodzilla

Dec-17-2019 9:30 AM

Dude, that's @^%$ing awesome! I can't wait too!

"They found his body laying where it fell on that day, preserved in time"

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