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GvK: Kong VS Rodan

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BaragonMember111 XPJan-15-2020 8:53 AM

Could Kong vs Rodan happen?

And if so who do you think would win?

For me, i think Kong would win.

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3 Responses to GvK: Kong VS Rodan


BaragonMember200 XPJan-15-2020 3:41 PMTeam Godzilla

Rodan just because he can fly so fast and he basically has magma for blood and he is always hot and burning and if kong wounds him and he is too close he would get burned.


BaragonMember111 XPJan-15-2020 3:46 PM

True, but remember they tried to burn kong with napalm.

Napalm max heat is 2500+°.

And remember kong struggled but he managed to resist it.

I dont think the heat that rodan produces is enough to burn kong.

And also remember Kong is fighting Godzilla, A monster which could beat Rodan so it wont make sense rodan beating kong if he will fight godzilla.


RodanMember1789 XPJan-16-2020 10:56 AM

Honestly though, If we're talking about skull island Kong, the monkey gets cooked alive. If we're talking about 2020 Kong, things get more complicated. Rodan has a max heat of 1200 degrees celsius, or 2192 fahrenhiet. Kong is gonna be scorched by that sort of heat. However, Kong most likely can resist atomic breath to a certain extent. Kong is still going to get burned, however. Eventually, Kong will beat Rodan, but not without a fight.

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