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Your ideas for a Godzilla game concept (Announcement)

Your ideas for a Godzilla game concept (Announcement)

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KaijuWorld #TeamGodzilla

Aug-01-2020 4:28 AM

So, let me explain. For a while now, I have been working on a concept for a new Godzilla game. Seeing as we are still waiting on the GvK trailer, with the fear that my concept might be MASSIVELY overshadowed but seeing as it's likely not coming for another month I thought I would at least announce that it's something I'm working on.


To give you a quick idea of the concept: The game will be a semi-sequel to the most recent Godzilla game, Godzilla PS4 and therefore will be a 3D Fighting game with some similar mechanics. I am also trying to add elements of the much-beloved Atari games into the mechanics and gameplay.

I am currently working on some concept art for the gameplay, boxart, etc. and am hoping to share the completed concept near the end of the month either as a single large topic or multiple smaller topics, I am not sure yet.


Note, this is NOT official nor a fan game, just a concept.


The only thing is that its been al my ideas thus far have only been my ideas leaving the imagination to be limited. My question is to you is, do you have any ideas yourself. Maybe you ones had this idea you have always wanted to see in a Godzilla fighting game. These can literally be anything from Controls, Mechanics, Story, gamemodes, gimmicks, DLC, artstyle, ANYTHING! Any ideas are welcome.

If I end up using the idea down the line, I will credit the person who came up with the idea. Anyway, leave your ideas in the comments and let's discuss.

Long live the king...

6 Responses to Your ideas for a Godzilla game concept (Announcement)

Xenotaris #TeamMothra

Aug-01-2020 4:36 AM

Have a larger roster of kaiju depicting every kaiju and every rendition of the same kaiju from Showa/Heisei/Millenium/TriStar/Monsterverse/Reiwa.

KaijuWorld #TeamGodzilla

Aug-01-2020 4:43 AM

Xenotaris That's always a must-have on a Godzilla game concept. Whilst I will limit the concept to a certain amount of characters, I am currently including the large majority of Kaiju.

The different incarnations idea is something I currently have implemented in some compacity, though again limited to a certain amount. If it were to be for every character, things would go out of hand quickly. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Long live the king...

Xenotaris #TeamMothra

Aug-01-2020 12:28 PM

Also have where you power up some kaiju it activates their supermode(s). Like if you play as Mothra's larval form, you could eventually become her adult form. Monster X could become Kaizer Ghidorah. Heisei Godzilla becomes Burning Godzilla etc.

Mothra Leo should have like 4 alt forms.

KaijuWorld #TeamGodzilla

Aug-01-2020 12:53 PM

Now that's an interesting one. I originally had Keizer Ghidorah and the imago Mothra/Battra as separate monsters, but implementing their evolutions just really fits their characters (Though as of right now, I have Burning Godzilla as a skin of sorts)

I think you should get the choice of which mode you start in (Some people might just want to play as Imago Mothra). The only problem with that is how do I make both forms equal in strength, but still make the transformation not completely useless. Maybe getting some health back, but wouldn't that be a bit unbalanced?

Also, I like that idea for Mothra Leo. I only have her larva and Imago forms (And Aqua Mothra, but in a different way) as of right now, but adding the other forms in some way could also work.

Long live the king...

Xenotaris #TeamMothra

Aug-01-2020 9:26 PM

Could be cool like in a co-op mode if one player plays as Mothra and the other plays Battra that you could unlock a finisher move that renacts the scene in Mothra vs Godzilla where they team up and defeat Godzilla or other kaiju

KaijuWorld #TeamGodzilla

Aug-01-2020 10:59 PM

Ohhh, that sounds really need. Maybe you could have another one with Godzilla and Jet Jaguar, doing the dropkick. Or Godzilla using Anguirus as a battering ram.

I'm just not really sure how something like that would work though. Would it need some special requirements to be activated, could it only work with certain characters? Or maybe it's not really a final-move, but something incorporated into their movesets? For example, Godzilla uses Grab on an allied Anguirus and attacks by swinging Anguirus forwards?

Long live the king...

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