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Why Rodan's theme is an example of genius composition

Why Rodan's theme is an example of genius composition

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Mothra LarvaeMember98 XPJan-29-2021 5:12 AMTeam Rodan

Believe me, this is not just because Rodan is my favorite kaiju.


If you haven't listened to Rodan's theme from 2019's Godzilla: KOTM(Specifically the reprise of it that's played when he intercepts mothra, as that is the one I'm talking about), do it now. I'm here to gush about how amazing it is. Firstly, it encapsulates Rodan's personality perfectly. The fact that the summarized such an immense creature and and immense presence with the use of conga drums is insane. The use of a blaring brass ensemble signifying incoming havoc and resembling a tornado siren is genius. It represents that Rodan is all in all, a force of nature. Later in the song, the use of Taiko drums (An instrument of Asian descent) signifies that that ghidorah is near. Ghidorah's theme (Also phenomenal BTW..) consists of east asian instruments primarily, and subtly implying that he's present through the use of instruments that are linked with him is a genius concept. 

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2 Responses to Why Rodan's theme is an example of genius composition


GiganMember3193 XPJan-30-2021 1:32 PMTeam Ghidorah

You say some interesting points, I agree that it is good, but Masterpiece is a very strong word. I would call it a great peice of artwork, but not a masterpiece. What many people call classical music, is actually just Orchestral and Symphonic, or Choral. Classical only refers to music in the same style as Mozart, so Beethoven and Tchaikovsky and Brahms are not classical. The reason I bring this up, is because much of Movie music is “Classical” really meaning orchestral. So comparing Rodan’s Theme (which is Orchestral) against something Louie Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, is not very fair. But then again anything can be considered a masterpiece in its own right.

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GiganAdmin4958 XPJan-31-2021 11:44 AMTeam Ghidorah

It's one of the best original pieces in the movie for sure. Though I still much prefer Ifukube's Rodan theme.

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