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Why I don’t think the “colossal, undiscovered threat” from the next movie will be Destroyah or Biollante…

Why I don’t think the “colossal, undiscovered threat” from the next movie will be Destroyah or Biollante…

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BaragonMember331 XPSep-03-2022 5:43 AMTeam Godzilla

I’ve seen lots of fans speculating and hoping that the new threat will be Biollante or Destroyah. But while there is a chance we will get another Toho monster in the next movie, I think the chances of it happening are pretty slim for a number of reasons…

For Destroyah, I think a lot of fans forget that the Oxygen Destroyer has made multiple appearances in the franchise prior to Destroyah’s introduction towards the end of the Heisei Era. So I don’t think it’s inclusion in the MonsterVerse automatically means that Destroyah will show up. For all we know, the inclusion of the OD in KOTM was simply meant to be a one-and-done bit of fan service.

If this new threat is supposed to be Destroyah, why would he be “hidden beneath our world?” The Oxygen Destroyer was detonated off the coast of Isla de Mara, so unless Destroyah made his way to the Hollow Earth through an underwater vortex to grow, I don’t see him residing in the Hollow Earth.

I’ve also seen speculation that the rock critters could be what get mutated by the Oxygen Destroyer, but I think this is an example of fans overthinking things. I think those creatures were included in GVK to add to the Hollow Earth’s ecosystem, and to pay homage to the giant arachnids and crustaceans that have appeared in the King Kong franchise prior to the MonsterVerse (specifically during the spider pit scene in Peter Jackson’s King Kong). I don’t think they were meant to be a tease for Destroyah. Based off the press release synopsis, it sounds like the new threat will be an original monster from the Hollow Earth. That doesn’t automatically scream Destroyah IMO.

As for Biollante, I’ve heard a popular theory that she could be a massive, plant-like Titan from the Hollow Earth. While I find that theory to be more plausible than Destroyah residing in the Hollow Earth, I also find it to be unlikely since Legendary has kept the core elements of every Toho monster they’ve brought in so far despite the changes they’ve made to them. Ghidorah is an alien monster from space, Mothra is a benign guardian of Earth, Rodan is a violent fire monster that emerges from a volcano, and Mechagodzilla is a man-made Titan killing weapon with a connection to aliens (Ghidorah). If Legendary decided to bring Biollante into the MonsterVerse, I think they would try and stay true to her origins from the Heisei Era; her being a creation of genetic splicing. So her having naturalistic origins in the Hollow Earth would be straying a little too far from the core aspects of her character.

I don’t think fans should get their expectations up at the moment. The synopsis makes it sound like the new threat will be from the Hollow Earth, and being how the Hollow Earth has barely been explored yet, it would make a lot of sense for Legendary to capitalize on that world by introducing an ancient monster that has a connection to the Godzilla and Kong species. It could even be a monster who was responsible for starting the Titan War.

Until we get more information about the next movie, I don’t think fans should get their hopes up. It’s fun to speculate about which Toho monsters could fit into the MonsterVerse, but we should prepare ourselves just in case we don’t get any Toho monsters in the next movie. If we do see anymore Toho monsters, expect them to be ones we’ve already seen, like Mothra and Rodan.

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