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Official Godzilla (2014) Merchandising Thread!

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This is the official Godzilla (2014) Merchandising Thread! ALL PICTURES AND MERCH POSTED IN THIS THREAD IS UPDATED AND LISTED IN THE ORIGINAL POST. So you don't have to click through the pages to see everything.

More updates to come soon!

P.S. Remember, we're trying to limit our discussions based on merchandising so post everything here, NO SEPERATE DISCUSSIONS. If it can go here, it doesn't deserve it's own topic. For anyone wondering what the rules are for posting seperate merchandising discussions go here:


Thanks for cooperating and can hardly wait to see what will come of this thread!




- 24" Godzilla 2014 (prototype pictures only)

-- Other NECA 24" Godzilla 2014 Pictures (Prototype pictures only): Pic01, Pic02, Pic03, Pic04,

- 12" Godzilla 2014

-- Other NECA 12" Godzilla 2014 Pictures: Pic01, Pic02, Pic03, Pic04, Pic05

- 12" Godzilla 1994




- Chibi Godzilla & Muto #1

- Chibi Godzilla & Muto #2

-- Other Chibi Godzilla & Muto #2 Pictures: Pic01

- Pack of Destruction w/ Godzilla

-- Other Pack of Destruction w/ Godzilla Pictures: Pic01, Pic02

- Pack of Destruction w/ Winged Muto

-- Other Pack of Destruction w/ Godzilla Pictures: Pic01

- Destruction City w/ Godzilla & Muto

-- Other Destruction City w/ Godzilla & Muto Pictures: Pic01

- Tail Strike Godzilla

-- Other Tail Strike Godzilla Pictures: Pic01, Pic02

- Smash Strike Godzilla

-- Other Smash Strike Godzilla Pictures: Pic01, Pic02

- Atomic Roar Godzilla

-- Other Smash Strike Godzilla Pictures: Pic01, Pic02, Pic03

- Attacking Muto





- Giant Size Godzilla

-- Other Giant Size Godzilla Pictures: Pic01, Pic02, Pic03, Pic04







- Godzilla: The Art of Destruction

- Godzilla: Awakening

- Godzilla: The Official Movie Novelization

- Godzilla: With Light & Sound

- Bookmark




- Posters


-Messenger Bag

- Writing Utensils

- Mugs/Cups/Bottles


- Iphone Covers

- Belt Buckles

- Mouse Pads

- Popcorn Bags






- Napkins

- Plates

- Invitations

- Table Cloth




- Mask/Child & Adult Halloween Costumes

- Hoodie




224 Replies


where is the neca toy



@MERCUS Almost here! Only a little bit longer! (An hour at most) But as of right now we got the JAKKS toy.


ok thanks for now i shall crave my cravings with the trailer


Disappointed a bit in the final design of Godzilla... though I admit I've become rather cynical of any US vision of a Japanese original product in the past few years.... so it's just my opinion.  However, I'm more leary of an actually GOOD movie over a design that doesn't appeal to me so I will withhold judgement until I see the film.

I do like the head design that we've seen in the trailer.. just not the body shape and tamed down spines on the back.




44 minutes till the neca pics!


44 minutes till the neca pics!


Nah it's all good. I'll have 36 images from TohoKingdom.com of Bandai and NECA products for you guys here in about 40 minutes! So stay tuned!


35 mins awwwwww yeaaaaahhhhh


25 mins i can smell it


8 mins


MutoMadness, ease up on the bumps, will ya? ;)


fine i am just to excited


Alright posting the Bandai and NECA toys now.




24-inch Non-painted:

12-inch Painted:



those look awesome!



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