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Additional Titans in Godzilla 2 are NOT other Toho Monsters

Additional Titans in Godzilla 2 are NOT other Toho Monsters

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There have been numerous rumors which have circulated about Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters and the potential of additional Toho Monsters (not including Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah) being included. Although some of these rumors have seemed probable in a few cases, none of them were ever confirmed. But now, thanks to the February issue of Movie Hidden Treasure Magazine, we have confirmation from director Michael Dougherty himself that the other, unnamed Titans are NOT Toho Monsters.

The magazine was translated and broken down by our friends at Gormaru Island, check out some other points that were brought up:

Michael Dougherty believes the original 1954 Godzilla is the Godzilla with the best dorsal fins.


In bringing back the classical themes, Michael Dougherty states that he wholeheartedly believes that Akira Ifukube's iconic franchise scores and themes should never be separated from any Godzilla movie.


Michael Dougherty - "On the first day when we started principal photography on 'King of the Monsters', my agent gave me a photo of Godzilla, a photo that was signed by Godzilla himself Mr. Nakajima (Haruo Nakajima).


While I was filming the movie, throughout the entire duration, I had it framed up in my trailer. In a way, it seemed akin to an alter.


When Nakajima had passed, we had turned down the lights on set, and our entire staff, all of us, stayed silent. And we kept silent. Even for the American staff working on the film, Mr. Nakajima was a treasured existence."


Michael Dougherty Having To Correct The SFX Crew About the Proper Depiction of Ghidorah's Gravity Beams!


"When the animators tried to make the gravity beams different, I would stepped in, and with readied images in hand of Ghidorah and the original gravity beams seen in films, I would say 'No, that is different!' "


In regards to the mysterious other Titans teased to rise in KOTM, and in answering on the speculation of one of them being another Toho-Monster, Michael Dougherty states "There are no other Toho-Monsters appearing".

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This article was written By Chris and published on 2019-02-23 17:37:19

More about upcoming Godzilla & Monsterverse projects

Godzilla vs. Kong was the sequel to Michael Dougherty's Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters and was the fourth and final installment in the Monsterverse movie quadrilogy. Now, the Monsterverse takes a new direction - into TV! On January 20th, 2022 Legendary announced a new live-action Godzilla Monsterverse TV Series which will stream on Apple TV Plus network! Be sure to check Godzilla-Movies often for the latest news and info on the Monsterverse TV Series and all things Toho Godzilla as well!

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13 Fan responses to Additional Titans in Godzilla 2 are NOT other Toho Monsters


Mothra LarvaeMember82 XPFeb-23-2019 6:03 PM

I've known this for a while (don't ask how) but this can only be a good thing. If there were other Toho kaiju in the film, they wouldn't have had much screen time, making some fans angry at the lack of attention given to past monsters. Plus, new monsters add to the massive list of kaiju from every Godzilla movie (and creating their own dedicated fanbases.)


BaragonMember437 XPFeb-23-2019 7:42 PM

This isn't necessarily "news" this has been known for a while


BaragonMember437 XPFeb-23-2019 7:44 PM

 Besides if it were another Toho monster that would be impossible to keep a secret, unless you are marvel studios


RodanMember1789 XPFeb-23-2019 8:31 PM

Anguirus and kumonga be like


BaragonMember158 XPFeb-24-2019 5:53 AM

I'd skimmed through some of the early reports from people who saw the preview screenings so knew this was a thing for a while, which always makes reading fan speculation a "sit back and bite the tongue" affair, but ultimately I'm happy about this, at least for this movie having 4 well known and loved kaiju already.  One of my biggest complaints with Toho in general the last 20 years has been a lack of original monsters short of Orga, Megaguirus and variations of other creatures, so expanding the kaiju cast through the Legendary world makes me happy and makes me hope that when Toho gets back to their own productions of kaiju films they'll feel emboldened to not stick to safe, bankable kaiju but try to branch out and make interesting new creations.  


TitanosaurusMember926 XPFeb-24-2019 7:22 AM

Aww man. That's a bummer. Oh well. Might as well accept it. Though, there is always the possibility they are lying to avoid spoilers. But I won't hold by breath


TitanosaurusMember729 XPFeb-24-2019 7:31 AM

This does remind me of that one weird moment where there was temporarily a news article that "spoiled" the fact that Anguiris was the Munich Titan. What happened there, anyways?

I didn't get to comment on it before it was taken down.


BaragonMember158 XPFeb-24-2019 9:05 AM


Clearly the article was taken down for inaccuracy, we all know that Anguirus has a condo in Shangai with a summer home by the Caspian sea :)

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4953 XPFeb-24-2019 1:19 PM

It could not have been corroborated and shouldn't have been posted at all. I was pretty miffed it was published to begin with, but I'm glad it was taken down.


BaragonMember154 XPFeb-25-2019 2:41 PM

Michael Dougherty, I love you and hate you at the same time.



MDK 2 (MinecraftDinoKaiju)

BaragonMember375 XPFeb-25-2019 2:43 PM

Cecegames02 Just wait for Toho's World Of Godzilla in the 2020s, and then you can ask/cheer for more Anguirus all you want.


BaragonMember204 XPFeb-26-2019 9:33 AM

Awww man. I still hope that the monsterverse can still continue after Godzilla vs Kong.

Kaiju Groupy

Mothra LarvaeMember29 XPMar-01-2019 8:46 PM

I think this is good that they aren't getting other Toho monsters right now. Why would they pay so much just for monsters they can make. Like Kumonga is just a giant spider. So they could just make up another giant spider with a different name and different powers. They could use the money on better things right now. But in the future it would be nice to add some more original monsters.

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