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A Soldiers Job: My Interview with Xavier Frazier on Godzilla King of the Monsters 2019.

A Soldiers Job: My Interview with Xavier Frazier on Godzilla King of the Monsters 2019.

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The actors and actresses have always been an important part of the Godzilla series, and all films in general. They pour their hearts and souls out when they portray characters in films we all love and cherish.

On September 19, 2018, I was able to interview one of the actors who helped give us the upcoming, Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). His name is Xavier Frazier. For those who don’t know, Xavier Frazier is a rapper, songwriter and occasionally a movie actor. In our interview, I spoke with Mr. Frazier about his role, his character and a little bit about his journey in the upcoming, Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019).

(Xavier Frazier himself in a military outfit)


             (Xavier Frazier smiling for the camera) 

B: “Mr. Frazier, let’s start at the beginning. How did you come about working with Legendary and Warner Bros. for this movie?”

Xavier Frazier: “Well, I came across this movie online, and we all know how big Godzilla is, so I sent an email to the casting for the movie. They were looking for a military type guy so, in reply to my email, I got booked to be a part of a classic.”

B: “Oh, that’s really cool. How exciting was it for you to play a role in this film?”

Xavier Frazier: “Very exciting, man. Just being on set and being a part of something big like this was just something I really can’t put enough words into. But what I could say about being on set with O’Shea Jackson Jr. was crazy because he looked and acted just like his pops Ice Cube.”

B: “That’s really awesome, bro! Speaking of O’Shea, what was it like to meet him in person and actually get to be involved with his character on set?”

Xavier Frazier: “Well, all I could say about being on set with him is that you could tell his energy was natural. He’s goofy, but funny and real, and seeing how well in control he was of the character he played was not a shock.”

B: “So, you both had a lot of great chemistry while working on set together?”

Xavier Frazier: “On set I would say everyone’s chemistry was great and that is why I feel this movie would do great in the box office. But yeah I would say so.”

B: “That’s so cool, man. Speaking of the other cast members, how fun was it for you to interact and meet them?”

Xavier Frazier: “Seeing them was cool. I wouldn’t call it meeting them because we all had a job to do and that was to be at our best on set. So that’s all it was really about. Just business and fun doing what we love to do.”

B: “Still, you got to work with them, and I’m sure that was fun enough. When I came across your tweet about being involved with this film you said you only had nine days total of shooting. Could you tell me what it was like doing those nine days of shooting?”

Xavier Frazier: “During those nine days of shooting, I was in a big open room just doing what military guys do. Just standing and listening to the conversations on what we were going to do about Godzilla. I had some running scenes as well--When all hell broke loose in a scene under water where there was a problem that came along. So just doing all the scenes I was in for those nine days of shooting was physical as well.”

B: “I can only imagine haha. So, besides being a military guy in this film, is there anything about your character that you could tell me? Like, does your character work with just O’Shea, or is your character a little more involved with other military personnel?”

Xavier Frazier: “My character was more involved with other military personnel and our job was to protect the people. But I was in more than one scene with O’Shea just basically being security and military haha. It was a great experience.”

B: “That’s awesome. What did you think about the trailer when it released to the public?”

Xavier Frazier: “I was like 'Maaaann this is fire!' I was a part of this, but it really showed me that your dreams can come true if you keep God number one and never let a rejection stop you. Just keep swinging and staying focused.”

B: “God bless you, sir. Did we happen to see your character in the trailer by chance?”

Xavier Frazier: “Actually, I’m not in the trailer, but chances are you will see me in the movie depending on how many edits they had to make, haha.”

B: “Fair enough, haha. So, what was it like for you to work under the director Michael Dougherty?”

Xavier Frazier: “A man that was all business. He knew what he wanted and expected on the movie. And I respected that about him. Cool dude.”

B: “That’s the same thing Alan Maxson, the motion capture actor of Ghidorah’s right head told me as well when I interviewed him. So, was this your first experience as an actor or have you played in any other movies prior to this one?”

Xavier Frazier: “Oh, no, this wasn’t my first movie. I also did Pitch Perfect 3, Star on Fox, Tales on Bet, The Quad on Bet, and now Godzilla: King of the Monsters along with the new Shaft movie. I had a club scene in that film and that releases June 14, 2019. So there’s a bombshell for you.”

B: “That’s great. That will help work wonders for your career, man. These are the last two questions I have for this interview. Have you worked with anyone in this production before? And are you happy with what this movie may and will accomplish next year?”

Xavier Frazier: “No, I haven’t worked with anyone on this production before and, yes, I’m very happy. If you love action, a storyline with a message along with a little sci-fi, this is your movie.”

B: “That’s it, man. Thank you for all your time and for allowing me to conduct this interview. I know people are going to eat this article up when I am able to share it with everyone. Mr. Frazier, thank you again, and peace be with you.”

Xavier Frazier: “No doubt, Ben. Peace be with you my brother. Take care.”

Edit/Update: We had another follow up to our interview just yesterday on October 9, 2018. Here is our follow up and what we talked about below.

B: "So, what do you have to add on this movie as for your character?"

Xavier Frazier: "The helicopter scene where I was a pilot waiting for the rest of military soldiers to get on board...they were running towards it so we can get out of there. It was a hot scene with no air."

B: "Oh, no air? Damn, how did you and everyone else involved with this scene manage to handle the labor for that scene?"

Xavier Frazier: "In between takes me and the passenger who I was working with, had to step out of the helicopter and go to the nearest vent which was located on ground and all the cool air would shoot up to cool us down. Man, that was the only way to make it through that, but it was fun until we had to go back inside the helicopter to shoot again, but damn it was hot doing this scene."

B: "I'd imagine. I can only assume this scene and scenario are the military trying to escape a certain three headed monster?"

Xavier Frazier: "It looked like that was the goal, because they were running from something. So, that's all I could gather from it. It was to make a get away."

B: "Sounds exciting! I can't wait to see it come full circle when the movie releases. Is there anything else on some other scenes that you're involved in that you might be able to let me in on that won't spoil too much?"

Xavier Frazier: "It was just that scene from what I did that I had forgot to mention...that scene was crazy, and last but not least, we had to also make an escape because Godzilla was getting closer to us, so the running was a bit of a workout that I loved. It was fun though."

B: "Sounds so cool, bro. Really looking forward to seeing this movie next year and to see you acting as your character in this movie. I know you and everyone else behind the production of this film are really proud of the work you all put into it. Unless there's anything else that you might like to talk about, that's all I got, man."

Xavier Frazier: "Alright, thanks man. I hope I get to see myself too lol, but the edits in filming is crazy. Thanks again, Ben. Until next time."

B: "Peace, bro. Talk to you soon."

I hope that everyone who has read this interview has enjoyed it. If you wish to follow Xavier Frazier, below is his Twitter account. We had a lot of fun talking about his involvement with Godzilla King of the Monsters. If Mr. Frazier is out there reading this, thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Really mean a lot, man.


On a another note, I have 3 more interviews lined up to be published next year. I had the blessing to interview Alan Maxson, the motion capture actor who portrays Ghidorah's right head. And I will be interviewing both Richard Dorton, Ghidorah's left head, and Jason Liles, who played George in the Rampage and is both Rodan and Ghidorah's center head. Stay tuned everyone!

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This article was written By Huge-Ben and published on 2018-09-22 08:17:30

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5 Fan responses to A Soldiers Job: My Interview with Xavier Frazier on Godzilla King of the Monsters 2019.


TitanosaurusMember968 XPSep-22-2018 4:26 PM

This was awesome. Can't wait for the next three interviews. So exciting.


BaragonMember330 XPSep-23-2018 7:57 AM

I can promise you that the interview I hhad with Alan Maxson will be the interview everyone will eat alive. We covered pretty much everything about the movie for next year, but unfortunately, I can not publish the article until after the movie releases next year.


SpaceGodzillaAdmin22504 XPSep-23-2018 4:47 PM

Fantastic work Ben! Nice job. I too am looking forward to the rest of your interviews! :)


TitanosaurusMember968 XPSep-24-2018 4:23 PM

Huge-Ben Ok, see you then.


BaragonMember330 XPSep-25-2018 3:42 PM

^ ;)

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