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Every fan of Godzilla will be happy to know that all kinds of entertainment are now influenced by the Kaiju. Movies, animes games, TV shows and many more. Find out what are the best and most popular types of entertainment that draw from Godzilla or are simply inspired by it.


Video games and games of all sorts will obviously go first as they are the most numerous group. Productions with the Kaiju in the main role are quite a few, and probably all fans know them. However, if you are into Godzilla-style movies, you might be interested in games that share with them a common feature - a city-wrecking storyline. If you dream of setting free your inner Kaiju, here are the options for you.

The ones below are video games, but the choices are wider. Monster-related productions are highly popular, and you can unleash the beast in you with some online entertainment, e.g., from Pragmatic Play. You can be a werewolf, fight the dragons, or be involved with the mythical world of legendary Beowulf. The best part? You can play, have fun and even win some real financial prizes. If you are up for some video games, however, here are some interesting options.   

War of the Monsters

It is a classic, but recently renewed for the new PlayStation 4 - we talk about War of the Monsters. Quite an unsurprising plotline, but it involves one thing that’s of interest here - giant Kaiju in various forms fighting each other, bringing the city down with their destructive forces. Something just for the fans of Godzilla. 

The Earth Defence Force

In the Earth Defence Force franchise, a player is a soldier who paces through the world destroyed by gigantic monsters. There is an option to choose single-player form or go for team fight in multiplayer mode, whichever you prefer, and the weapons you have at your disposal are rather poor in comparison to the monsters - guns or rocket launches, rarely something else. This all makes the fight even more exciting.


One more production with giant monsters devastating the town, Gigabash, offers a variety of different creatures, from robots to crabs, while you, as a player, need to fight, attack and defeat them.

Movies and TV series

It’s obvious that Godzilla inspired moviemakers and screenwriters through the last decades. Not to mention all the movies that actually use the iconic Kaiju. However, it did not only inspire the next generations to remake the story of Godzilla but also to create completely new, but related, productions. Gigantic Kaiju appear in such productions as Aquaman, Avengers: Infinity War, or Monster Hunt. After all, even Jurassic Park is a great theme for Godzilla lovers. There is a great number of Kaiju movies that are inspired by the well-known creature, so all the lovers of the genre can choose something for themselves.

The iconic Kaiju has also influenced TV series. References to a well-known monster are present throughout productions of various genres for decades now. ALF is full of such references, and the iconic creature has even inspired a reality show called Bridezillas. 

Is Godzilla a pop icon?

If Godzilla managed to influence so many movies, TV productions, games, anime, comics and practically all forms of entertainment, does this mean that the iconic Kaiju is actually a pop icon? Well, there is no doubt that the answer is yes. It’s a true star of cinema, and is there even a person who hasn’t heard of this gigantic monster? For some, it is still associated with poor-quality special effects, badly-made dubbing and a rubber suit. These days, however, there are dozens of movies that draw inspiration from the original production, and modern Godzilla movies astound even the biggest fans of the genre.

There is nothing surprising about the fact that a character such as Godzilla, which has been living in the minds of the viewers for decades now, has become a pop icon. From merchandise to subsequent movies, the massive Kaiju keeps appearing over and over again in front of the audience. No one doubts that this monster is now an icon, a classic that will be inspiring moviemakers and entertainers for years to come, and all fans are more than happy about this.

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