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Gabriel Salomon

MemberBaragonMar-07-2020 3:16 PM

Warner Bros. and Legendary, like many other major big budget studios, have expanded upon their marketing for the Monsterverse by selling several books based off of these movies around their release. Godzilla 2014, Kong Skull Island, and Godzilla KotM have all been released along with official novelizations, graphic novels, and art books, with new ones being made for Godzilla vs Kong. 

So, I'm just curious as to which of these books are actual good reads. For those who have read at least some of these, which ones would you say are worth the time (and potentially the money). The only MonsterVerse book I have read so far is the Godzilla 2014 art book (which I thoroughly enjoyed). 

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10 Replies


MemberTitanosaurusMar-07-2020 3:43 PM

The KOTM artbook is great. Godzilla: Aftershock is alright, I suppose.

The KOTM novelization is a mixed bag, in my opinion. On the one hand, it offers a greater insight into the minds of the characters (which is always a highlight of novelizations, IMO), and adds a few additional scenes and even a few new Titans. But on the other hand, the fight scenes felt kind of skimpy to me, even more so than the film proper.

A true fan can acknowledge the bad while still appreciating and cherishing the good.

Im Durp

MemberBaragonMar-07-2020 5:54 PM

I personally haven't found the comics that great but both novelizations are better than their movie counterparts. KoTM is the stronger of the 2 imo as it's more an expansion on the story and characters whereas 2014 has a lot of differences with the film.


I am somewhat biased though as I was a fan of the author Greg Keyes due to his work with the star wars njo series.

Trash panda

MemberAnguirusMar-22-2020 9:44 PM

The only four I don’t have is the graphic novel for KOTM and KSI, and the art of making for Kong:Skull Island and Godzilla (2014) but the rest are really good, in my opinion.

Ah shit I’m using my wrong eye again. Sorry that was meant to be behind your back


MemberMothra LarvaeMar-23-2020 5:32 AM

really only read awakening, aftershock and KOM novelization as an audiobook. I am a big fanboy so there all enjoyable for me however the comics expand the Monsterverse, and with aftershock you learn why the big G is the last of his kind. With the novelization of KOM you get glimpses of just what happened with some of the monarch containment facilities, and given its a audio book you can listen to it well doing other stuff.



MemberMothra LarvaeMay-03-2020 5:46 PM

KingSalomonMMIV, if you're interested in ebooks, and such sections and genres like fiction, fantasy I can recommend to you this pdf books free database, which I use every single time, when I go on vacation and need to download some e-books from there. Recently owner of that website made downloading process absolutely free, isn't it great?..

The King of the Monsters

MemberMothra LarvaeMay-04-2020 4:04 AM

Of the graphic novels, I'd personally say Birth of Kong is the best. I really enjoyed it and would consider it worth reading.


MemberBaragonMar-18-2022 7:08 AM

I haven't read any of them, but if you want to see into the loor than you should probably read them. I hear they're good.


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-19-2022 12:09 PM

Good recommendation!


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-19-2022 12:09 PM

Good recommendation!


MemberGiganMay-20-2022 3:21 AM

I'll have to start on that after my Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, and Aliens book marathon

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