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Godzilla Kaiju vs Other Kaiju Enemies The Big Question: Who Will Win?

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Godzilla is the “King of Monsters”! However, Godzilla may be the top monster of most franchises with god-like abilities, but one question remains. Would Godzilla be able to beat the mythical creatures from other franchises or the Japanese folklore of monsters? These are termed more specifically as “Kaiju”. Even Godzilla is a kaiju, a monstrous creature out of the realm of the human species, advanced, intelligent, powerful, and with god-like powers.

What would happen if Godzilla went up against other enemy kaiju from other franchises and monsters with a plethora of abilities? Who would win? Check out some of our best critics on who would be winning if Godzilla goes up against them. Be sure to have some shockers, some oohs, and some ahh as Godzilla may be losing some. If you are a fan, bummer of seeing Godzilla lose but may the best monster win, right?

 Nevertheless, that allows you to watch these franchise series with the powerful kaiju monsters that can even best Godzilla, a king in his domain of monsters. 

You can watch the series or movies with the kaiju by streaming them online or even if you have to learn about them. To know their full potential, you need to be equipped with a super-fast internet service to get you the best experience for exploring the online world of kaiju. Check out Optimum Internet for smooth internet packages and plans that will help you carry out your daily activities, stream, and much more with the high-speed internet and its possibilities, one of the best the market has to offer. With that in check, look into what you have been missing about the whole Godzilla vs Kaiju wars. 


  • Godzilla Against Belyudra


The debuting lead monster from Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend (2009), Belyudra is part of the Ultraman franchise. The monster is a bio-metallic energy warrior from another planet and would easily snap Godzilla in half, even if he is the king or god-like. The sheer size of Belyudra is enough to accomplish the defeat of Godzilla. Belyudra would be a thousand kaiju combined and is a force not to be reckoned with. You can watch the movies or all the movies in the Ultraman franchise for deeper insight into its kaiju. 

However, double Godzilla and he still cannot match the size of Belyudra. So, this spells a rightful win for Belyudra. But, Belyudra has no intelligence, the brains behind it is Belial, a genius psychopath named after a biblical demon and Godzilla might need help defeating him while he takes on Belyudra –there might be a chance of winning but that’s close to zero –a chance though is a chance.


  • Orochi vs Godzilla 


Orochi stands at an unimpressive height of 27 meters (about 89 feet), very short for Godzilla but a force not to be messed with. While Godzilla may be able to hold his own but Orochi has the Power of Everything. Imagine having powers to change and develop your powers according to your enemy, body manipulation, and regeneration. 

With the merger of Orochi with the god esper, he could use far-advanced powers like psychokinesis, manipulate gravity, control electricity, fly, and transform into jet-like bio deception that caused global earthquakes to execute a devastating energy attack –Godzilla can’t cover this impressive profile either and would probably be dead meat in a fight with Orochi. However, Saitama the protagonist did defeat him with his One Punch power in One Punch Man, a manga and anime series on-going and one of the most-watched anime franchises.


  • Godzilla Kaiju vs Pacific Rim Kaiju –Who Wins?


As far as one on one battles go, the franchise of Godzilla can beat Pacific Rim’s kaiju and its threats –and we are not just saying this. Pacific Rim’s kaiju have incredible powers that can match Godzilla but have also shown weak points that will give the other power to overcome them if ever pitched together. While human weapons work against the kaiju of Pacific Rim, they need a lot of power to do and to be lethal to them. They have even got mortal wounds and not enough regenerative powers to hold on to the wounds but still be able to battle their way out. However, humungous enough, they can tear down cities and yet not scratch the destructiveness of Godzilla’s monsters. 

Godzilla’s monsters possess powers that can wreak havoc and have far more destructive capabilities than Pacific Rim’s kaiju. In Godzilla vs Kong, Godzilla drilled a hole into the planet's core. This shows the powers that Godzilla holds, which does not near the powers of Pacific Rim’s monsters. Would the showdown between both be fun? It definitely will be. In a crossover, neither would be on top, it won’t make much of a film as both have the same level of powers, it's just that Godzilla will come out on top but knowing both monsters –it is predictable and hence won’t make us stand on our toes for a  finale.

Ending Note:

Now you know where Godzilla stands in a world of epic creatures and monsters. Nevertheless, Godzilla in its franchise and series is the king of monsters, but up against some other mythical and kaiju monsters, he won’t stand a chance. But fret not; in its own leagues, he is the big show and can beat Kaiju from Pacific Rim in a jiffy. 

Final word; who knows, maybe Godzilla is one mastermind that can beat all –one can imagine, can’t they?

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MemberAnguirusAug-17-2023 2:58 PM

The one that really won was the friendships we made along the way.

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