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Learn Why Godzilla Comics are so Popular Among the Students

Learn Why Godzilla Comics are so Popular Among the Students

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Godzilla comics have been around as long as the movies and have 60 years of products to offer to the fans of giant monsters. 29 of the extant Godzilla movies have comic adaptations, but there are original stories as well above that. This franchise started as a Japanese horror movie for adults, but comic books made it accessible to younger audiences as well. Especially, teenagers and young adults who receive their education. So, let us take a closer look at why Godzilla comics are so popular among students and dissertation writers

Why Godzilla is so popular

The franchise began when the first film in the series hit the theaters in 1954. The idea of a radioactive monster emerging from the sea to threaten the supremacy of human civilization was largely a reflection of the humanitarian catastrophes of the 20th century. The nuclear paranoia and the evidence of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic destruction spawned a great measure of dread in human minds. And Godzilla is an embodiment of that dread. A prehistoric monster awakened by the nuclear attack serves as an ultimate punishment for humanity’s haughtiness. It’s a concept that is interesting to explore, and many people engage with its philosophical value.

On a simpler side, Godzilla is popular because of the spectacle of strength, terror, and destruction it conveys to the reader. Even without his iconic roar from the movies, Godzilla remains a monster that fascinates comic readers to this day.

4 eras of Godzilla Comics

The evolution of Godzilla comics can be roughly divided into four eras, dominated by the publishing company that owned the rights to feature the monster on their pages.

Manga -- The first comic in existence about Godzilla accompanied the initial movie premier. It was in the form of manga, which Japan is well known for. Black and white comics adapted and expanded the stories of the movies. And many introduced new chapters of these stories, never seen by the film audience.

Marvel -- Godzilla pioneered the western comic book audience in 1976. But its biggest prominence was when Marvel Comics bought the rights. The rich universe of superheroes accommodated the anti-hero monster quite naturally. And during his brief existence in Marvel books, Godzilla managed to encounter and fight almost every main character of the universe. This was his first invasion of American territories, some 20 years before it will happen in the movies.

Dark Horse –ten years after Marvel has been stripped from Godzilla rights, Dark Horse Comics picked up the initiative in 1986. They held it for 12 years and outnumbered Marvel produce on every front. But some people still value the latter publisher above all else.

IDW – in 2010 the rights to draw Godzilla passed to the next comic book company, IDW. Which is the fifth comic publisher in the U. S. They are famous for also acquiring the rights to use other monsters from the Godzilla franchise as well. And IDW didn’t lose time in getting these giant beasts on the pages of their books. This publisher holds the rights to this day. 

Why students love reading about Godzilla

Student schedule tends to be very serious and stressful. Especially when they approach graduation and need dissertation assistance. To relieve the stress of academic assignments, students embrace every means to distract themselves. And Godzilla comics serve really well for this. Here are three main factors why students enjoy reading about Godzilla.


Our mind is designed in a way that when the pressure on it is too high, it strives to escape it by distracting itself. Any book, movie, or other media can work as a distraction. But the most efficient means of escapism are the stories that do not remind us about our day-to-day chores. Godzilla comics happen to be just that. You will rarely encounter the students’ life on the pages of these comics. And the dissertation writing service allows freeing enough time to escape from the problems and recharge. Students read about the monsters that destroy cities and create situations, where our academic problems are not in the focus anymore.


People love fantasy for the unique storylines it offers in the context of the supernatural. The best dissertation writing service writers know how to write engaging research for even the edge case topics like fantasy. This topic explores basic concepts in hyperbolized media. The real life may feature dangerous animals and terrific destructions, but not to the extent of the Godzilla stories. Students get attracted by the colorful illustrations that feature high military activity and the havoc upon the boring world they usually experience around them.


One of the main features of Godzilla is his immense size. Starting with 55 meters in the original movie, he becomes as tall as 120 meters in the latest installment, Godzilla vs Kong. The height of the monster evolved proportionally to the growth of skyscrapers around the world. As they are the main target of our radioactive dinosaur and should not dwarf him by their size.

Students love exploring big things. Dinosaurs, planets, and deep sea fascinate young minds because they offer something extraordinary. Giant things create unique situations where usual tools like weaponry and technology don’t matter.

Final words

Godzilla is an iconic character in every part of the world. He has captivated the hearts of people with his might, size, and unexpected temper. Comic installments of this character are no less captivating. And they engage students by providing them with escapism, rich imagination, and unique situations to explore. Let’s hope that the advent of the Monsterverse will bring more Godzilla comic books to collect and enjoy.

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This article was written By Chris and published on 2022-06-22 09:08:15

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