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Which Godzilla is the most deadly

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MemberMothra LarvaeDec-26-2013 1:29 PM

I believe burning Godzilla or the nineties godzillas are the deadliest.

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MemberMothra LarvaeDec-26-2013 1:43 PM

Final Wars hands down. He took out almost every monster in a matter of days. 


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-26-2013 3:18 PM

the most deadly godzilla out there is probaly the original, it just shows you how less careing he is for the humans he just this mercyless killer that destroys anything in his path 


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-26-2013 3:43 PM

I think the GMK Godzilla is the most deadly

Some people want to see the world burn... ... I'm one of those people.


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-26-2013 3:48 PM

Final Wars Godzilla was Dragon Ball Z levels of absurdly powerful. He killed forty years worth of Godzilla franchise monsters in a five minute montage.


I feel like JKZilla15's analysis of the original Godzilla is more fitting to GMK Godzilla, who I would consider to be the second most powerful.


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-26-2013 3:50 PM

final wars godzilla. at the end of the fight godzilla threw ghidorah into space and destroyed him with his atomic breath..... EPIC!


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-26-2013 3:55 PM
Godzilla 90s (including Burning Godzilla), Godzilla 2000 (destroyed a black hole), GMK Godzilla (pure evil), or Godzilla 2004 (destroyed a fuckin asteroid and threw Keizer Ghidorah into space)


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-26-2013 6:17 PM

All good speculations and I take them into account but burning Godzilla is still my number one and final answer....gmk and final wars are my second and gojira is my third.....but still final wars and gojira have my vote any day in a battle


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-26-2013 8:07 PM

Burning godzilla (G 1995) so deadly that he ended up dying himself.


MemberBaragonDec-26-2013 8:36 PM

Um Burning Godzilla was going to destroy the planet, so yeah definitely him by a long shot.


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-26-2013 8:38 PM

Burning Godzilla for the win!


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-26-2013 8:46 PM

yeah but it wasnt intentional unlike the original or GMK.


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-26-2013 8:50 PM

The original had no killer intent......it was an animal no thought process.....that didn't appear until Godzilla vs King Kong (extremely small) and ghidorah the three headed monster.


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-28-2013 9:43 PM

i agree with godzillasaurus

king of the monsters


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-29-2013 9:59 AM

Burning godzilla was so radiation omnipotent that he could destroy the entire earth! heck no other godzilla was able to be powerful enough to do that! Think about the whole concept that if he angered himself enough and his temperature pinnacled he would explode and not one soul would survive!


how could any one pick any other godzilla?


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-29-2013 5:32 PM

Burning. He could've easily wiped out civiliazation. Final Wars Goji fought monsters that were brought down by hand held weapons.


Those weren't the same monsters that were in the other films. Final Wars takes place in it's own time line. Hedorah wasn't the Hedorah from Godzilla vs Hedorah.


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-29-2013 5:34 PM

Atleast some people agree with me

King Godzilla24.7

MemberMothra LarvaeDec-29-2013 5:39 PM

1984 Godzilla was problaby the most evil & dangerous 

The key to Immortality is living a life worth remembering


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-29-2013 5:44 PM

I only disagree because he was lured away by birds

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