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Attack of the Ghidorah's

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TitanosaurusMember920 XPMar-13-2014 8:03 PM

In 1964, Godzilla's arch-enemy King Ghidorah arrived. Then in the 90's, Mothra fought his cousin, Desghidorah (a.k.a. Death Ghidorah). Then in 2004, Godzilla fough King Ghidorah's other cousin, Monster X a.k.a. Keizer Ghidorah (King Ghidorah is not Keizer Ghidorah. There is no evidence to support that he is) and nearly died in combat. What if a planet with life like Earth was attacked by all three of these monsters at the same time and they were working togehter? Can you imagine the devastation? Who do you think would lead this assualt? I think it would be Monster X. He is obviously the more powerful, especialy when he transforms into Keizer Ghidorah.

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPMar-13-2014 8:44 PM

Well, Ghidorah's origins aren't fully explained, so it's possible in the Godzilla universe that there is a planet Ghidorah's are a naturally occurring lifeform. 

But then, if there are more than one, why don't the aliens ever harness/control multiple specimens? Surely it would be more efficient than summoning one at a time. 

That, and I prefer to think of Ghidorah as an extremely unique and rare entity, just like Godzilla. Being one of the only/last of their kind kinda gives their rivalry more punch imo. 

As far as all three attacking at the same time, each of those films kinda exists in their own continuity. They aren't 'cousins' or anything like that in the films. I feel like each of these are the same monster. Just different interpretations for each cinematic universe. Just like Godzilla 1954, Godzilla 1998, and Godzilla 2014 are not all different individual Godzilla's, but rather reinterpretations of the same character.

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