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Regarding new TV spots, trailers, and images

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MemberMothra LarvaeApr-05-2014 7:44 AM
I am noticing tons of new threads being created that are about new pieces of footage and images that were released up to a few days ago. Please stop posting new topics such as "New Muto image!" if it has already been out there for a few hours at least. Most of us already know this stuff by the time is released online, so only post such topics if 1) nobody else has already done so, and 2) if the information is less than a couple of hours old
5 Replies


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-05-2014 8:59 AM

kind of like how you just made a useless thread.....how ironic


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-05-2014 9:19 AM

^lmao so true. I dont get why everyone feels the need to Police this site. Thats what MODs and Admin are for. 


MemberBaragonApr-05-2014 9:26 AM

yeah seriously guys we dont need others to run this site chris picard, instinctivegigan, gman 2887, svanya, freeze, and daikaiju_danielle already have that power this is only one good way to ruin this site and allow other people to spread bull crap on here.

We have already have had to many problems here on this site with other trollers and most of them have won.... yeah shocking isnt it, we dont need this any more this site must be respected, everyone here needs to respect each other, and this site will continue chris is getting to much of this on his shoulders and i would not blame him if he ever deletes this site to keep this stuff from happening here ever again.

My question is when is all this stuff going to stop? The answer never it looks like.

Please you guys remember for related topics on what ever it might be please check the site if it is already been posted and make your comments there, if not then feel free to start a new discussion.

now then lets all just get along with one another :)

http://hugeben.deviantart.com/  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on Twitter@thebigbadben90.

Dragonlord Tevin

MemberMothra LarvaeApr-05-2014 10:00 AM

Can all of you that are acting like you are one of the staffs of this website but is clearly just a member, just stop, youre embarressing yourself.

We all see the word "Member" right under your name, so telling us wat to do like youre a staff or moderator will just make you look stupid

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaApr-05-2014 10:13 AM

Yeah, okay, this is unnecessary for a tirade of reasons. We don't need a reminder and we don't need people jumping on those reminding us. Topic closed.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."
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