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I'm going to attend a early screening of godzilla on may 10th!

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Gojira 2014

MemberMothra LarvaeMay-02-2014 9:04 PM

I have returned! Haha I ascend! You know how I told you guys that I live in okinawa Japan? Well apperently on one of the base theaters there going to be haveing an godzilla 2014 early screening. Not only that but its also free! Once I have seen it if you guys want to know some things about the film i'll have a private conversation so that I don't spoil it for other G fans. But theres a catch. At the theater there are only a certain amount of tickets which means i have to get there first. Ohh i'm so going to be waking up early that day.

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MemberMothra LarvaeMay-02-2014 9:09 PM

Er .. so it basically means you haven't gotten the tickets for the show ? Cos your header sounded like you are going to watch the show for sure on May 10th. Good luck anywayz.

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AdminSpaceGodzillaMay-02-2014 9:47 PM

Best of luck! You may want to camp outside the theater to get good seats. 

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MemberBaragonMay-03-2014 7:54 AM


you lucky dog. :)

whatever you do, don't give any thing special about the film as of yet we all want to experience this together. ;)

Enjoy the movie, and drink a few beers for me while watching it XD

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MemberMothra LarvaeMay-04-2014 10:05 AM

You are so lucky. I want to try to go to the midnight showing.

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