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G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaMay-16-2014 12:04 PM

Box Office Discussion will be reserved here.

CURRENT BOX OFFICE (as of 6/16):

Domestic: $191.4 Million

Foreign: $248.3 Million

World: $439.7 Million



June 15: Godzilla had a massive opening in China this weekend pulling in almost $11 million on Friday and $14.8 million on Saturday. It's the biggest Firday and Saturday opening of China in 2014 and Warner Bros./Legendary's biggest opening in the territory ever. It raked in $36 million from China this weekend alone and has easily surprassed Pacific Rim's final world wide gross of $411 million with a current world wide gross of $439.6 million. Domestically Godzilla is making peanuts, only pulling in over a million per day on weekends now. Its weekend total is $3.2 million pushing its domestic gross to $191.3 million. Russian totals are still in the dark since early May. Godzilla will open in Japan in less than a month.

June 9: Godzilla brought in nearly $6 million over the weekend and another $5.4 million in foriegn territories. (Although Russian totals for most movies since early-to-mid May are off since Russia's boxoffice totals have gone dark.) Godzilla is now up to $185 million domestically and $393.7 million worldwide. 

June 1: Obviously three weeks in I'm updating less. However, I wanted to make note that Godzilla start making profit this week as it crosses the $380 world wide mark. It's projected to hit $400 world wide by the end of next weekend before it even hits China. Godzilla hit $174.7 million domestically this weekend while foriegn boxoffice reached $200 million.

May 26, 1:00pm: Godzilla will finish Monday with $8.3 million, hitting $39 million for the four day total and adjusting ship to its previously predicted 50-60% four day drop. It's four day intake will be $39.5 million. Domestic intake is now at $156.8 million and is expected to hit its established budget domestically tomorrow and pass $200 million next weekend. The world wide at an estimated $323.4 million. Unfortunately UK's bank holiday was not factored into world wide gross today, so it's likely every film's Monday world wide numbers are a off. We'll know by next weekend what we missed.

May 25, 1:00pm: Godzilla corrected ship a little bit this weekend to hit the late $30 million estimate. Domestic revenue for Saturday and Sunday saw Godzilla take in $11.9 million (estimated) and $10.7 million (estimated). The fall in percentage from the previous weekend was closer to what Legendary and other industry watchers predicted, hauling in a weekend domestic total of $31.4 million (estimated). Foriegn revenue has finally been reported after a week long absense with an estimated $66.3 million. Pushing Godzilla's world wide total to $315.4 million. Of minor note, Godzilla passing the $300 million mark has also pushed WB's 2014 past the $1 billion mark.

May 24, 11:40am:  While X-Men didn't have as good of an opening day as Godzilla, ($36 million to Godzilla's $39), Godzilla fell 77% only making $8.8 million yesterday. Spider-Man 2's second Friday was $10 million and Captain America's second Friday was $11.9 million-- meaning Godzilla is on track for an estimated $30 million by Sunday, $40 million by Monday at best. Godzilla sits at $126.2 million domestically, $229.6 million worldwide. No foriegn updates yet.

May 23, 1:30pm: With still no word on foreign boxoffice sales since the weekend, Godzilla took in $4.6 million yesterday for an estimated domestic gross of $117.3 million. It sits somewhere around $220.7 million+ world wide.

May 22, 2:30pm: Godzilla made a small $4.9 million on Wednesday. No new info on the foreign front, so with a domestic gross of $112.8 million, Godzilla now has $216.2 million+ world wide. Numbers should start picking up again this weekend.

May 21, 3:30pm: Godzilla continues to have a very solid weekday showing with $6.9 million on Tuesday. Foriegn gross has not been counted since the weekend. So while the domestic gross is officially $107.8 million, the world wide gross is estimated $211.2 million+. More accurate figures as they come.

May 20, 2:30pm:  As expected, Godzilla passed the $100 million mark domestically yesterday. It had the best follow up Monday of 2014 with an intake of $7.6 million. (That's $2.5 million more than The Amazing Spider-Man 2's first Monday and almost $1 million more than Captain America: The Winter Soldier.) Domestically Godzilla sits at $100.9 million. World wide at $204.3 million.

May 18, NOON: Looks like Godzilla will end its official weekend with a $32.1 million Saturday and a $22.5 million Sunday (estimated) bringing it to a prediction surpassing $93.2 million domestically for the weekend. (A slightly stronger opening than The Amazing Spider-Man 2) Foreign gross for Godzilla has raked in $103 million, putting Godzilla's world wide total at $196.2 million in three days. More exact numbers will be delivered soon.

May 17, NOON:  Godzilla's Friday opening is the biggest of 2014 so far. It's domestic total was a whopping $38.5 million. (For comparison, that's $3.7 million more than The Amazing Spider-Man 2's $35.1 million Friday opening.) With Godzilla's foreign income at $43 million, that pushes the world wide gross to $81.5 million.

May, 16, 4:50pm: According to Box Office Mojo the foreign income for Wednesday/Thursday night was $20 million. Added to Thursday night's domestic gross, Godzilla has reached nearly $30 million worldwide.

May, 16, NOON: Godzilla made $9.3 million Thursday night-- One of the biggest non-sequel openings ever for a Thursday night. It beat The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Thursday night which made $8.4 million. The last non-sequel released around this similar timeslot was World War Z which was highly successful and made $3.4 million its Thursday night. Godzilla is poised to make anywhere from $70-$100 million by the weekend's end.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."
106 Replies


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-24-2014 4:23 AM

Oh yes speaking of X-Men's opening. Do you guys realize X-Men took lower sales on the first day compared to Godzilla in the US box office? 

X-Men: Days of Future Past opened to $8.1 million from late Thursday shows. That's lower than recent superhero movies Captain America Winter Soldier ($10.2 million) and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($8.7 million), while Godzilla opened at $9.3 million. Already Spider-Man 2 is struggling to hit the $250 million expectation in the US box office, yet on its 21st day of sales it has only garnered $177 million as of today.

I think the X-men franchise of movies are rather hyped up, but it doesnt mean they make the most money in the process. Individually so far each of the X-men movies have made an average of $330 million worldwide. The highest earner is X-men: The Last Stand, which grossed $459 million worldwide. 

I believe Godzilla 2014 can easily do better than that. 


" Your kind feared the Darkness. "


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-24-2014 5:54 AM


People may be becoming a little tired of super-hero movies in general, and maybe the X-Men franchise in particular.  The mutants against humans thing has worn itself thin.  But the good reviews will help X-Men in the long run.

Godzilla will still do well.  GMAN-2887 specualted about $40-50 million over the 4-day weekend.  I agree.  $50 million would be outstanding for a second weekend.  That number is probably about 30% more than they had originally projected.

A couple of weeks ago I pedicted that Godzilla would do $90 million in  its first weekend (movie publications predicted $65-$70 million) and about $250-$275 or so overall, domestically.  I was right on with the $90 million, but I may have over-estimated the final domestic numbers.   About $225 million looks to be a better guess.   We'll see.


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-24-2014 7:02 AM

i went to see Xmen last night, the movie is not bad but I do think Xmen is worn out. Don't get me wrong Hugh Jackman will always continue to entertain me as wolverine and he'll always be the only wolverine to me. But as I was watching the film, most of the old cast still remains, I couldn't help but feel really old. I watched THE first Xmen film at 10 years old. Now I'm 24 and I'm watching the same characters with the same actors, I just couldn't get past that for 14 years I've been watching the same people/characters. The film is good but still the best Xmen films are "Xmen 1, X2, and The Wolverine" the rest I could care less for. I think Xmen films have ran their course and the public has grown tired of Xmen and Spiderman


MemberBaragonMay-24-2014 7:35 AM

let these super hero movies be burried by godzilla. :)

It is time for a new era of godzilla to begin. :)

http://hugeben.deviantart.com/  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on Twitter@thebigbadben90.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaMay-24-2014 8:49 AM

Friday update.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-24-2014 10:17 AM

@GMAN 2887:

$8.8 million for the second Friday is low, considering the numbers that it received last weekend.  That may mean that the mixed word-of-mouth, that began to build as the movie  aged, is taking its toll.  Or it could mean that the folks who were really hyped to see Godzilla went to see it right away.  With Godzilla making only $8.8, it will be lucky to gross $35 million over the hoiday. 

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaMay-25-2014 1:25 AM
"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-25-2014 6:30 AM


Ok, I stand corrected.  I did not see those recent articles.  This means that Godzilla will turn an even bigger profit; which means that they may be more willing to up the budget at least 30% for the sequel.  The only way we are going to get the movie that some of us want is for the studios to spend the money that a project like Godzilla would need.



MemberMothra LarvaeMay-25-2014 9:25 AM

Not sure if this is good news. Latest update shows while Godzilla closed in at $8.8 million this Friday 23/5, for this Saturday 24/5 it bounced back at $11.5 million, and for this Sunday 25/5 latest it took in $10.7 million dollars. This is a sign that Godzilla is not taking a bad hit from X-Men just yet and is able to hold its own.

On the side of the X-Men, the first weekend sales figures for the US box office comes in at $90.7 million, which is lesser than Godzilla's $93 million. 

" Your kind feared the Darkness. "

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaMay-25-2014 11:24 AM

Some insiders are claiming Godzilla actually took away from some X-Men boxoffice bets. X-Men has a much greater climb than Godzilla, so I'm curious to watch how it does.

The Saturday and Sunday percentages are closer to what analysts were predicting. Friday was abysmal, but the $31 million for the weekend isn't overtly awful. Tomorrow is memorial day. Most outlets will count that as part of X-Men's weekend gross and it will naturally look better because of it.Memorial Day, however, doesn't exactly have the best history raking in box office revenue. We'll see what happens. Best case scenerio Godzilla hits $40 million for the four day weekend. (As opposed to the previously reported $50 million.) Most likely it will be just shy of it-- which is where my bets are at.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."

Carl Majors

MemberMothra LarvaeMay-25-2014 11:29 AM

Still, not bad after how it looked Friday.  Good enough to get us a bigger budget for the next one like RatedRex said...now, if they'll let me do the military advisory part...


MemberBaragonMay-25-2014 9:05 PM

BoxOffice Mojo is projecting Godzilla (2014) to top out domestically somewhere between $205-225 mil. Adjusted for inflation, the '98 Godzilla would have made $231.3 mil.

If that holds true, that's sad.

Something Real

MemberGodzillaMay-25-2014 10:58 PM

KOLDWARKID62 - Oh, I've a feeling you needn't worry about Edwards' Godzilla being ousted by Godzilla 1998. If there's one thing I believe stonrgly, it's this: Godzilla 2014 will continue to be a smash hit! We've yet to see what it will gross worldwide! :)


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-25-2014 11:08 PM

Agree with @Something Real. 

I'm not so concerned about how Godzilla 2014 would perform against Godzilla 98 in the US box-office, but rather the one to pay attention to is how much more the new movie would make in the overseas market. The eyes are all on China on June 13. 

" Your kind feared the Darkness. "

Deadite Kaiju

MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 12:35 AM

$315, 000, 000!!!! Wow this movie is a real success!!! Congrats to WB, Legendary and Gareth. Hope to see many sequels to come in the future!!! :D


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 8:32 AM

Came across this excerpt of the Weekend Report published today by Box Office Mojo:

The X-Men franchise is typically very front-loaded, though there's reason to believe that Days of Future Past might buck this trend. It's received strong reviews (91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and good word-of-mouth ("A" CinemaScore), and competition in the next few weeks isn't too bad. It should have no problem getting to $225 million, and could even come close to $250 million.

In second place, Godzilla plummeted 66 percent to $31.4 million. While that decline is a bit better than Cloverfield's 68 percent, it's still much worse than most comparable titles. Thanks to strong marketing, moviegoers rushed out last weekend; unfortunately, the movie they saw wasn't exactly what was advertised. Combine that weak word-of-mouth with tough competition from X-Men, and a steep drop was in order. 

- It appears that audiences indeed did not take it lightly how Godzilla is being portrayed in this new movie. Earlier I wrote a lengthy piece about Godzilla being similar to Gamera in this film that didn't seem to go down well with many non-fans/fans who weren't expecting Godzilla to be this 'kind' to humans. The reasoning that Godzilla is oblivious to humans proved rather hard to accept. Others in the forum pointed out that it was likely the lack of expansion on certain scenes or human characters that could have made the movie a whole lot better. 

I asked a number of friends including my mom what they thought of Godzilla 2014 and they are non-fans of the movie by the way. The major disappointment to them was that when they walked into the show, they were expecting to see Godzilla attack the humans and wreak havoc. Instead, what they got were MUTOs being the only baddies and Godzilla bringing balance to nature sounds like a ridiculous/meaningless plot.

When asked if they would watch the movie again or recommend it to others, 3/4 of them said they would not.   


" Your kind feared the Darkness. "


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 8:48 AM

Hmmm it seems X-Men is doing pretty well so far. Latest results for Monday 26/5 brought in an additional $19.6 million dollars, bringing it to a current total of $111 miilion for Day 4 of X-Men's debut. At $111 million, its close to what took Godzilla 6 days to earn.

Sales of Godzilla for Monday 26/5 came in at $8.3 million, bringing the new total for the US box office to $156 million.  


" Your kind feared the Darkness. "

The Weaver

MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 9:23 AM

Godzilla has sadly become a movie not for everyone, people can easily be tempted in thinking they're going to see massive Pacific Rim epic battles, and while it is cool and always great to see, it's not what such a movie should constantly cater to. I love Godzilla 2014 because there's this superb theme that run throughout the movie which is executed increadibly well, but it's just a tonality and too many people simply won't notice or are too angry to care.

Even a few bad plot decisions doesn't diminish the great subtleties from this movie. We have actually gotten the greatest Godzilla ever, him as a apathetic force of nature makes perfect sense and exalts him, Godzilla being a scary figure demeans him as our scary bogey monster. 

This movie was not meant for most movie audience. But I trust that in the future, with sequels to tie a story with, it'll be much more appreciated.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaMay-26-2014 10:47 AM

Monday numbers are up.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 1:04 PM

well said the weaver, and I semi disagree, I think Godzilla finishes strong this comign weekend and smashes box offices internationally everywhere. The sequels will surely have more Godzilla and what some people mistakenly wanted in this movie, but this movie had to absolutely be this way, or it wouldn't work.


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 2:54 PM


I don't think the studios really knew what audiences they were targeting.  To me, Gareth Edwards treated the movie as if it was his college Final's project.

I didn't see the subtleties that you are speaking of.  there was nothing artistic about Godzilla.

And when you say the movie was not meant for most audiences, what do you mean?  Are you saying that the studios invested a reported $160 million, but had only a certain audience in mind?  So who would be a member of that audience.  Why wouldn't they want me, a lifelong Godzilla fan, who reviewed movies in college, who chaired the film society, who loves all types of movies and who worked in Hollywood for 20 years.  Do you think that they would think that I don't want to see Godzilla star in his own movie?

Also, I haven't heard or seen anything about this director's cut that you have mentioned on occasions.  Can you tell us where you got this infor from, or is this just wishful thinking, because even you realize that there were a few obvious questions that were never answered?



The Weaver

MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 3:18 PM

Just because you don't see the subtleties doesn't mean it's not there, other people pick up things that others can't see. If anyone in the world doesn't see a subtlety in something, then we would call 2001 A Space Odyssey a brainless time waster. (Which is not) There are subtleties in Godzilla, and most of them revolve around Godzilla, whenever he is on screen and whenever he is not. The presence you feel building up to that enormousness under the water which could stir at any moment and you could never tell when.

When Godzilla was conceptualized, the creators wanted to be completely serious about it, they were absolutely determined to do it right, which you can feel from all the risks they pull out to make this movie, and sank all of it at the selection of Gareth, who is practically almost a nobody (It's not a good business practice to do that you know). Gareth had said that after a while he ignores what other people wants and simply focused on making them movie how he wanted to see it, which in and of itself, is a massive indicator that not everyone would enjoy the movie.

So yes, the movie is in and of itself purely a product of a director's fullfilments, and that does not bode to pleasure everyone.

I never said the Director's Cut was coming out, only that it needed to be released. I want to see all those scenes that Gareth removed because every single one of them were puzzle pieces that would had improved the movie tremendously. The prologue being longer which sets up a greater tension, longer action with the monsters, more backstory scenes with Serizawa, etc. etc.

And perhaps I might be wrong, and not even that will improve the movie in the slightest, but at least I get to see everything that the Gareth worked on, which would be a great nod to all of us who supported him.

The Weaver

MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 3:25 PM

For the very least, even if the movie is a failure, we would appreciate that he tried his best. There is undoubtedly genuine passion from Edwards, all the proof you need is whenever Godzilla appears on the screen. You can't deny it was done justice, and that matters tremendously. But if you don't agree then well, you should remove those totally-time-wasted-disappointed glasses and make a topic describing in detail telling us why Godzilla 2014 is subpar to everything. (No kidding, all of us would love hearing it)


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 3:52 PM


I though the CGI was done well, the visual of Godzilla was very good.  But I'm not sure Gareth Edwards should get the credit for that.  I think it is a combination of the the special effects team, the producers, the studios, ToHo, and Edwards.

I'm sure there were subtleties that I missed, because I was too busy trying to figure out what the hell was going on.  Maybe you can point a couple of these subtleties out to me.  Who knows, they might help me appreciate some parts of Godzilla that might have gone over my head.

Many movies are the conceptions of the director's vision (until the studios take over).  I believe Edwards assumed that his vision would be the one that would connect the best with the audience.  To some it worked, to others it did not.  That's how it goes for ALL artists. 

I'm happy you enjoyed Godzilla.  I wish I had.  Maybe in four years we can rehash some of these conversations when the new movie comes out.

The Weaver

MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 4:05 PM


I'm pretty that when I see this movie being part of a trilogy box set, Godzilla will be seen as that awesome Episode 1 which teases and make you appreciate the others who show more action and screentime for Big G. Ironically even though Gareth wanted Godzilla to stand alone, it's a perfect as Pilot Episode.


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 9:31 PM

@RatedRex - I do agree that credit for Godzilla's design should not go to the director alone. The team involved in the special effects and design are the same group of people who were involved in the Lord of the Rings along with inputs from Toho. 


@The Weaver - I'm curious when you say Godzilla is not a movie for everyone, and only caters to a certain group. So which group is Godzilla 2014 targeting according to Gareth Edwards' vision may I ask? You seem to refer to those who can appreciate the true vision of Godzilla in this movie akin to achieving enlightenment or Nirvana of sorts, while those who just don't get it are wrong to dislike the movie?  

In the movie business, nobody makes a film with the hope of captivating a certain section of the audience. People make movies to draw in the crowds, and to ultimately bring in the money. You have your reasons for liking the movie, others have theirs for hating the movie. But what I do not agree with you on is when you keep associating those who dislike the movie's direction as being an inferior choice, whereas those who love the movie have seen the light. Come on if you noticed, nobody is disputing your love for the movie nor trying to justify why you should not like the movie. Likewise you shouldn't try to sound as if those who hate the movie have made a less informed choice than you did. People either Love or Hate the movie, that's their choice. 

I think I need to clear up this misconception with you about those who don't like Godzilla 2014. It's not because they failed to see what Godzilla represents or whatever artistic vision there is. The mistake with this movie according to most people I talked to was because Godzilla just wasn't as awesome as they envisioned of him to be. And I'm not talking about the style of the story by the way. I love Godzilla, but I do not like the way he is being portrayed.

I had a hard time convincing my friends, who think this new Godzilla looks like a piece of cake when compared to the Kaijus in Pacific Rim. The Kaijus would probably give Godzilla a good beating. Although we can argue that Godzilla is superior to these Kaijus, visual representation is also very important in a movie. To them, the Kaijus in Pacific Rim are agile and very destructive. He says there is nothing he has seen in this Godzilla that demonstrates his power except having that atomic breath. He also appears weak against MUTOs who appear to be just massive ancient animals. You call him the King of Monsters, but that's all he can do? So on this count, I do agree with them that visual representation is equally important, and as much as I want to love the new Godzilla, he's just not awesome enough to inspire the masses. 

Definitely nowhere near perfect.




" Your kind feared the Darkness. "


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 9:59 PM

They added subtle hints of weakness to portray a certain reality, how that goes unappreciated by some of you just baffles me. Just like the limited screen time, it's part of the reason the movie is so epic. 


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 10:37 PM


I knew someone would definitely bring up the reasoning that the movie " is trying to get close to the reality" part. Admit it, monster movies are pure-fictional stuff. Nobody wants to watch monster movies that try to teach us lessons in science, when all people just want is to get the bang for their buck. - Entertainment, of course.

You want to talk about reality? Scientifically, creatures the size of Godzilla cannot even exist in Earth's conditions. So they shoudn't make the movie? If you want to slap the title of King of Monsters onto Godzilla, make it look convincing. And Science lessons aren't helping here by the way.

Nobody's questioning reality when they said Pacific Rim was awesome and the Kaijus come from a portal in the depths of the ocean. Nobody's questioning too when they just keep going in the droves to catch every Transformers Movie, even though Michael Bay wasn't that artistic and some think he's a crap director too. Last I heard, Transformers: Dark of the Moon made over $1.5 Billion dollars from the box-office portraying unreal robots that did nothing except Awesome.   


" Your kind feared the Darkness. "

Something Real

MemberGodzillaMay-26-2014 10:46 PM

DESTROYAH-X - Do you believe that the overall good of Edwards' Godzilla outweighs the bad - or vice-versa? I would have loved to have seen him as a more destructive and terrifying force of nature bent on punishing Mankind. However, I was pleased with the film's overall tone and presentation. Naturally, I'm not brach enough to say that the film was flawless - it certainly had a few things that I found to be lacking. That being said, I walked away form the theatre happy. :) I agree when you say that reality certainly shouldn't be taken too seriously with regards to giant monster films - or any film presenting beings (such as super-heroes) that by their very nature defy the laws of the natural world. It's all in fun - and that's the attitude that should be brought to the creation of such films! :)

The Weaver

MemberMothra LarvaeMay-26-2014 10:49 PM


When I say that the movie is not for everyone, I simply don't mean that it's trying to cater to some sort of specific audience that you can generalize with a title. That's a poor way of thinking it. The movie is great if you have the patience to notice what it's trying to give you, and if you can't notice it, it's simply not for you. It doesn't mean I'm saying people are dumb, it's simply not for them, which I can respect. All people have so many varied opinions and tastes that you ultimately can't wrong them for disliking something, even if you think it's not merited the distaste.

Perhaps you might think that someone like me is seeing things for the sake of defending the movie with thin air, but I would heavily disagree, the sheer tone of Godzilla is there. That feel when Serizawa speaks of 'Gojira', the prologue, whenever he rises out of the water, when you simply just see the fins swimming, all this treats Godzilla like a divine creature who is a higher being than us, and to me that is absolutely perfect. His lack of screentime only serve to supplement that. (A deity is elusive and unseen unless it chooses not to be)

And no, I do not see people who hate Gareth's Godzilla as some sort of inferior people than me, if you did, you've gotten a huge misunderstanding at your hands. I despise many forms of films that are genuine art but I respect them very deeply regardless.

From what I've seen, Godzilla is the greatest badass character in what is arguably the entire history of cinema itself, and that is because he is best at raw body to body fighting. What gave the MUTOs the upper hand against the King of the Monsters however were their EMP claws, which as I have said is the reason they were able to cheat so easily. MUTOs might not look as intimidating as Knifehead, Leatherback or mighty Slattern, but give any guy an electric rod and he will beat a bodybuilder with it.

It's not about how intimidating or the size of their muscles, it's their package, and the MUTOs have a lot to be pit against.

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