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Debate Week Day 3: Biollante vs 50's Godzilla

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ModeratorGiganJul-01-2014 5:59 AM

Debate week day 3!!!! Biollante vs Original Godzilla!

Gojira, "Gonna use that name to say the 50s version" Stands at 50 metres, 164 feet. Biollante stands at 112 metres, 367 feet. The original Godzilla's Abillities are great but limited since he was the first, But dont get me wrong, He is a pure ownage machine. Biollante can constrict and grapple with her vines, And use corrosive sap to easily blind or even kill her foes, Biollante Being made from Godzillas cells has regenerative cells. Gojira's Abillities are that of all the Godzillas, Gojira is the 3rd weakest of his relatives, The weakest being Gvkk and GvM. Gojira, Lacking in overall physical power compared to his later relatives is still incredibley powerful, The only thing that could kill him was the Oxygen destroyer, However he seems to be the only Godzilla who it effected. Showing a sign of weakness. Compared to biollante's overall hight and strength, Can the iconic beast take him on and win? You tell me below!

Good grief.

4 Replies


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-01-2014 6:43 AM

i think Biollante would esaly win with its acid sap and she canot die

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MemberGiganJul-01-2014 7:24 AM


It has corrosive sap and strangling vines. Plus a crocodile head. However, even though it would win, it would be very damaged from Gojira.

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MemberBaragonJul-01-2014 1:14 PM

Nope biollante can die it took three different forms of biollante to try to take down godzilla, which of course did not, yeah i am including spacegodzilla as a form of biollante. Anyways the original godzilla was so aggressive and evil. I don't think biollante has a chance. :)

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MemberMothra LarvaeSep-02-2014 7:04 PM

Tgis might be biased, because Biollante is my favorite character, but I think she will win.

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