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what got you into godzilla movies?

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJul-07-2014 7:57 PM

what was the reason you became a fan of godzilla movies? not the first movie you saw but the reason

the reason i bacame a fan is that all the first godzilla movies that i saw where the heisei ones that where good but godzilla didn't look like a villan or a treat he was more of an anty-hero but then i saw the millenium and loved how they taked godzilla more seriously like GMK, thats when i got hooked up on the franshise

Evacuate?, Godzilla is just a Legend!-Woman in GMK

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5 Responses to what got you into godzilla movies?

High FLYERS Tag Team

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJul-07-2014 9:26 PM

My friend and Zilla. Yes you heard me correctly. ZILLA!!!

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BaragonMember425 XPJul-07-2014 10:48 PM

I'm not sure. I guess almost every little boy would enjoy watching giant monsters fight eachother, then eventually I acually realized there was a story behind them as i got older that, in most cases, was pretty well done.


Mothra LarvaeMember16 XPJul-08-2014 2:28 AM

Mostly cuz he looks like a dinosaur which he is one and he can breath fire (atomic ray)

and im a nutshell for giant monster films.

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GiganMember4297 XPJul-08-2014 4:52 AM

I honestly can't remember.

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GiganModerator3811 XPJul-08-2014 6:21 AMTeam Godzilla

I originally hated Godzilla, He was my arch nemisis since i loved King kong, But my aunt loved Godzilla and we would have battles in costumes that she made. But i was always a king kong Fanatic, And Gorillas are my favirote animal. Anyways i watched the trailer for Godzilla 2014, And i thought, "Meh doesnt seem that good" But than i got more hyped about it and i watched it opening night, And it was the best movie i had ever saw. And now im a Godzilla fanatic xD, I have all the S.h. Monster arts figures i have Godzilla wall decals, "most of them are G 2014" I have a Godzilla 2014 mug i drink out of, Thats why im so passionate about Godzilla 2014. Its the reason i love Godzilla!

Good grief.

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