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Godzilla 2014s Melee may succeed previous incarnations

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ModeratorGiganJul-11-2014 6:10 PM

Allow me to explain. Godzilla 2014's Combat and durabillity succeed his predessecors, Godzilla 2014 is so far the only Godzilla to actually fight his monsters mainly with straight up melee and animalistic attacks. The original Godzillas mainly used there Atomic breath to fight with some attacks here and there, But there movements were way to slow to actually melee. Also, almost all of the heisei Godzilla's when they fell over could not get back up without hard trouble, Godzilla 2014 could get up and melee with like no problem. Thats why in my opinion, Godzilla 2014 could defeat most of the original Godzilla's and withstand there atomic breath. I almost forgot to mention that he is also the most musculaur of the Godzillas, Being able to fight and move fast while carrying 90,000 tons. Now here is why this Godzilla could defeat most the heisei and all of the showa. so here is the battle, Heisei Godzilla fires his atomic breath at Godzilla 2014, He dodges and circles around Heisei, Heisei continues to fire at G 2014 before Godzilla 2014 shoots a atomic breath of his own and knocks over Heisei. Godzilla 2014 then finishes off heisei with some more blasts and melee and foot stomps. Post down below if you think that all of this is true. btw im using the Godzilla vs king ghidorah heisei.

Good grief.

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MemberMothra LarvaeJul-11-2014 6:17 PM

well you are mostly correct, exept for the fact that shwa godzilla was more of a mele figther along with certain millenium ones, but still G14 would kill almost every godzilla

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MemberBaragonJul-11-2014 6:23 PM

Quick question have you watched the showa movies? If so you'll know that godzilla was VERY melee oriented, and while the moves were cheesy karate esque they were far better than anything the new Godzilla used. You say hes fast and that he gets up easily but when did you see that? He gets knocked over by the muto is scrolls to ford, the building collapes on him and it cuts back to Ford. The only time you ever see him get up is at the end when there's no other monster there to keep him down. He's hardly fast either, as he did nothing that made me think he outperforms other Godzillas, especially the showa, is speed.


Most muscular? So Showa godzilla picking up ghidorah isn't muscular, how about heisei shouldering the much larger metal mechagodzilla? If that's not enough there are other examples.  It's clear you like the new godzilla the most but let's not confuse you liking a monster with them being the strongest incarnation. It's not even as though he fought all that much, yeah he wrestled the female back, but afterwards he's knocked to the ground by the male then only able to get up because the female gets distracted. He's not this amazing brawler than just dumpstered the mutos no problem, and his atomic breath has a longer charge up time than the others so that's a huge negative especially looking at how strong the atomic breath is from other incarnations.


MemberTitanosaurusJul-11-2014 6:30 PM

Well, Durp004, to be fair, those EMP attacks DID specifically hinder Godzilla's atomic breath ability, even when he did get to use it. At least he's not comparing 2005 Kong to 2014 Godzilla :P


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-11-2014 6:31 PM

burning godzilla would over power G14, but G14 is bigger and stronger than the showa, even thouhg they migth put a good figth G14 migth still win unleas godzilla does a waky last ditch move like

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MemberBaragonJul-11-2014 6:38 PM

Whenever there's a debate about godzillas I take size out of the equation as according to it the only Godzilla's that could even reasonably think about fighting the 2014 Godzilla is late heisei and final wars Godzilla. I compare their abilities and stats relative to their size to come out with which one is better is which case the 2014 Godzilla is pretty unimpressive compared to his predecessors, in basically every category besides size there's a Godzilla that's better.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-11-2014 6:38 PM

While I really enjoy Godzilla 2014, I can't agree that he's the strongest. Some of the Toho incarnations reached anime-levels of stupid powerful.

The two examples that come to mind would be "Godzilla vs Megaguirus", where he was shot multiple times by a black hole weapon and came out without a scratch, and "Final Wars", where he murdered the ever-loving crap out of a dozen Toho beasties in the span of two days without slowing down or exerting much effort at all.

In terms of spectacle and raw, bestial fury, I would definitely say Godzilla 2014 takes the cake. Still, being incredibly large and fierce doesn't always make you the winner.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaJul-11-2014 6:43 PM

I think this is a case of fans wanting to tout the new Godzilla because... he's new. Legendary's Godzilla probably isn't in the top 5 most powerful versions of the character.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


ModeratorGiganJul-11-2014 6:55 PM

Durpoo- Remember we still havent seen him at his full power, Also this Godzilla was ealing with to viscious mosters who all they wanted was to kill him, And they were teamed to do so. Even though the showa Godzilla took on titanosaurus and mechagodzilla, Those still were reletively weak monsters compared to what the mutos were capable of. Also i wasnt mentioning most of the millenium series, as final wars Godzilla and burning Godzilla would most likely defeat him. Also Godzilla 2014 unlike the Heisei was being pummeled by the mutos making him unable to get up, While Heisei was just knocked over and couldnt get up because of his suit xD, Maybe it was that he was also being blasted by some kind of beam when it was happening, But still he wasnt being meleed to death. Also i wasnt comparing him to being stronger than most Godzillas, I was saying that he has better melee capabillitys.

Gman2887- I would say he is the third strongest, Falling behind burning and final.

Good grief.


ModeratorGiganJul-11-2014 6:57 PM

durpoo- Also i wouldnt say that having a skyscraper falling on you is something that you can easily overcome, A skyscraper would probably knock out most of the original Godzillas.

Good grief.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-11-2014 7:03 PM

well i thing FW is the only one that has the oportunity to beat him in a pure meale battle, but in a beeam battle FW wins for sure 

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ModeratorGiganJul-11-2014 7:20 PM

Gman2887- Also i wasnt touting him, I was just saying that he has better melee capabillities comapred to his predessors.

Good grief.


MemberBaragonJul-11-2014 7:57 PM

I'm curious what the mutos have the make them stronger opponents than mechagodzilla who was a walking fortress, and Titanosaurus that towered over that Godzilla. Both mutos were smaller than Godzilla. The only other time that the main opponents for a Godzilla were smaller than him was GMK and he destroyed them. I think you're severly overrating the mutos if you rank them high on the list of Godzilla's opponents at least higher than mechagodzilla as I could give a list of reasons why that's wrong.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-11-2014 8:39 PM

Wow, there's so much wrong with this, I don't even know where to start.

I keep getting the feeling when reading your posts that you haven't seen any classic Godzilla movies other than the Heisei series for a while, because most of what you're saying about "most other Godzillas ("The original Godzillas mainly used there Atomic breath to fight with some attacks here and there, But there movements were way to slow to actually melee") applies to literally only the Heisei Godzilla; most incarnations have mainly used melee attacks with an Atomic Breath here and there. Most of them have been as fast as or faster than G2014.

You have never explained why you think G2014 has superior durability. If it's because he tanked a nuke, you should know that Godzilla has been immune to H-bombs since the very first movie, with a few possible exceptions; if it's because of the Permian meteor thing, it's very debatable whether anything from the Awakening comic is canon; based on what we see in the film, it's quite possible that his durability is sub-par, as the claws of two very average monsters were able to visibly draw blood from him, whereas most Godzillas are difficult even for other monsters to hurt.

We haven't seen him at his full power? Where did you get that from? Does it have something to do with that "electric sack" business from the novelization? The canon of the novel is completely separate from that of the film, which is the case with all movie novelizations, as far as I'm aware. They're like video game adaptations- they just have a  similar plot with a lot of changes to better fit the different medium.

Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus are weak compared to the Mutos? Perhaps, but only because they're so much smaller; if they were scaled to similar sizes, and MG was EMP shielded, the Mutos would be severely outmatched.

A skyscraper would knock out most of the previous Godzillas?! I'm sorry, I must have missed the part of physics class where they taught us that a falling building was more powerful than a nuclear bomb.

Literally the only thing G2014 has over most other Godzillas is his size (and he isn't even the best in that category, as Marvel Godzilla is significantly larger than him); if every incarnation were the same size, he would be in the lower half of them in terms of power.

TL;DR Version:


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-11-2014 8:43 PM

Ugh, there was supposed to be a video at the end of that post. I can't edit it, so let me try again:

TL;DR Version:

And some links for good measure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRVUOGUmxJI?t=6s


High FLYERS Tag Team

MemberMothra LarvaeJul-11-2014 10:03 PM

Thanks for posting this. I agree this could be the toughest Godzilla (besides GMK)

There are strong men and weak men. The strong ones are here to keep the weak ones up when ever they fail.


ModeratorGiganJul-12-2014 6:31 AM

Linkzilla- I was stating that in melee most of the other Godzillas get defeated except the showa, Heisei Godzilla was visibley wounded by Destroyah's sword beam.

If Destroyah got more hits in it probably would have killed him, Also the Heisei Godzillas would be very weak if they didnt have there G cells, Thats why i was saying that Godzilla 2014 in overall physical combat and armor shielding can defeat most Godzillas, Those include Millenium, "Except megaguirus Godzilla and Final wars" and all of the heisei, Im not sure if burning could win in hand to hand melee.

Like for example, Godzilla vs mechagodzilla II he was getting very easily defeated once they knocked him over, This Godzilla would be able to manuever around the attacks after getting knocked over. Also most of the original Godzillas, Except a good portion of showa. Always need help from another monster, Mechagodzilla II Godzilla would have died if it wasnt for Rodan, Godzilla final wars would have died if it wasnt for the Crazy Ninja Samurai.

Also Godzilla 2014 has no feats? Swam non stop for 4 entire days then got up and fought and won. Also i forgot to mention in swimming Godzilla 2014 wins due to him being much faster than, All of the heisei, Most of millenium, Not sure about showa so im not gonna say.

Also you guys are underestimating what this post was ment for, Melee capabillitys, The Mutos could most likely beat MechaGodzilla and Titanosaurus in over ferocity and melee. Godzilla 2014 had to withstand a non stop fight for 3 hours and 25 minutes.

So what i was saying is that Godzilla 2014 is not the overall strongest Godzilla, But in melee he can beat a good portion of the original Godzillas.

Good grief.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-12-2014 10:26 AM

I'm gonna have to agree with Linkzilla on this one. Goji2014 isn't capable of much when compared to the previous Godzilla's.

As for MUTOs versus MecahG and Titano, they'd be Titano, and MechaG would crush them. You said melee, and putting that at the forefront still leaves MechaG with some serious steel to dish out, since saying melee removes the MUTOs' EMP.

Deviation is not shameful. Conforming is.


MemberBaragonJul-12-2014 11:03 AM

I really am beginning to doubt you've seen most of the Godzilla movies. The things you say make it obvious you know about them, but maybe you've just watched the fight scenes on youtube, or saw them when you were young and don't remember them well. Either way a lot of the things you seem to think or say are wrong in terms of their power. Like I said if you think this new Godzilla is awesome that's great, but if you try to convince a forum, most of whom and have seen all other installments that the new one is the strongest, or best at some particular category you're going to get proven wrong in most cases.

Just to enlighten you, in Godzilla vs MGII the reason he couldn't get up was because they destroyed his second brain making him paralyzed from the waist down,, and after it was healed he didn't seem to have any trouble getting up and then pushing mechag to the ground before destroying him.

Swimming isn't a feat for a godzilla, every Godilla ever swam to tokyo or japan at one point. If it was like Godzilla vs Mothra where he swam though molten rock then maybe I'd conder it but just water is no. What make shim faster? Did I miss a scene where he just zips around and destroys the mutos? From what I remember the reason the male muto was giving him so much trouble was because he couldn't keep up with it. I wouldn't even put tht mutos speed on the same level as Rodan, Megaguirus, or even Mothra so him struggling so much with him isn't really a testiment to his speed.

I would point out why you are so wrong about the mutos and titanosaurus/mechaG, but instead I'll ask you to give me a reason how they're more ferocious than those two. Tell me how the mutos outclass titanosaurus who bit Godzilla's mouth picked him up by it and threw him, then proceeded to bury him and stomp on him in an attempt to crush him.

Is this Godzilla better than a small portion of Godzillas? Sure, but definitely is in the middle to lower level in terms of most categories including melee as other Godzillas have much more to show. 


ModeratorGiganJul-12-2014 1:36 PM

Both the mutos when they were teamed could take out titansaurus, And im talking about MechaGodzilla 1, who got beaten by his head being twisted off. Seeing how smart the mutos were to know to hit Godzilla in his gills im sure they would try and twist off his head. I mean look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thPymMTVatI And im not trying to tell anyone that Godzilla 2014 is better, Im saying that his melee capabillities succeed a good portion of the original Godzillas. Also the original Godzillas were incredibley slow when it comes to swimming, Godzilla 2014 was releitively fast. And in melee his bites and tail strikes and overall strength could beat the showa and a good portion of Heisei. I think he could also beat Godzilla 2000, Maybe not Megaguirus and maybe Final wars IN STRAIGHT UP MELEE NOTHING ELSE.

look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OTAmi8yxSg If it wasnt for his atomic breath he wouldnt have been able to kill anguirus. Also all Godzillas have the abillity to lift and throw over Monsters that are bigger than them. Thats why in ferocious ferocity and tooth and nail, Godzilla 2014 takes the cake.

Good grief.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-12-2014 2:09 PM

@ Gorillagodzilla77897 What the heck is that second link?!?!?  G-millenium vs Final Wars Anguirus?  Is that from a tv show or something?  I've never seen it before.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-12-2014 2:10 PM

Seriously did I miss a movie?


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-12-2014 8:34 PM


"Both the mutos when they were teamed could take out titansaurus"

And Mechagodzilla would just stand around and let them?

"Seeing how smart the mutos were to know to hit Godzilla in his gills im sure they would try and twist off his head."

They knew to attack his gills because of instinct, not intelligence. They're natural enemies, remember? Besides, figuring out that something's head is suscepible to specifically being twisted off is a bit more complicated than figuring out that you can attack its weak point for massive damage, and Showa Godzilla needed to use his magnetic powers to be able to do that.

"And im not trying to tell anyone that Godzilla 2014 is better, Im saying that his melee capabillities succeed a good portion of the original Godzillas."

If Heisei Godzilla and maybe two or three of the Millenium Godzillas is "a good portion," then yes, I suppose you're right.

"Also the original Godzillas were incredibley slow when it comes to swimming, Godzilla 2014 was releitively fast."

What? Once again, I must ask, where did you get that from? There have been only two or three brief scenes at most where we have actually seen any of the Toho Godzillas swimming underwater, and they looked just as fast as, if not faster than, G2014. All he did was outswim an aircraft carrier, which are probably pretty slow compared to most modern boats judging by how huge they are.

"I think he could also beat... Final wars IN STRAIGHT UP MELEE NOTHING ELSE"

FW Godzilla fought like a giant martial artist and was strong enough to throw another monster over the horizon. Legendary Godzilla is like a toddler wearing lead boots compared to him.

"Also all Godzillas have the abillity to lift and throw over Monsters that are bigger than them."

G2014 never even lifted and threw a monster smaller than him.

I agree with DURP004; with each post you make, it seems more and more like you haven't seen most of the Godzilla movies.

@PANTHALASSAN I think it's from some Japanese slot machine game.


MemberBaragonJul-12-2014 10:18 PM

I agree with everything Linkzilla said but would like to add


If you had seen Terror of MechaGodzilla you would know tearing of MechaGodzilla's head doesn't work anymore so that strategy would fail if they tried and he would continue to blast them. Watch all of the old movies fully then you can make posts talking about strongest incarnations, and actually have enough knowledge to defend your topic.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-13-2014 1:43 AM


ModeratorGiganJul-13-2014 7:09 AM

LinkZilla- Exactly there arent any swimming scenes in the old movies, its just them walking through the sea onto land, For example Godzilla vs Mothra Heisei, He was having so much trouble fighting the larvae in the water and he was walk/Swim in the ocean, Hence heisei is very slow in water.

Godzilla 2014 was able to swim from the Bikin Islands to Hawaii in 12 hours. Also the original Godzillas when they fought on land for the first time would always lose.

Also i wasnt talking about a tag team i was saying if Titanosaurus, was alone both mutos would get him. Also im talking about this Godzilla 2014 and the future ones where there are Definitely going to be bigger monsters.

But all forms of the King have thrown bigger monsters then them around. And in a melee fight with, "Atleast Burning Godzilla" Godzilla 2014 could win as how Burning just stood there as Destroyah cut him with the beam.

If you guys could read the topic im saying is that, In Straight up Ferocity melee or i should say BloodLust Godzilla 2014 can beat Most of the Heisei, Most of Millenium, And a good portion of Showa.

Watch the movie again and see how he fights. Also this is only the first movie with him fighting, Perhaps we need to put this conversation on hold till the sequel come out. Also explain this http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xkl8i2_godzilla-vs-spacegodzilla-frist-fight_shortfilms He only used his Atomic breath, If he was fighting Godzilla 2014 Godzilla would have already tackled him.

Also i was talking about the original Mechagodzilla not Terror of Mechagodzilla. Also the main reason Burning Godzilla survived, is Because of his Supreme Durabillity And regenerater G-1.

Without that i dont know how long the Original Godzillas could last. I have watched all of original Godzillas i can take a picture and post it here if you want? Godzilla 2014 in a brawler style Tooth and Claw  action can beat alot of the original Godzillas. I still absolutely love all versions of Godzilla. If i didnt i wouldnt be making a arguement about the one thing that could possibly defeat them. I love reading your posts so please continue.

Good grief.


MemberBaragonJul-13-2014 3:56 PM

There's so much wrong with that post I don't even feel like breaking down why each point is wrong. Whatever if you want to think this is the best melee Godzilla and none of the points so far have swayed your opinion it's obvious nothing will. It's apparent even with the vast evidence used against this to the point you're making up stats like the amount of time he took to get to hawaii, despite the movie never saying where he came from, or addressing the time it took to get there.

BTW you keep using ferocity to describe him and that is sooooooo bad. Nothing about this Godzilla is ferocious, otherwise when he was attacked on the bridge he would have turned and destroyed all the ships and everything on the bridge, and when he got up at the end he would have destroyed the city rather than casually walk out his melee attacks weren't especially brutal outside of killing the muto which is no worse than ripping off ebirah's claws, twisting off MechaGodzilla's head, blowing up orga from within, blowing off King Ghidorah's head, or biting anguirus's neck as he tries to run away then setting him on fire. 

High FLYERS Tag Team

MemberMothra LarvaeJul-13-2014 4:03 PM

DURP004- shut up I agree With gorilla

There are strong men and weak men. The strong ones are here to keep the weak ones up when ever they fail.


MemberBaragonJul-13-2014 4:38 PM

So that makes him right because you agree with him? Okay then you're both wrong and I can give so many reasons why, but I think judging by how the posts on this thread of have gone from even gorillagodzilla going from "the best" to "better than most heisei most millennium, and a good portion of showa". You aren't the best by being better than most, you're the best by being better than all of them, which even he appears to have accepted this Godzilla isn't. If you have a point to prove the things I've said wrong then say it otherwise telling me to shut up is basically what a six year old would say when they realize they have no points left to make but want to walk away thinking they're right.

High FLYERS Tag Team

MemberMothra LarvaeJul-13-2014 7:03 PM

DURP004- sorry. I was in a bad mood. Now I don't have any points to prove because gorilla said every I probaly would have said

There are strong men and weak men. The strong ones are here to keep the weak ones up when ever they fail.


ModeratorGiganJul-14-2014 6:24 AM

Durpoo- For the most part you are right. Convincing you is virtually impossible since most of your points are probbaly correct compared to mine. However i felt like Godzilla 2014 could beat them in melee with his overall strength and bites. But if you didnt notice the intro post says i was using the Godzilal vs King ghidorah heisei, Not burning Godzilla, Not final wars.

Because like i said if Godzilla 2014 were to knock over Heisei, He would finish him off, But thats just my opinion. But i do however think you guys are overating Showa. Showa would get beaten in the most part if it wasnt for occasions when Anguirus or Rodan appeared. Also in the first fight with MechaGodzilla 2 he knocked Godzilla down with his missles. And Godzilla couldnt get back up.

If Godzilla 2014 did that he would have killed Godzilla. Also this was a talk of straight up Melee, If they didnt have their atomic breath, no Regenerator G-1, Just tooth and nail. I think Godzilla 2014 could pull through.

Yesterday i watched all of the Showa Godzillas, And i still believe that Godzilla 2014 could defeat them. So on your question of Ferocity, I was saying IF Godzilla 2014 was more ferocious vs the showa and Heisei. His brutality could defeat them i believe. He would atleast force Showa to fly away with his atomic breath.

Good grief.

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