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Godzilla 2 and skull island flick hmmm

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Gojira 2014

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJul-27-2014 6:59 AM

So (coff) I here there is a godzilla 2 and skull island flick coming out.... (sniff sniff) whats that I smell? (sniff sniff) I think I smell a cross over! 


So a while back gareth said he would like to do a monster island kinda flick, he would "like" to, not would. So picture this. What if skull island is actually "monster island" which could lead to a godzilla vs king kong, ect. Honestly, if there was a king kong vs godzilla film coming out, I wouldnt be very excited, king kong just aint my thing. But, that doesn't mean I wouldn't need an extra pair of pants if you know what I mean XD The possibilities are endless. But take this theory as a grain of salt. Man I've been having good luck lately. Rodan, mothra and gidorah have been confirmed, AWESOME! I just say the man of steel 2 teaser, AWESOME! I found a dollar under neath my couch, AWESOME!  though I would love to see that new godzilla 2 tease manorch footage thing......at the same time I don't. I don't want to ruin any suprises like I did with the last film. Make no mistake, godzilla 2014 was the greatest moment of my life, but it would have been even better if I didn't see the wondercon footage and ect. But any ways what do you think about my or um our theory? comment below! and FYI I wasn't the first to think of this theory.

I have become death.......the casher at the donut shop.......
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2 Responses to Godzilla 2 and skull island flick hmmm


AnguirusMember1077 XPJul-27-2014 7:37 AMTeam Ghidorah

Now a bad theory, but I wouldnt want Skull Island to be Monster Island. Well, the teaser footage doesnt show too much of the creatures, much like how Godzilla was teased a while back

Remember that chap, I forget his name, he climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. They asked him, they said, "Why did you go up there to die?" He said, "I didn't, I went up there to live."

Gojira 2014

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJul-28-2014 6:16 PM

Sure its not our monster island but its a creative way to start a cross over.

I have become death.......the casher at the donut shop.......
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