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Redirected Alien: Isolation thread

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Gojira 2014

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPOct-10-2014 4:34 AM

A game I have been playing recently and still am is aliens isolation. Aliens isolation is the scariest game I have ever played and the most challenging. If you havn't played this game yet please do cause this game is awesome, if you already played this game what are your thoughts on it? My final verdict for aliens isolation is 10/10

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7 Responses to Redirected Alien: Isolation thread


GiganAdmin4335 XPOct-10-2014 5:22 AMTeam Mothra

Yeah it looks amazing, really really scary. 

We have a Prometheus forum and an AVP forum if you want to talk about it over there too. Chris even made a thread about it on AVP if you want to post your rating. Share your thoughts on Alien: Isolation here!


TitanosaurusMember926 XPOct-10-2014 6:00 AM

What I want to know is if it's a new Xenomorph or if its the same one from the first movie. When Big Chap was shoved out the airlock, he was still alive. Xenomorphs can adapt and thrive in any enviorment, even space (and this isn't impossible, many of the monsters Godzilla fights live in space). Big Chap could have entered a state of hibernation until he bumped into the ship and was awakened by the smell of prey. But still, I intend to get the game soon.

\"SKREEONGK!\" -Godzilla


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPOct-10-2014 7:03 AM

Big Chap also got burned into oblivion by the Narcissus' engines, this is a different xenomorph. Creative assembly have also confirmed that it is  different creature.

I? I am a monument to all of your sins.


TitanosaurusMember926 XPOct-10-2014 7:10 AM

Oh. Thank you for the info VARANO4276.

\"SKREEONGK!\" -Godzilla


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPOct-10-2014 7:15 AM

No problem! Also, this game  is terrifying, the tension builds, and builds, and builds.

I? I am a monument to all of your sins.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPOct-10-2014 7:33 AM

EDIT: And it is Varan04276 not Varano4276.

I? I am a monument to all of your sins.

G. H. (Gman)

GodzillaAdmin5334 XPOct-10-2014 9:20 AMTeam Ghidorah

Hey guys, going to redirect you here. There's a forum for Alien. Lets keep it there. Chris is asking for feedback and thoughts on the game here: http://www.aliensversuspredator.net/community/forums/topic/38318

Keep Godzilla, Godzilla. Remember, Scified has a plethora for different forums. Look them up before you create topics like this.

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