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Mislead Trailer

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-24-2014 12:21 PM

How many of you guys were mislead when the trailer of this movie came out but the movie turn out to be different?

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20 Responses to Mislead Trailer


Mothra LarvaeMember2 XPNov-24-2014 12:59 PM

I definitely felt that way. I was looking forward to an indifferent, almost malevolent Godzilla destroying our cities and fighting our military before dueling with the greater threat that was the Mutos.

I thought Godzilla was going to be the central focus instead of the Mutos, with people being more concerned about the death and destruction he'd bring than anything else.

I was lead to believe Bryan Cranston was going to be the main character.

Making a movie look better than it is means the trailer editors did their job. Making it look like a different movie is bad form, and generally means they didn't have enough confidence in the original concept.


BaragonMember425 XPNov-24-2014 1:01 PM

Yeah I don't think there's any real question the trailers painted a different picture than what the movie actually was.


BaragonMember330 XPNov-24-2014 1:25 PM

Yep, a huge bait and switch!

The SDCC 2012 trailer made all of us feel like we were going to get a really serious and dark atmospheric godzilla film like that of the 54 film. Turns out we got a more kid friendly godzilla film, like i have said on other threads is ok. I got nothing against a company who makes films like godzilla suitable for younger children, as a matter of fact, it helps build the G-fan base.

Like many others though, i was looking foward to a godzilla movie that really packed a punch and delieverd like that of 54 or even the 84 film.  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on [email protected]

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPNov-24-2014 2:20 PM

I thought Godzilla was going to be an anti-hero, and destroy many cities around the world before the other monster showed up (I didn't know that there was gonna be two MUTOs). Then, I believed Godzilla was going to accidentally save the world from the threat after killing it in a long battle.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


Mothra LarvaeMember2 XPNov-24-2014 2:43 PM

They were a bit misleading, yes. And the movie wasn't what I expected, but not really in a bad way. It was good enough to me that I didn't mind.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-24-2014 3:12 PM

i too was hoping for a dark and gritty movie like the trailer promised but i guess it wasnt to be


GiganStaff3811 XPNov-24-2014 4:35 PMTeam Godzilla

I dont get this wanting Godzilla to be a malevolent Demon, for most of real popular series Godzilla has been sort of a hero.

This Godzilla was not Kid friendly, it was a serious film that most children wouldn't understand. When you think about it for 14/30 film's Godzilla has been the Hero/AntiHero (Yes i count Godzilla vs Destoroyah and Godzilla vs spaceGodzilla.)

So its really not that big of a deal for Godzilla to be the Good monster, he actually is not good in the film he just Did Not Care About Humans.

I guess alot of people confuse kid friendly Godzilla with Non Human fearing Godzilla.

Good grief.


Mothra LarvaeMember2 XPNov-25-2014 1:11 AM

A demon would be taking it a bit too far, I just wanted a pissed off dinosaur that wasn't afraid to wreck a few buildings or fight the military.

This isn't the place for you to bring up your favoritism of G'14, and how you think our opinions are wrong. This thread is about how the trailers were misleading and what we expected from the movie based on that. It has little to do with what kind of Godzilla we were hoping for. 



GiganStaff3811 XPNov-25-2014 6:30 AMTeam Godzilla

Duratok- Kind of seem's like your being antagonistic with, "This isnt a place to bring up your favoritism of G 14" i was not doing that. I was explaining my opinion on how this Godzilla was and it wasnt Kid Friendly.

Good grief.


BaragonMember425 XPNov-25-2014 7:19 AM

Regardless of how kid friendly or not the godzilla was it's clear it's not the same one the trailer showed, which is the problem. 

I don't have a problem with Godzilla being  hero, but I do have a problem with trailers for months prior making it like he would be monster that mankind feared, then going into the movie and seeing that by the end they were cheering for him. The question is were the trailers misleading and the answer is a very clear yes no matter how much you like or dislike the Godzilla that we got.


BaragonMember330 XPNov-25-2014 2:37 PM


The thing is Godzilla started off by being a malevolent god. That is what he needs to be.

All i am saying is, if G14 lived up to what the SDCC trailer showed us, i think there would be alot more happier fans out here.  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on [email protected]

Daikaiju Danielle

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-25-2014 4:35 PM

I think all of us were decieved by the trailers and T.V Spots. The movie was severely different from what Legendary was teasing us. All of the happenings and overall dialogue implied Godzilla was causing most of the damage.

Also, the little summary back in December was misleading as well. It pretty much said that humans created the Mutos, not discovered them. 


The movie still rocked though, but the trailers were very different.

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Daniel D.

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-25-2014 9:08 PM

I was mislead by the marketing.  Shame on me as far as I'm concerned.  I should have been along for whatever ride the movie decided to take me, but my first viewing was marred by unmet expectations.  The second viewing was far more enjoyable because I knew what the movie was.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-26-2014 9:33 AM

Who cares its just marketing, besides the movie is much better without the trailers. Any movie is better without trailers.

 @ BEN, "that is what he needs to be."

Like GG sayed  Theres more to Godzilla then just being malevolent.  



Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-26-2014 8:47 PM

Godzilla needs a motive and personality. The 2014 ver. had both just like all the godzillas before it.  


Mothra LarvaeMember1 XPNov-27-2014 7:19 AM

I really liked the movie but I agree with the people that say the trailers were misleading. I can understand why someone wouldn't have enjoyed the movie as much because the expectations the trailers set up.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPNov-29-2014 3:03 AM

The leaked comic con trailer advertised the Godzilla movie I always wanted to see. DARK DARK DARK and reflecting the horrible errors of mankind and Godzilla as our grim punishment and then the movie was very vague on any theme and Godzilla became a superhero. It was the complete opposite. I enjoyed 2014 but it wasn't the film they pitched to us.


Mothra LarvaeMember16 XPDec-01-2014 8:03 PM

Yup the movie felt completely different compose to the trailers.

I was so ticked off of the movie, and the ending of the film killed the movie for me, it was beyond my worst expectations and it made godzilla look too much like a good guy.

I dont knoe how Gareth thought we would take a Godzilla like that seriously and it also left a huge plot hole too.

Hope in Godzilla 2 they take a different approach and portray Godzilla as the fearsome creature like he was suppose to be in this film.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-02-2014 11:37 AM

Yeah, it was very misleading because it shown that Godzilla was responsible of the mass destruction, not the Mutos. And what they shown is that Joe Brody had a big role in the plot, but it turned out be the contrary. This fact it was what pissed me off.


BaragonMember330 XPDec-02-2014 1:54 PM

^Whoa hey there gojira19, no need to use vulgar language like that. Be a little more careful the next time please. There are members here that are young and could take offense to that.

I understand though, i think it is safe to say that we all were expecting that dark, gritty, serious godzilla.  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on [email protected]

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