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A Scene description for my Godzilla Animation (Graphic)

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MemberBaragonAug-25-2015 3:57 PM

Hello guys and gals! Today I want to share my scene idea with you guys! Let me jump into it now:

The fight between Godzilla and the creature has been going on long enough. Citizens in the city have been oredered to try to get to the docks before its too late. Some are trapped and have children with them. As the run towards the ships, People are crushed by falliing debris as the fight rages on. As people get to the docks, they are anxious to leave and take off leaving the others behind. The Army has a plan for to end this fight: Nuke the city and hopefully kill them or at least one of them and weaken the other. The NUke will drop soon, and word hits the citizens. Now it begins to get really chaotic, people are scared shitless and are trampling on kids and other people to get to a boat. All the boats are gone and hundreds are stranded on the dock and dozens scrambling in the water. The only choice they have is to get underground. The run like hell to the metro stations. The nuke is now about to be dropped. As it falls the people are desperatley trying to shut the doors to the poutside, even with familes left outside.

Play this while you read the next paragraph (I plan on using this music for the scene)Start at 3:35:


The nuke drops, a giant mushroom cloud in the center of the city is seen. Godzilla gets forced back and hits the ground, the other monster doesnt have the ability to survive this kind of blast and slowly disintigrates from the radiation. The shockwave moves at great speeds, knocking down buildings. A shot of the families outside are seen as the shockwave kills them, leaving only a shadow of where they stood. The final shot of the mushroom coud is shown as the shockwave hits the screen and cuts to black leading into whagt happens next. 

What did you think? Please I want opinions on how it was or what I can change! COMMENT AWAY!


3 Replies

Triple X

MemberMothra LarvaeAug-25-2015 7:05 PM

The main purpose of Godzilla is to stop or kill his enemies and other destructive creatures!!! If humans are able to kill them, do you really need Godzilla in your story?


MemberBaragonAug-25-2015 10:55 PM

That's true, but I should have clarified that this was an idea. I tried to give the other monster a weakness, radiation. Giving Godzilla the upper hand when using atomic breath. The nuke was not supposed to kill the creature entirely, but weaken It, giving Godzilla the chance to kill it. I should change the creature's weaknesses, I want my story to be thrilling and terrifying. Thanks for the response!

Triple X

MemberMothra LarvaeAug-25-2015 11:12 PM

Radiation as a weakness might be a good idea if you want to finish off your creature in a fast way – TOHO's Godzilla is highly radioactive, and leaves ambient radiation behind when he moves through an area, as do any of his attacks that deal radiation damage.

Why do they need to drop the nuke so fast, and why don't they try to lure them out of the city? Is the creature about to charge some sort of destructive weapon, that might cause more damage than a nuke, open a portal, going to absorb a power plant etc.? It feels a bit rushed.

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