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Is Godzilla battling The THING?!

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AdminSpaceGodzillaSep-22-2016 7:13 AM

I have yet to read Godzilla in Hell, but after seeing this scan shared on Facebook, I'm wondering if THE THING made a cross-over to the Godzilla universe? I mean, look at this thing! Can anyone who has read the comic offer some insight as to what's going on here?

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11 Replies


MemberKing GhidorahSep-22-2016 8:53 AM

If its is the Thing then its bye bye Godzilla

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AdminSpaceGodzillaSep-22-2016 8:56 AM

Exactly what I was thinking lol

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MemberBaragonSep-22-2016 10:25 AM

Well we can say...GODZILLA RUN FOR UR LIFE!!!!!!!!


"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."


MemberBaragonSep-22-2016 10:49 AM

This is a panel from James Stokoe's Godzilla in Hell #1.  In the issue, Godzilla encounters, and is confused by, a doppelganger of himself, which eventually distorts and mutates itself into the Thing-like being seen above.  There is no explanation for the creature in the story, it is simply a demonic entity inhabiting Hell that Godzilla has to fight in order to progress through the otherworldly realm.  Godzilla in Hell has a few of these original monsters, not based on existing kaiju, scattered throughout its five issues, as well as demonic versions of kaiju like Anguirus, King Ghidorah, and Varan, among others.

Hope that helps!  And I HIGHLY recommend the trade paperback of Godzilla in Hell!  Its (sorry for this...) one HELL of a read!

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MemberBaragonSep-22-2016 10:52 AM

Lol Mr Danzilla what a good pun!I have read it and it is.....very weird but interesting i highly recomend to read it!

"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."

David Gelmini

MemberTitanosaurusSep-23-2016 6:05 AM

Did you know that Mothra vs Godzilla was originally marketed in the US under the title Godzilla vs. The Thing? See the poster below:


MemberBaragonSep-23-2016 6:42 AM

yeah i saw that poster!

"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaSep-23-2016 9:24 AM

If you think those pages are weird, you should see how Godzilla beats him...

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AdminSpaceGodzillaSep-23-2016 4:05 PM

Thanks for the info Danzilla! 

Now I'm curious, how does he do it GMan? Haha

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MemberGiganSep-24-2016 8:30 AM





 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop




MemberBaragonSep-24-2016 8:40 AM

Ummm a very weird battle


"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."

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