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GODZILLA: The Best and Worst Adversary (Heisei Series)

GODZILLA: The Best and Worst Adversary (Heisei Series)

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Mothra LarvaeMember77 XPFeb-23-2017 6:41 AM

Beginning with the Heisei Series, Godzilla's adversaries became more formidable.  Many of the most popular monsters of the Showa Series where revived and revamped with new powers and a new look.  New monsters with incredible powers were introduced.

King Ghidorah, I still believe, was the best adversary to face Godzilla in the Heisei Series.  "Godzilla vs King Ghidorah", in my opinion, was the best film of the entire series.  My favorite scene is when Mecha-King Ghidorah levels the city on top of Godzilla.  Great special effects and great camera work makes this one of the best scenes in any of the films.

That being said, I believe that the new improved MechaGodzilla was a very, very, very close second.  A sleek new look coupled with lethal new weapons made MechaGodzilla a worthy opponent.  The final battle scene in "Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla" is one for the ages.

SpaceGodzilla, I liked the origin but hated everything else.  I thought the look was rather uninspired and the film "Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla" was the worst film of the entire series.

What does everyone else think?



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3 Responses to GODZILLA: The Best and Worst Adversary (Heisei Series)

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4938 XPFeb-23-2017 4:12 PMTeam Ghidorah

As much as I love King Ghidorah, I don't think his Heisei appearance is very prominent. It's not bad, but after it took 6-to-11 monsters to defeat the Showa King Ghidorah, Godzilla doing it all on his own was a little underwhelming by comparison. I was also disappointed that the Heisei King Ghidorah's movements were not improved upon even though the 1991 film had a budget many times that of Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster, Monster Zero and Destroy All Monsters. Using a stiff prop for a few of the flying shots is inexcusable.

Strength-wise, I suppose I'd give it to Destoroyah who was able to handle Godzilla at his most powerful. But I'm not really fond of the suit and its inability to move.

Personally, Biollante should be awarded for being the first real foe of the Heisei series and for the amazing puppetry that brought it to life. I've always felt it was the most well executed monsters with one of the more inspired backstories.

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BaragonMember425 XPFeb-24-2017 6:18 AM

Destoroyah is probably the strongest, but you can't really count Biollante out since well she's immortal and consistantly comes back stronger.


Worst, uhhhhh like design or powerwise? Mothra or Battra probably due to the extreme power the other monsters bring and it's made pretty clear Godzilla could deal with both Mothra and Battra if they were alone, and they had some of the worst, most immobile props is the series.


BaragonMember358 XPMar-31-2017 2:26 AM

I'm with what appears to be the forming consensus, which would be that, power-wise, it is hands down Destoroyah. It's just so ridiculously strong, that Meltdown Godzilla (in other words, G at max power) ALMOST lost. Destroroyah gave Godzilla a real fight. As far as just basic design goes, I'd say it's close between Destoroyah and Biollante, but the execution was better on Biollante. Destoroyah was a little stiff and the movement was unconvincing. Biollante on the other hand is really articulate and the puppeteering was definitely next level. Also, Biollante is just freaking cool.

Worst would be Mothra and Battra, or Spacegodzilla, for reasons already mentioned by other posters. Mothra and Battra, power wise, were pretty much worthless as individual threats to Godzilla, and were only able to prevail through cooperation. I also agree that the props were very immobile and stiff, as well as the fact that I definitely noticed more wires for flying than I normally have in previous films. As far as Spacegodzilla goes, he was powerful enough, but the design was lazy (and the name) and he was just kinda boring. 

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