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The Legendary Beast Wolfman vs. Godzilla: How does the fandom feel?

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The Legend of Brian

MemberBaragonDec-13-2017 2:09 PM

I remember sometime after Godzilla 2014 had been released, I was browsing the internet, looking for any news about the sequel. I hadn’t joined this forum yet, so I had no set location to find information. I just browsed and read through anything I could find. I just happened upon the Sci-Fi Japan article that everyone is familiar with describing the strange and odd journey that is The Legendary Beast Wolfman vs. Godzilla.

I was literally blown away. I could not believe that this film existed whatsoever. The idea fascinated me, a giant Wolfman fighting Godzilla? It was exactly as crazy as any plot of a Godzilla before. It wasn’t just the plot that fascinated me, I loved the idea of a group of filmmakers just deciding to hell with it, they were going to make a Godzilla movie themselves.

My main questions to you guys are:

  1. How shocked were you when you discovered that this movie existed?
  2. Do you think it will ever be released? (The director, Shizuo Nakajima, has stated that he is in talks with Toho for a release, but the negotiations are indeed slow. He is currently working on completing the editing.)
  3. Have you been on Shizuo Nakajima’s Facebook? He post regular updates and behind the scenes photos for the movie.
  4. Would you purchase it? More specifically, would you include it in the canon as an official Godzilla movie if it was given an official DVD release with Toho’s blessing?
8 Replies


MemberTitanosaurusDec-13-2017 2:28 PM

1. I don't remember when I found out about this, but I believe that I was shocked.

2. Hopefully it get's released.

3. I have not been to his Facebook

4. I would totally purchase it, but I do not know if I would include it in the Godzilla canon.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.


MemberTitanosaurusDec-13-2017 2:56 PM

1. I recall a similar experience to yours and found it absolutely fascinating and intrigued that these filmmakers just wanted to make a Godzilla film and they pulled it off!

2. I want it to be released soo bad! I think a giant Wolfman would be so much fun to see fighting King-goji! it would be like watching a forgotten showa film! Love it! I hope Toho just comes to their senses and realize this is going to make some money for them and they didn't have to put any money in creating it. so no matter what they will make their money back just by distributing it through DVD and Bluray release.

3. I added Nakajima to my facebook but honestly I hate Facebook so much I rarely go on to check anything out. Even if he posts anything I would rather read the news on this site than to ever check that post on Facebook

4. I would purchase this movie and forever cherish it and have a huge party at my house and feature it on my projection screen to share with all my friends. However I would never consider it canon with any part of any series of Godzilla films. Toho didn't have any part of it or Godzilla's original creators, plus it is clearly a fan film made by a dedicated fan. The film is literally a scene by scene recreation of some of the action scenes from King Kong Vs Godzilla(at least what I saw on youtube). Still very impressed with the FX though. To realize this film was shot in a garage is incredible! Plus I am a huge Horror fan, so hearing about a giant Werewolf fighting the King of Monsters is every Horror fans wet dream!


The Legend of Brian

MemberBaragonDec-13-2017 5:40 PM

Hmm I'm interested in your guys responses. I guess to reiterate my final question, would you guys, if say for example you were doing a marathon of the series, watch this as part of the marathon, or leave it as a fun footnote? I personally think this is as close to a Toho movie that a fan film can get and I'd include it. It's more classic tokusatsu to watch!


MemberTitanosaurusDec-13-2017 5:53 PM

Well I guess I would watch it in a marathon.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.


MemberTitanosaurusDec-13-2017 7:40 PM

I would watch it, but has anyone noticed that the wolfman looks almost like King Caesar?

The Legend of Brian

MemberBaragonDec-13-2017 9:07 PM

The Wolfman looks like King Caesar with more fur, a smaller face and ears.


MemberTitanosaurusDec-14-2017 7:01 AM

Most definitely in a marathon. I would put it with alongside any Showa movie!



MemberMothra LarvaeJan-10-2018 6:12 PM

Saw some footage from this at GFest XX 5 years ago. It looks really cool, crazy concept of course but still.

Mark Jaramillo was the guy that presented it. He made a documentary on independent kaiju films.

Kaiju Gaiden trailer

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