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MUTO vs. Skullcrawler - Who wins?

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AdminSpaceGodzillaFeb-11-2018 12:35 PM

Two Monsters who both exist in the Legendary Monsterverse, the MUTO from Godzilla (2014) and the Skullcrawler from Kong: Skull Island. My question to you guys today is - if these two were to ever come face to face, one on one, which Superspecies do you think woule come out on top?

For this debate we'll compare the Female MUTO with the Giant Skullcrawler. Cast your votes and let me know why you think one would win over the other.

Personally, I put my money on the MUTO because of the size difference and the added limbs. I feel like the Skullcrawler would get crushed. The only asset the Skullcrawler has that the MUTO does not have is speed.

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11 Replies


MemberTitanosaurusFeb-11-2018 6:06 PM

Yeah, the female Hokmuto (my personal name for the unidentified M.U.T.O.s in the 2014 film until we have an official species name) is simply too large and strong to be bothered by Ramarak.

If the sizes were more equalized, I could see Ramarak actually accomplishing something.

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MemberBaragonFeb-11-2018 8:21 PM

^ Agreed, if Ramarak was the same size as the Female Muto, I could see the Big One winning.


MemberTitanosaurusFeb-12-2018 7:56 AM

The Female MUTO, hands down. The size of this beast would crush a Skull Crawler. She gave Godzilla a run for his money, so there is no way a full grown skull crawler can ever take down a female MUTO.

At least she could take it on one on one. If there where say 5 full grown skull crawlers on one Female MUTO. Maybe I would think twice.

Now against a male MUTO? My hat still goes to the Male MUTO. He can fly and was able to pick up Godzilla off the ground for a short period of time. So the strength on a male MUTO is quite extraordinary. So picking up a 200ft thin full grown skull crawler then dropping it to the ground from a high altitude would crush a skull crawler. Not to mention the speed of a Male MUTO even hitting in a skull crawler would be devastating to the latter.

I am assuming the Skull Crawlers are only full grown in KSI, because we are told that the big one killed Kongs parents at least 30 years prior to the events that happened in the 70's. So it is safe to say that the adult crawler gets to be that size at full grown.




MemberTitanosaurusFeb-12-2018 9:32 AM

There used to be quite a few large Skullcrawlers like Ramarak, as seen in the Skull Island: Birth of Kong comics, although most of them weren't quite as large as the Big One from the main film.

Of course, it does lend itself to the question of whether or not these are the true size limits of the creatures. Kong's slated to take on Godzilla in a few years IRL and in-universe, so he'll need to get MUCH bigger. His parents don't seem much bigger than he is in the film and the comics, so one has to wonder if the Skullcrawlers and Kong ever actually hit their size limits.


MemberTitanosaurusFeb-12-2018 11:36 AM

Iv never read the comic(even though I want to, just haven't come across it yet), but in the movie Hank Marlow keeps referring to "the big one" as if to say "the big one that killed Kongs parents and the reason for that wall that protects the natives", we are all left to assume that the big skull crawler has been that size for quite some time. 30 years haven't seem to make it any bigger.

That's what leads me to believe that the full grown skull crawler has already reached its full size.



AdminSpaceGodzillaFeb-12-2018 1:04 PM

If Kong will keep growing until his match-up with Godzilla, surely the creatures on Skull Island, Skullcrawlers included would also continue to grow?

If we are to assume the Big One is as large as they get then yeah, MUTO wins hands down, but if a Skullcrawler managed to survive and continuously grow for decades more, it's possible it could reach MUTO size and then the match-up would certainly be more even.

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MemberTitanosaurusFeb-13-2018 5:48 AM

The other creatures on the island come in many shapes and sizes. The creatures(all except kong and the SC) all seem to share a common characteristic, they all seem to be part fauna and flora. The birds, insects and arachnids, and mammals all seem to be half animal half plant. Some are big as the environment they inhabit, others are pretty small.

My point is if Kong grew that size in about 30 years wouldn't the skull crawlers? if the big one was able to take down 2 mature Kongs in the 40's wouldn't it be bigger in the 70's? That's 3 decades that it had time to grow. Unlike the other creatures that inhabit the island. They all grow to the size of there surroundings.

Unless GvK reveals a bigger skull crawler for a 300ft Kong to fight shows up in the movie, I wont be all that convinced that the skull crawler would grow any bigger. Since Kong seemed to extinguish that species in the 70's and now 40 years have passed I doubt another one will show up to be any bigger than one that took over 30 years to stay around 200ft long to all of a sudden be big enough to be big enough to take on a 300ft Kong in 40 years. But its a monster movie, Im sure they will give us something to ignore with a plot point like that.

But you could be onto something. Maybe since the island is a small island maybe on a huge continent a skull crawler could reach a bigger size. Like your typical tarantula, they grow bigger once introduced to a bigger environment. Maybe the same with a skull crawler.



MemberTitanosaurusFeb-13-2018 10:05 AM

There is one factor everyone seems to be forgetting about the MUTOs: how well they were able to both tag-team on Godzilla 2-to-1, and how, up to a certain point [insert "Kiss of Death" scene here], how durable they were to missiles, bullets, and Godzilla's atomic breath. Meanwhile, the giant Skullcrawler gets hit by a tree, cut by the a part of a shipwreck, gets hurt by a flare in the eye, and gets it butt kicked and organs pulled out by a 100 foot tall Kong. Now by this logic, the MUTOs win. Who agrees with me?


MemberTitanosaurusFeb-13-2018 10:46 AM

^you bring up a good point about durability here. I mean who wouldn't be hurt by a 100 foot kong, but another good point about the vast difference between the 2 monster species.

The Skull Crawlers seem to have thin scale skin, while the MUTO's have a kind of exoskeleton. Even Godzilla's atomic breath couldn't penetrate their "skin". Hence the "Kiss of Death" worked because Godzilla knew the one place he can kill them.

The Skull Crawlers where killed by human hands as well as Kong's.



MemberTitanosaurusFeb-14-2018 9:57 AM

Thus proving my point.


MemberMothra LarvaeMar-15-2018 7:14 AM

The female M.U.T.O would destroy the skull crawler,hands down. It would be a 2 minute fight. Kong is 100 feet,My guess is that the skull crawler is 100-180 feet,since they said that the big one is bigger then Kong. M.U.T.O would easily crush the Skull crawler. The best the skullcrawler could get in is acouple bites.


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