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MemberGiganAug-29-2018 1:50 PM

Okay I've been planning on doing my own little Godzilla continuity for a fan fiction I've been thinking up for a long time.

The Premise: What if all Godzillas (including Zilla) were related and are part of the same evolutionary tree. For this to work, I have reworked Godzilla's origin in my own homebrew continuity I call the Gojiverse.

Origin: I have decided to borrow the Heisei Godzilla's origin from evolving from a Godzillasaurus into my revamp origin. But rather than just being a mutated Godzillasaurus, which is based off of a cretaceous tetanuran theropod. I would have it based on the Triassic Coelophysoidea Gojirasaurus.
Also rather than it be a living fossil, Gojirasaurus would have already been extinct after giving rise to the Godzillasaurids. I would re-use Godzillasaurus as the genus for the classic Godzillas, we all know and love.

I would would propose that all of the Godzillas and Zilla would be part of the clade: Family, Godzillasauridae. Within it would be four distinct genre of Godzilla:

Parazillasaurus (Zilla "Beside God Incarnate Reptile"),

Shingodzillasaurus (Shin Godzilla "New God Incarnate Reptile")

Vindexgodzillasaurus (Monsterverse Godzilla "Protector God Incarnate Reptile")

Godzillasaurus (Classic Godzilla, "God Incarnate Reptile")

Zilla (Parazillasaurus agilis) would be the most basal member of the godzillasaurus family. Zilla has retain a theropod body well into the present day, lacks the atomic fire breath of its relatives since rather than feeding on radioactive matter or radioactive animals it still primarily consumes the flesh of non-radioactive animals. Being faster and more agile, Zilla wouldn't need to have the signature atomic breath of its relatives to catch food.

Shin Godzilla (Shingodzillasaurus anno) would be closer to the more traditional godzillas in terms of body plan however its more derived than most godzillasaurids, excluding the basal Zilla. The fact that its atomic breath is more of a precision laser than typical godzillas, the spinal spikes and tail also able to fire the same atomic laser beams, its odd life cycle; makes this godzilla highly derived , which warrants its own genus.

Humanoid Godzilla (Shingodzillasaurus homo?) a direct decedent of Shin Godzilla, not much is known from these godzillas except that they were growing from Shin Godzilla's tail. Are they a new species or are they the child form of Shin Godzilla?

Monsterverse Godzilla (Vindexgodzillasaurus fabula) The reason why I have monsterverse godzilla separate from the classic godzilla due to some major anatomical differences like sauropod-like feet and a more heavy skull structure.

Gojira54/56 (Godzillasaurus primis primis) The first Godzilla seen by modern eyes, awakened by the atomic bombs testings in the bikini atolls. It began its rampage on Japan in autumn of 1954 and another in 1956 fighting Angurius, although at the time it was mistakenly classified as Gigantis.

Showa Godzilla (Godzillasaurus primis secundus) The second godzilla recorded in modern history. It was first discovered fighting Mothra.

Heisei Godzilla (Godzillasaurus gigas) First discovered in 1984, this Godzilla was noticeably more aggressive and larger than its relatives.

Millennium Godzilla (Godzillasaurus nanos) First discovered in 1999, this Godzilla appeared to have a more reptilian visage and was adorn by jagged spike-like plates instead of the maple-leaf plates of its close relatives.

GMK Godzilla (Godzillasaurus malum) First discovered in 2001, this godzilla exhibited some usually high aggressive behavior.

Final Wars Godzilla (Godzillasaurus athletae) First discovered in 2004, displayed agility unmatched by its relatives save for Zilla.


I will be adding more Kaiju to my list but for right now I'll be focusing on writing up Godzilla's evolutionary history

Update: Gojiverse Phase II

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MemberGiganOct-19-2018 9:21 AM

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MemberGiganOct-23-2018 8:27 PM

The female parasitoid having freshly laid her clutch of eggs begins to slowly strut away from the legendary godzilla carcass. She turned her gaze towards her dying mate. She approached the crippled male, nudging him to stand. The male struggled to support himself on his remaining limbs, he squawk-growled at his mate before his legs gave out. The female nudged at him again before the pair heard an all too familiar roar calling out in the distance; it was another Vindexgodzillasaurus. The female was forced to abandoned her mate as she desperately buries the godzilla carcass to hide her progeny. The male squawked his last breathe before being blasted apart by a young subadult Vindexgodzillasaurus, his spines slowly cool down from unleashing his atomic breath; LegendaryGoji was his name or Legend for short. The female parasitoid rears up on her hind legs before stomping her large claws into the ground, she squawks and flare her smaller limbs to make herself look bigger. Legend roars defiantly as he approaches her, the female charges towards the subadult godzilla. Legend was picked up by the nape of the titanic parasitoid and was being tossed around violently, her beaked jaws were slicing into the godzilla's tough skin. Legend began to charge up his atomic spines, he fired at the kaiju's hind leg. The female parasitoid squawked as she releases the young godzilla from her jaws. Legend now free, pulled back his head then unleashed the rest of his neon blue atomic napalm on to the female. In defiance, the kaiju parasitoid made one last strike against the legendary godzilla. She struck Legend so hard that he was sent flying back into the coastal waters, the pressure however snapped the parasitoid's front limb in half.

Legend came too, whizzing as the impact of her strike has cracked some of his ribs. He open his eyes to the sight of very tiny furry creatures, the Homo habilis. These early humans stared at the mighty Godzilla with both awe and fear. Legend stared them curiously before finding the strength to stand on his feet. The day was almost over as the sun was beginning to set. Legend turned his attention back to the female parasitoid and noticed she was prone. Legend approached her carefully, the great beast had succumbed to her injuries. Legend slowly bent down to sniff the godzilla carcass, it was his mother. Unbeknownst to him, the parasitoid's progeny were buried deep inside Legend's mother's spine. Legend roared one last goodbye to his fallen mother before returning to the oceans.


Thousands of years later...

Late Pleistocene, Ice Age

Homo habilis have sense went extinct and replaced by his decedents Homo erectus among several other archaic human species before they too faded out of memory and were replaced by Homo neanderthalensis (Neanderthals), and Homo sapiens (Modern Humans). There on the frozen plains of Siberia, a hunting party of homo sapiens stalks the Woolly Mammoth and the Woolly Rhinoceros. Tark was monitoring the large animals, waiting for an opening to strike at these magnificent beasts. He raised his spear but before he could toss it into the massive creature's wholly hide. A loud thunder crackled in the heavens, the Mammoths and the Rhinos were spooked. Tark ignored the thunder, he signaled his hunters to press the ambush. Again the thunder crackled and again Tark payed no heed to it, what he failed to realize there was no lightning coming from the thunder.



MemberTitanosaurusOct-23-2018 8:51 PM

Nice chapter, and nice cliffhanger. Can't wait for the next one. Sucks that these are taking longer to make than before. Hope it works out man.


MemberGiganOct-23-2018 10:26 PM

Its okay



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 The clouds blackens as the thunder grew louder, a titanic shadow was cast over Tark and his clan. The game stampede away as the shadowy cloud spread His wings. Tark stared up at the stormy sky as the shadowy winged figure, He has three long serpentine necks each ending with a draconic head. "Ghi-dorah! Ghi-dorah!" Tark shouted aloud as he points to the kaiju dragon. King Ghidorah licks his triad of toothed jaws as he stares out at the frozen steppes, with a flap of his wings; a blizzard form. King Ghidorah smites the stampeding herd and feed on their smoked carcasses.

Tark and his clan were certain this was their doom but then came a thunderous roar, it was Legendary Godzilla. The titanic beast charged across the frozen steppes. Great King Ghidorah left head flickered his tongue curiously, the right head snarled, and the central head grinned maliciously. Arrogantly, Great King Ghirodah charged forth, believing he could kill this annoying reptile kaiju but Legend Goji managed to grab Ghirodah's right and left heads from biting him. Ghidorah's central head's eyes eyes widen in shock at his opponents strength but Ghidorah wasn't going to go down without a fight. He summoned up his radioactive energy through his three necks before releasing his gravity beam at Legend goji's neck. Godzilla released Ghirdoah's right head which then retaliated back at Godzilla, however Godzilla wasn't going to release Ghirdorah's left head without a fight. Godzilla mustered up his radioactive energy, his lower spikes began to glow a bright blue before the next row of spikes started to "turn on". Godzilla inhaled deep before opening his jaws to release his atomic breath at the alien dragon. Ghidorah roared and hissed as his body was being scorched by the atomic blue fire, he flapped his wings to gain lift off as well as sacrificing their left head before taking to the skies.



MemberTitanosaurusMar-15-2019 2:40 PM

Hey, Xenotaris. It's been 4 months and 14 days since the last post on this forum, and it still isn't completed. (Yet I still find it cool, and I'm still interested in what happens next.) What happened, man? What's going on?

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MemberBaragonMar-15-2019 2:44 PM

Also, Xenotaris, this is my second account, so please don't feel surprised/disappointed that this account isn't someone new. That is all. Hope you come back and finish this, man. Also, I have a new forum signature. It's my advice for you, and how I feel about this forum. Thanks, man. And you're welcome.

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MemberBaragonMay-18-2019 10:17 AM

Still love this forum. Don't worry. I'll be coming back to this forum more often. I just hope that you finish this, Xenotaris. See you later.

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MemberMothra LarvaeJun-03-2019 9:51 PM

Interesting... I’d like to see more of this.


MemberMothra LarvaeJun-03-2019 9:51 PM

MDK isn’t the only one interested in this.


MemberGiganJun-17-2019 9:20 AM

Sorry for the delay, I'll be back on this story towards the end of June, hopefully. Had writer's block for a long while.



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After gain some distance, Tark and his clan stared in awe at the two titans fighting. Once King Ghidorah retreated beyond the skies, Tark's clan bowed to their destructive savior. Legend Goji turned his gaze towards the tiny humans, he snorted before leaving the frozen steppes behind and returning to the cold ocean waters. Tark stared at the massive kaiju departing, then a loud shrieking sound came from the sky, it was Mothra. The moth kaiju landed on top of the severed ghidorah head, she immediately wrapped in a cocoon before using her wings to signal a male variant of her kind. The male Mothra prepares to casts a prism beam into the cocoon to set the remains ablaze. The ground shook then bulged, a giant beak breaks out of the frozen soil. It emits a terrorizing screech, its giant monoeye glowing a bright read. the kaiju thrusts both of its single arm claws out of the ground to snag the cocooned ghidorah head. Mothra and her companion dive down to battle the subterranean kaiju but the bizarre creature merely sinks back into the earth with his bounty. Tark and his clan retreated back to their mountain home. Tark enter the spirit cave, he smoked an herb through a bone pipe before receiving a vision from the spirits. He paints a mural on the wall of a future battle between the titans. Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, the great King Ghidorah, Kong, and several other kaijus fighting in a cataclysmic battle. Among the destruction in the vision, Tark saw the chard remains of humans, animals, and kaiju alike. Before the vision ended Tark saw Great King Ghidorah cackling menacingly above a the bodies of Godzilla, Mothra, and Kong. Tark awoke from his nightmare.


Very Early Holocene, Ice Age's end

Tark's clan gives rise to the one of the first civilizations, Atlantis. While most humans were still living in primitive hide huts, the Atleanteans have constructed vast cities on their island nation. They worshiped Godzilla and Mothra as their chieftain Gods of the pantheon, alongside Gamera, Rodan, Battra, Behemoth, Kong, Methuselah, Scylla, Anguirus, Megalon, Tiamat, Typhon, Titanosaurus, and many others. They were forbidden to worship the great destroyer who must not be named: Ghidorah, Shin Godzilla, Hedorah, Mama Skull Crawler, Destoroyah, Muto Prime, Shinomura, and Gigan.

Legend Goji arose from the Atlantean harbor to great his subjects. He slowly makes his way up the island until he reaches the center of Atlantis where the temple dedicated to him lies carved out of a volcano filled with radioactive material. While most Atlanteans stare in awe at their chieftain god, while praising his name. Some atlanteans cursed it, there was a growing movement within the Atlantean people who rather worship Megalon and Titanosaurus as their chieftain god than Godzilla and Mothra. So at the next council gathering, the many senators debated on the issue of rank among the gods to worship; A large majority of atlanteans voted on Godzilla and Mothra. This didn't stop the Cult of Megalon, rather be humiliated for next decade's vote for the change; they decided to force the change themselves. The Cult of Megalon secretly commandeered the summoning altar which was a large device that had the ability to call any kaiju recorded in its databanks. Mallaku, their leader tapped on the control board and turned the dials until the calls of Megalon can be heard from the large speaker units. "Oh Great Megalon, here our prayers. We call upon you to our sacred city!" Mallaku waited for a response, silence. The cultists collectively became depressed, Mallaku attempted again and again but no response until Megalon answered back. "Megalon has answered us!" shouted Mallakus.



MemberGiganJun-25-2019 10:23 PM

Megalon arose from the harbor, his pinchers snapping in anticipation. The ocean stag beetle kaiju roar-chirps as he sprints across Atlantis. Legend Goji emerges from his volcanic temple, he roars back at Megalon before charge out in a full on sprint. Megalon thrusts his pinchers at Legend Goji's leg, with one claw Legend Goji lifts up the diminutive kaiju, he bites off Megalon's pinchers before tossing him back into the ocean. Mallaku and his followers stare in shock and utter disbelief that Godzilla crippled their god Megalon. Godzilla turned his gaze towards Mallaku and his followers as they prepare to leave Atlantis, Legend Goji snorts at the fleeing self-exiles before returning to the great temple volcano. Megalon resurfaces only to join the small atlantean flotilla in exile. "Mallakus, what do we do now?" said one of his followers.

"We build a new city, I'll name it.... Seatopia" Mallakus replied, "One day, our descendants will make the so-called God-King pay" he exhales exhaustively.



MemberGiganJul-06-2019 12:02 AM

Chapter 5: The Fall of Atlantis

A new dawn sets up on the island nation of Atlantis and several centuries since the dissident Cult of Megalon fled to found the underwater Kingdom of Seatopia. Seatopia quickly developed technologies that were once banned by the Atlantean council. Megalon's severed claws were replaced grafted with mechanical drills and was given cybernetic implants to further the seatopian's control over the beetle-like Titan. The Seatopians were preparing to launch an assault on the Kingdom of Atlantis, however seeds of Atlantis's destruction have already begun to bare fruit...

King Ghidorah's arrival to at Atlantis was an interesting time, Atlantis began colonizing the mainland and so their forces were spread thin. Legend, their resident Godzilla retreated to the hollow earth to refuel his nuclear energy reserves while smaller godzillas continue to shape the culture of start up human tribes that imprint the image of destructive sea dragons. King Ghidorah looked upon the great whole of Atlantis before cackling sinisterly, he flared open his impressive wing span before emitting lightning from them, imprinting his status as a god in godzilla's absence. The people of atlantis looked upon the golden false king and refused to acknowledge him as their new cheftian god. Ghidorah flashed his fangs in the most menacing slasher grin imaginable, he turned his gaze away from the dissident atlanteans and aimed his trio of heads towards a major population center before unleashing his gravity beams down upon the atlantean people. Schools, Hospitals, and Urban Residential areas were stripped of life, all that remains of them was dust. 

King Ghidorah sat upon the temple that belong to the Godzillas. He roared challengingly to any who dare to oppose him and so came the Godzillas and one Zilla. Kiryu, Gigantis, Showa, Heisei, Eva, Jagger, Uyrik, Jaeger, Shin, and Legend. Kiryu arose out of the water first, GYAOOOON!! he roared as he charged with full zeal at the towering golden space dragon. Ghidorah with only his right head snapped at Kiryu nap before tossing the diminutive godzilla back into the ocean. Eva the largest of the Zillas bolted out of the water with her pack, Ghidorah flapped his wings sending the basal godzillasaurids flying across atlantis. Showa took advantage of the Zillas to get up close to King Ghidorah, all the while Heisei, Jagger, Uyrik, and Jaeger stood in the harbor to fire a volley of radioactive fire at the space dragon. Ghidorah cackled as the atomic fire burned at his golden scales, Ghidorah's left head taunts Showa by flickering his tongue out and quickly Showa was sent flying a mile backwards. Shin arose out of the water but stood there, Shin didn't care much for humanity nor cared much for life. So he stood there and watched as the other godzillas attempted to fight off Ghidorah, then Shin Godzilla arose out of the water. He opened his jaws to unleash his firey atomic breath before splitting his jaw and focusing his atomic breath into a laser beam. He then directed the laser towards the other godzillas in the harbor, his beam cut through their flesh and burned their hides, Heisei mustered up the strength to fire back at the traitor Shin Godzilla but Shin Godzilla wasn't even phased. A pack of Zilla attempt to pile on to Shin Godzilla but Shin uses the beams from his spines to slice and dice the attacking Zillas. An angry Eva charged at Shin's behind before Shin's tail fired a beam into the mother Zilla, she was given a mortal wound through the chest before collapsing into the rubble. Then Legend arose out of the water, he fires his atomic breath into the sky. The atlanteans, the injured godzillas and zillas, the traitor Shin Godzilla, and King Ghidorah turned to stare at Legend. 

Legend stared down at King Ghidorah and behind the King of the Monsters. The dark sky was then illuminated by the Queen of the Monsters, Mothra. Following in the wake of Legendary Godzilla was Gamera, Anguirus, King Kong, Gorosaurus, Baragon, Varan, Mandra, King Caesar, and following Mothra's wing was Rodan and Battra. King Ghidorah arose his three heads to call upon his allies. Pods from the sky rained down like meteors and out of the pods was Desighidorah and a flock of miniaturized single headed ghidorah-like dragons called Dorats. Desighidorah and the flock of Dorats join Shin Godzilla and King Ghidorah as they prepare for battle. Mothra, Battra, and Rodan swarmed to intercept the the flock of Dorats while Legend raced up the atlantean coast with his allies. Legend looked up upon the carnage that Ghirdorah has evoked. Mothra flew across the wasteland releasing her healing dust to heal the injured godzillasaurids. Kiryu, Gigantis, Showa, Heisei, Eva, Jagger, Uyrik, and Jaeger all rose to their feat fully rejuvenated.  The Atlanteans also joined the fight by releasing giant robots they called Jets to aid their gods in fighting off King Ghidorah and his kin; the mightiest of them was Jet Jaguar.




MemberGiganJul-09-2019 11:02 PM

Mothra sliced through the dorats with her scythe-like claws. She bellows a high pitched cry which disorientates the rest of the Dorats. Then Battra flew in to incinerated the daze Dorats into ash. Rodan ignites himself as he barrelrows into the dorat remaining swarm, their bodies were again reduced to charred ash. King Ghidorah's collective heads snarled angrily as his children were being slaughtered, his main head barked at Desghidorah to carry out his orders. Desghidorah quickly sprouted out wings before taking to the sky to confront the bothersome Moths and Pterosaur kaiju. Meanwhile Legend races across the ruins of Atlantis, his massive feet sending shockwaves into the the fragile crusts. King Ghidorah swooped down to intercept the charging godzilla, Legend reached out and grabbed left and right heads of King Ghidorah. The two massive kaiju wrestled each other into buildings, roads, and mountains; sending even more shockwaves into the fragile crust of Atlantis.

Shin Godzilla roars like a deranged monster before firing purple lasers show into the sky. the lasers destroy more towers and mountains. Battra's left wing is reduced to tathers as he crashes into the atlantean soil. Mothra swoops down and digs her scythe talons deep into Shin Godzilla's neck. Anguirus back jumps into Shin Godzilla's left leg, the spikes from his back causes Shin to bleed. Gamera launches himself out of the water, his shell spinning at deadly speeds to deliver some hefty damage to Shin Godzilla. King Kong grabs an atlantean statue's spear and drove into Shin's heart. Shin lowers his neck perpendicular to the ground before raising his tail up, his tail started to open up as smaller, more humanoid godzillas started to crawl out of it. The tiny humanoid godzillas began to shriek as the breath their first breath of air but then came a blue atomic fire. the small humanoid shin godzillas fall to the ground burnt and lifeless, Heisei bellows a victorious roar. Shin Godzilla raises his head up once more to roar before being hit by another one of Heisei's atomic breath. Before either Mothra, Kong, or Heisei Godzilla could finish off Shin, the ground collapsed and jets of dust and heat radiate the surface. Mothra pulled out her talons of Shin's neck before retreating back into the sky to help Legend, King Kong pulled the spear out of Shin's back before impaling the creature's head to the ground.

The mountains began erupting into a series of volcanoes, giant waves came sweeping up most of Atlantis's ground. King Kong quickly leaped out into the water to save as many Atlanteans from being sucked out into the Atlantic ocean. King Ghidorah and Legendary Godzilla stared intensely at each other, Ghidorah was preparing to strike before suddenly taking to the skies. Legend fired his atomic breath but missed, Mothra swooped in to slow down Ghidorah but Desghidorah vaporizes Mothra. Legend charges off into the ocean to finish King Ghidorah once and for all. The frighten atlanteans desperately cling on to King Kong's fur as the mighty ape titan was pulled out into the open ocean by a great wave. Kong helplessly watched the rest of atlantis burned and sink below the waves. Legend followed after King Ghidorah to finish their fight.

Legend reaches the shores of the ancient island continent of Antarctica. Great King Ghidorah like a vulture, circles around in the air before spotting an open entrance to the hollow world. Godzilla charged up his atomic reserves before blasting Great King Ghidorah in the sides. His right head snarled in anger, his neck begins to glow like a disco ball before exhaling a gravity beam at Legend. Legendary Godzilla counters it back with his atomic fire, the center head now turns to join in the fight, and not long after so too the goofy left head. Godzilla is violently shoved back by the gravity beams, leaving some seriously nasty lacerations. Great King Ghidorah flies down with his talons at flared, Legend barely had enough time to react before he felt the space dragon's talons pierce his flesh. Legend growls in pain as Ghidorah's trio of jaws bite into Godzilla. Legend had to think of something fast and quick otherwise he will not survive. Legend poured all of his radiation into his spines, the ice around his spikes began to melt, Godzilla roared as the energy build up in his spikes reach critical mass. The glacier that holds both Godzilla and Great King Ghidorah turns into a deep lake causing both titans to plummet into the bitter cold radioactive water. A roar bellowed from the hollow earth entrance, soon the lake Godzilla made was beginning to ice up. Legend uses the last of his atomic reserves to both strike a blow to Great King Ghidorah and to propel himself further away from his archnemesis. Godzilla barely made it out of the lake before it quickly seals up and solidifies, Legend makes one last glance at Great King Ghidorah's frozen prison before heading off to refuel his now depleted atomic reserves. 

King Kong awakened on an island surrounded by a perpetual thunderstorm. He lead his atlantean followers deep into the island's jungles there he meet more of his kind. Other atlanteans found themselves being carried away by their kaiju gods to safety. The legends of the great titans spread across the globe, however, gradually the reverence of the great titans were replaced by human-like gods. Gradually humans forsake nature and placed themselves above all life on this green earth. Humans began to see themselves as above natural order. The year is now 1954 AD, World War II was finished about a decade ago but thoughts of the war was still on many people's minds. The americans started testing their newer atomic bombs on the bikini atoll islands which awakened something not seen since the days of Atlantis....





MemberGiganJul-10-2019 8:47 AM

Chapter 6: MONARCH

MONARCH a secret organization that was founded after the second world war in 1946 was created to investigate the sinking of USS Lawton and eventually hunt down Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms. In 1954, Monarch discovered three Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms, later named Godzilla after the Japanese legend of Gojira. The first Godzilla was roughly measured to 50 meters tall and it devastated the Japanese country side, causing countless loss of life.

MONARCH sent several agents to investigate, one of them was Steve Martin and Eiji Serizawa, brother of Daisuke Serizawa. Godzilla attacked a cruise boat before reaching land, the city of Shinagawa was destroyed by Godzilla. The JSDF and MONARCH build electrical tower fence to impede Godzilla the following morning but at night Godzilla rises from Tokyo Bay and tears the high tension wires down and uses his atomic fire breath to melt down the electrical towers.

The creature was then reported to have been destroyed by an experimental Japanese weapon dubbed the Oxygen Destroyer, however its inventor Dr. Daisuke Sherizawa not wanting the oxygen destroyer to fall in the wrong hands. Remaining beneath Tokyo Bay to ensure that the oxygen destroyer could ever be made, Dr. Daisuke Serizawa died along side Godzilla. The second Godzilla arrived at the Bikini Atoll islands a month later. It was reported that it was far larger than the Godzilla that ravaged Japan. However this creature wasn't alone, another MUTO later identified as Shinomura arrived to fight Godzilla. MONARCH had both titans taken out by the Castle Bravo bomb.

Meanwhile an international spy organization called S.H.I.E.L.D. was launched shortly after the second world war, founded by Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, and Steve Rogers to hunt down renegade Axis science division called the Cult of Hydra. Eventually MONARCH and SHIELD jurisdiction and goals converged, the two organizations soon partnered up in the 1960s due to increase MUTO activity and alleged Cult of Hydra activity. The year was 1964 when earth was attacked by an extraterrestrial lifeform, it came from the sky like a meteor before taking the form of a golden dragon. Fortunately the Earth's MUTOs we now designate as Titans such as Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra; drove the golden dragon off world.

However MONARCH and SHIELD has not seen the last of Alien treachery. The following year a new race of alien beings arrived to Earth, the Xilliens as they called themselves. They resembled humans to a degree, yet most of their bodies were covered in scales and spikes as well as possessing a tail. They plead to the world governments that they needed earth's assistance, the catch was they needed Godzilla and Rodan to rid their world, Planet X of last year's menace King Ghidorah. Foolishly the world governments agreed and the two titans were given to the xilliens, however the Xilliens tricked humanity and turned Earth's two titans against them via mind controlling devices.

MONARCH and SHIELD managed to reveal the Xilliens can blend in with the human population via skinsuits and body manipulation as deomstrated by Xillien spy Miss Namikawa. Meanwhile Howard Stark alongside Junpei Fuyutsuki invented a device to disrupts the mind-controlling waves, freeing all three kaiju from Xillien control. The Xillien ship was destroyed, King Ghidorah fled earth for the time being, Rodan and Godzilla were reported that they went their separate ways.

Then the 70's came, Xilliens started a proxy war with earth via sending in enslaved alien titans to do their dirty work and hiring alien mercenaries factions to build them mechanized godzilla-like robots. Meanwhile MONARCH send out an expedition to Skull Island to further study the hollow earth. After the discovery of Skull Island was not only crawling with titans but was a gateway to the Hollow Earth, MONARCH consumed SHIELD with its ranks to better carry out their operations in the wake of SHIELD's failure to save a girl during the last Mechagodzilla incident.

The 80's wasn't a very good year for MONARCH despite now having fully consumed SHIELD. The Japanese MONARCH division splintered off in the wake of a new Godzilla attack, G-FORCE was soon established. They sent their teams to collect G-Cells which then lead to the creation of the enigmatic titan Biollante, Godzillasaurus gigas survived its fall in the volcano and soon destroyed Biollante, however Biollante released spores into the upper atmosphere, only time will tell when they'll take root.

MONARCH and G-FORCE grew further and further apart and then came the 90's the two organizations became rivals. MONARCH called the creatures Titans while G-FORCE called them Kaiju. G-FORCE barred MONARCH from any Kaiju-Titan Intel, so the existence of Battra, Space Godzilla, G-FORCE's own Mechagodzilla, Desghidorah, and Destroyah was kept hidden from MONARCH. MONARCH in turn kept the existence of Zilla and secretly were attempting to rediscover Dr. Serizawa formula to making the oxygen destroyer, from G-FORCE. However G-FORCE discovered Zilla after she attacked Manhattan in 1998, a NRC scientists mistakenly identified the creature Godzilla and assumed the creature's gender was male despite being pregnant.

Further Godzilla attacks carried on into the new millennium. MONARCH was able to contain the attacking Titans while they evacuated civilians to designated titan protection bunkers. G-FORCE did the same thing but only in Japan and has reconstructed a Mechagodzilla MK II "Kiryu". Then came the "Final Wars" were the Xilliens make their return after decades of proxy wars. Which continued well beyond 2004 and its only getting worse since the xilliens keep releasing newer breeds of titans and newer mockeries to Earth's Titans.



MemberGiganJul-10-2019 4:45 PM

Chapter 7: Final isn't so Final

New York City, New York
2012 A.D.

An xillien ship hovers above one of the titan protection bunkers, a xillien approaches the big blast doors. With the touch of his staff the blast doors open and inside humans cower in fear at his very presence. "Kneel before your gods! Your pathetic guardians are no match against us! What is Godzilla to Ghidorah? Its nothing more than a giant radioactive lizard. You humans place your faith in an animal god that could easily consider you its next meal! Why suffer for hungry beasts when you could place your faith in us?"

"You will never understand. Godzilla is more than just an animal, he is the living embodiment of nature. Godzilla will restore balance" Dr. Robert Kurosaki stood up to the xillien overlord.

"You insolent monkey!" shouted the xillien overlord, with inhuman speed he stood before the elderly scientist. He raised the old man up by his neck "How dare you talk back to me! Know my name and quiver in fear for its Shinmusu the DESTROYER OF WORLDS!" he barked. He hurled the man into a crowd of people, "Round the humans up, bind their hands, SHE will be waiting for them" Shinmusu barked his orders to his xillien warriors.

"My Lord Godzilla is approaching" Kia, Shinmusu's right hand, stated.

"How predictable, send out Gigan and Hedorah" Shinmusu commanded.

"Yes, my lord. As you command" Kia then taps at his communication tablet, "By order of High Lord Shinmusu, release the Hedorah and Gigan. Remember, not to forget to arm Gigan with his new toys.. this time"

A pod falls from the sky before crashing into the ground. The pod bursts open, a thick cloud of steam hisses forth before a giant red monoeye gleams menacingly at anyone unfortunate to see it. Pedestrians flee in terror as Gigan climbs out of his pod. Gigan hoots gleefully as he finally is able to try out his disruptor cannon arms on something organic, the fleeing crowd were instantly reduced into orange fluid as they splash all over the streets. Gigan hoots in murderous glee as he continues to turn people into "tang". Hedorah steps in from the adjacent block, spewing his toxic miasma down on the fleeing humans below. They all collapse, choking to death before their bodies are digested by Hedorah's larvae.

Nick Fury, a tall bald African-american man with an eye-patch was dressed in all black attire and Maria Hill, a brunette Caucasian-american woman dressed in blue attire; watched in horror as the devastation across the globe just keeps getting worse. A swarm of various flying bug kaiju flies forth from the Hollow World, Titanosaurus emerges from the ocean near Ellis Island, Megalon stabs his mechanical drills into the brooklyn bridge, he pulls down with all of his might, the bridge that killed Zilla more than a decade ago comes crashing down into the water. A young women with mixed European and Asian ancestry observes the destruction from her apartment roof top, she puts both her hands above her mouth as the titanic monsters smash, bash, crash, and roar across the city. Meganula a giant kaiju dragonfly comes barreling at Skye intend to devour her. Meganula crashes a story below Skye, the concrete floor buckles then caves in as Skye is sent tumbling off the apartment. Skye felt herself become airborne, her eyes widen in terror as she was now plummeting fast to the ground.

A loud cry could be heard screeching from the debris, Mothra arose from the brown debris cloud and on her back was Skye. Two tiny fae-like beings sporting fairy wings emerge from Mothra's fur. "Don't be frighten" the tiny faeries spoke in unison, "We are the elias, Lora and Moll"

"Whoa your tiny?" Skye said still clutching her breathe, "Whats going on?" she frantically glances side to side but the motions forces her eyes shut.

"You are on Mothra's back, we are in the admits of a kaiju's battle" the faeries still calm in their demeanor. "Why not try relaxing? You'll be less scared that way"

"Ooooh I don't think I can relax on the back of a giant bug is going to make me any less scared than I am now!" Skye back talked.

"Mothra!" The Elias corrected Skye. "Mothra is more than just bug, she is the Queen of the Monsters, Goddess Defender of Earth but she is very kind, once you get to know her better" the Moll explained, "She also loves mankind, so be thankful she rescued you and not Battra" the Lora retorted.

"Why? What's wrong with Battra?" Skye asked curiously.

"Battra is also a Defender of Earth but unlike Mothra, he is not fond of humans, not one bit"

"Thanks... I guess" Skye relaxes somewhat.

"Oh Meganula is very angry we robbed him of his meal" said the Moll.

"Meganula are always angry" said the Lora.

Meganula furiously flutters his dragonfly wings. It flares open its mandibles as it inches ever so closer to Mothra. Battra swoops in and fires his Prism Beams into Meganula's abdomen and left wing set, the kaiju dragonfly falls from the sky like a shot down plane. Battra flies along side Mothra for a brief moment before racing off to attack another Meganula.

Meanwhile Agent Coulson, Agent May, Agent Ward, Agent Garret, Dr. Simmons, and several other MONARCH Agents march through the New York sewer system. Their group is armed and wearing flatjackets in case they get attacked. "Alright, the old Zilla nest used to be here somewhere" Coulson muttered under his breath as he takes his team deeper in the ruins of Madison Square Garden. "Looks like what ever used to live here is dead now or long gone" Agent Garret commented. He rests his back on a very large scalely "rock", the "rock debris" then open its eye and stares down at the MONARCH agents. "Whoa!" Ward shouts as he aims his gun at the massive eye. The "rock debris" then begins to move, its spiky back stabs the ceiling like serrated knives. dust falls from the ceiling, the entire cavern shakes as the beast starts digging up to the surface. "I think we found Zilla!" Coulson shouted.

"You think?!" May sarcastically retorts.

Zilla bursts out of the ground like a graboid, SkssssshhhhhhhGYAOOOOOOON! Gigan briefly glances at Zilla before ultimately ignoring him. Zilla leaps out of his burrow to chase Gigan. Gigan continues to pop pedestrians into orange fluid before Zilla bites into one of Gigan's arms. Gigan hisses angrily. The metallic teeth on his sternum and tummy starts to vibrate and move in a chainsaw fashion. Zilla wrestles Gigan to the floor, he uses his left foot to hold the alien robot chicken in its place as he tugs and pulls on Gigan's arm. Gigan's torso buzz-saw cuts in to the ground as he is shoved face first on the ground. Hedorah tucks in his arms, legs, and feat as he takes to the sky. It releases its toxic gas on to the fleeing people below, everyone falls to the ground dead or dying.

Zilla inhale some of the toxic fumes, the parazillasaurus releases Gigan as it began choking on Hedorah's miasma. Gigan took no time to rise of his feat, he squawked angrily as he leaps towards Zilla. Gigan cuts Zilla up with his buzzsaw tummy. Zilla howls in pain and doubles back only for Hedorah to shoot its eye laser in Zilla's side. Zilla collapses on the floor slowly suffocating as the two alien kaiju inch closer and close to him. "Alright fire on the sludge monster and the space turkey!" Commander Kane ordered to his tank battalion. A battalion of M1A1s fire sabot at the two alien kaiju, Gigan roared furiously only to be swarmed by a fleet of attack helicopters.

Hedorah uses its eye beams to slice and dice the attack helicopters, Gigan fires his disruptor cannons at the tanks. He cackles as the tanks exploded. "Alright we got their attention, now lead them away from the big lizard" Hedorah follows the helicopters, taking his toxic miasma with him. Gigan wasn't so easily fooled, he just stood and watched the tanks drive away. He turns back to the fallen Zilla, only to find the creature was no longer there. Zilla despite his wounds managed to climb on an adjacent skyscraper, Gigan sees Zilla was stalking behind him through the building's window reflection. But it was too late, Zilla leap from the skyscraper.

He dug his claws deep into the alien titan and wrapped his jaws around the turkey-thing's neck. This time without Hedorah's interference Zilla crunched down hard, Gigan screamed, Zilla crunched again and again. Gigan desperately fires his cannons wide until Zilla delivered a final crunch to the alien's neck. Gigan's weapons power down, Zilla pulls the alien titan's head right off its shoulders.

Zilla crawls off the dead space chicken-thing, Gigan's spines delivered a mortal wound to the victorious Zilla. Zilla succumb to his wounds, gasping for air as he lies dying... He groans as his body starts to shut down on him. Zilla struggles to keep his eyes open but despite his resistance his eyelids were getting rather heavy. The world darkened and soon everything was fading to black. Zilla heard a high pitched cry before slowly embracing death. The cry got louder and louder, Zilla then found new strength to open his eyes. There a giant Moth stood over him, she was showering him in her own radioactive energy. Zilla's wounds started to shut close as well as life started to return to him.

Hedorah continued to follow the helicopters until it reached the New York ports, it stared suspiciously at the water. There he was rising from the water, Godzilla or Godzillasaurus athelta; MONARCH designated him Jaeger. Jaeger fires his atomic breath directly into hedorah's face, yet hedorah stood its ground. Jaeger fired again and again but only managed to break it apart into smaller chunks. Then behind Godzilla came Megalon and his mechanical drill arms. Godzilla tail smacked Megalon back into the water before continuing blasting Hedorah apart. The xilliens watched the battles through their monitor screens, "That thing, survived! What did MONARCH call it?" Shinmusu asked.

A female xillien walked up from behind her overlord, "They call it Zilla, due to its relation to the other Godzilla species. Yet it lacks the divine power of its cousins hence the name"

"Thank you, Shikusumi. Continue your work gathering Intel, If you serve me faithfully... I may be able to help you and your human consort find your missing daughter"



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Chapter 8: Final isn't so Final part 2

Godzilla continued to blast away at Hedorah until nothing was left, he then turned his attention to Megalon. Megalon readies his drills before the xilliens starfighters soar above, Megalon was given the signal to retreat. Megalon however was given a different order from his seatopian masters, kill godzilla. Megalon charged forth, drills at the ready. Godzilla managed to dodge the first drill but was hit in the leg by the second. The xillien starfighters turn back to the conflict, they amplify the signal to its control device but even then it refused the xilliens orders. "My Lord, Megalon is refusing your orders! What should we do!"

Shinmusu sat on his starship's throne, examining his spear. "If the impudent beast refuses to follow my orders. Then there is only one course of action to take, kill it! Show the Seatopians, we don't take kindly to betrayal. They've only quickened their own demise" Shinmusu turned his attention to another one of his monitors, he sees the MONARCH team on the ground liberating the internment camps holding the portions of the human populace. "It seems there is another bug I must squash. Phil Coulson, Your insolence can be tolerated no longer" With that he takes his spear, "Get my craft ready"

Agent Coulson and his team systematically take out the internment camp's guards. "The guards are dead, Come on lets move, move, move." May barked.

"The Humans are escaping!" Shinmusu hissed into his communicator.

"My Lord, what is your bidding?" the Xillien warriors ask.

"Stop them you fools!" Shinmusu growled. "Wait, belay that order. I am on route to camps, I will stop them myself" he navigates his starfighter to the general location of the camps only to find a massive helicarrier now hovering over the city. "Impressive, but not impressive enough" he directs his Xillien craft towards the Helicarrier, "Engage cloak" The xillien starfighter vanishes as the cloaking panels begins to bend light around the craft. His attaches his craft on the hellicarrier's underbelly before sneaking onboard.

Coulson, along with May, Garret, Ward, Fury, and Hill sat in the Helicarrier's tactical room. "Agent Hill, bring us all up to speed" Fury commanded.

"Yes sir, we are checking the Titan Index. The Kaiju that the Xilliens have been manipulating have all been identified in the Kaiju Index. Gigan, a cyborg Alien. Hedorah, a collective of toxic Alien organisms. Megalon, Earth-native, its an aquatic beetle" Agent Hill briefed the agents.

"Where are the Ghidorahs?" Agent Garret asked.

"Aside from the Great King Ghidorah, we don't know" Fury added.

"There hasn't been a sighting of any variant of Ghidorahs for over three decades" Coulson interject.

"Actually over a decade, G-FORCE discovered one that wasn't loyal to the Xilliens. With the assistance of Mothra, G-FORCE managed to secure it as an ally unfortunately its current were abouts are unknown" Ishiro Serizawa corrected.

An enlisted man enters the briefing room without clearance. "Your not supposed to be up here" says a female MP before she is tossed into a wall. "Hey stop right there!" shouted another MP as he pulled a gun on the private. The private ignored him, the MP start to open fire on him but their bullets didn't seem to effect him. He power walked over to MONARCH Agents. A spear uncloaked in his hands, "MONARCH, funny how you chose that as the name, I suppose its a motif for Butterflies? No matter I will pluck off your wings little butterflies" He assumes an attack position, "Today I swore an oath, a promise.... to kill MONARCH and...." He slashes at Agent Coulson, he falls to the ground holding his injured arm. "To kill Phil Coulson!" he aims his spear for the Phil's heart but Agent May roundhouse kicks Shinmusu. Ward walks over to restrain the disguised Xillien. Shinmusu smiled as he was taken in custody.

The disguised alien was now stuck inside an all white modular box prison cell with a bed, tv, and table. Shinmusu examines the room's every nook and cranny, he looks up and sees Agent Garret and Ward. "So they sent you to interrogate me? How thoughtful" Shinmusu smirked.

"Ward, if you please?" Agent Garret gestured his fellow Agent. The younger MONARCH Agent places a device on the wall. "Are we secure?"

"Yes, sir. They'll be none the wiser" Agent Ward smirked.

"Hail Ghidorah" Agent Garret whispered.

"So is everything in place? The rods and the location?" Shinmusus asks.

"Yes, don't worry once we touch down and get you somewhere safe. Earth will be yours, just remember to uphold your end of the bargain and we will uphold ours" Garret reminded.

"Fear not, what we have in store for humanity will benefit us all" Shinmusu half smirked and half smeared.

"Well sorry we had to kill some of your men, you know how hard it is to blend in don't ya?" Agent garret chuckled.

"Yes it was indeed worth the sacrifice but you two best not fail me. You still have them on board don't you?" Shinmusu looked around curiously.

"Yes, once we get you to one of our safe houses. The ritual will begin as planned" Garret reassures.

"Okay times up," Ward walks over to remove the device, "You'll pay for cutting down one of our agents" the young agent then winked to Shinmusu.


Skye was admiring the city as she road on Mothra's back. "So Mothra is what some sort of Super Moth?" she asked the elias, "Like we said. Mothra is more than just a bug. She is daikaiju, a goddess in living flesh. She is the living embodiment of peaceful nature." The sister elias replied.

"Yeah but why a Moth? Why not something like a human but with awesome powers...."

"Humans ask many questions but don't like the answers. Mothra takes form of Moth because she is ancient creature, she has witness the evolution of many great species and so too has she witness their tragic extinctions. Humans cannot gain anymore power than they already have, your kind reproduce quite quickly and has since spread across the planet. Daikaiju reproduce very scarcely in their lives and there are too few of them now" The elias lower their heads for a while.

"Whats wrong? Why are there so few of them?" Skye pauses before realizing the answer, "King Ghidorah?"

"We don't speak his name, he is very terrible daikaiju. A monster that burns worlds, a living extinction event"

"Godzilla has beaten King Ghidorah before right?"

"Yes. However the King Ghidorah you maybe familiar with are only fragments of original King Ghidorah. Great King Ghidorah is far more bigger and dangerous"

"H-how much bigger are we talking about?" Skye chuckled a mix of sarcasm and genuine fear.

The elias glance at each other, "Big enough to reshape the world"

Battra growled and squawked at Mothra, "Battra has something to say" the elias translate.


Agents Garret and Ward are walking down the halls of the helicarrier. Contemplating their next move in the Xillien's plans. "Think the Xilliens will deliver on their promise? Can they really save you from dying?" Ward asks.

"They better, If they think performing a blood sacrifice is going to summon one of those Titans; then they must have powers beyond imaginable"

"If they fail on their promise?" asked Ward

"Then do what is necessary" Garret replied.

The two MONARCH agents approach Shinmusu's cell. They both take a deep breath, "You ready for this Ward?" Garret asks.

"Yes, sir" Ward replies before they open the door. "Okay, come with us. Make no sudden moves or else I'll ice you myself" he ordered the Xillien. "You see this? this is a 9mm barrette armed with specialized tranquilizers. MONARCH has been developing them to take down the more manageable size titans. It can take a fully grown human down and they'll be out for days."

"Such crude primitive measures" Shinmusu chuckles, "Very well, I'll go with you to what ever prison MONARCH has planned for me"

Shinmusu walks out on the helicarrier's runway, the sun's light was little too intense for his eyes. He gestures to cover his eyes but in doing so he really activated the send home signal to his cloaked starcraft. Ward pushed him forward to the MONARCH VTOL aircraft. He glances over to see the city of New York, smoke and fire plumed in the sky and the sound of kaijus roaring, screeching, and cackling could be heard as far and as high up as this helicarrier. "Its beautifully isn't it? They way they cry for battle, how they crave destruction." Shinmusu is loaded on to the VTOL then the aircraft takes off.

The VTOL changes route from its original route to the new coordinates setted up by Agent Garret, he then programs a dumb route to trick the computers on the helicarrier into thinking they are on their original path. Another VTOL takes off carrying the former prisoners, it too changes from its intended path and it too sets up a dummy path into the helicarrier's computers. "This is Agent Ward, we have the cargo" Ward transmitted.

"Good, now lets summon us a monster" Garret replies.


Mothra, Battra, the Elias, and Skye were sitting in Central Park. Battra squawked and growled, "Battra has something to say to you human" the elias translate.

"The name is Skye," she corrected them. She then approaches the giant butterfly. "So what do you want?" she half-smiled as she felt a little silly talking to giant bug.

Battra growled at Skye, eyes glowing brightly between growls and chirps. "Battra asked Why are you still here? You had a chance to leave so why haven't taken it?" the elias translate.

"I believe I can help. I can't just stand around when people are out there suffering" Skye replied.

Battra then chirped, then he growls, chrips, hisses, chirps, and then growls. "Battra sighs. He says what can a human do to help us? He also says humans have taken too much already. He says you breed like locusts and like a blight spread and destroy habitats of other creatures and drive them to extinction" the elias translate.

"But i'm not like other humans, I care for the environment, I make sure to recycle and buy carbon credits" Skye chuckles, "Besides the government is the reason why your habitats are destroyed, looking for oil and...." Skye states.

Battra growls loudly at her. "Battra says, you naive little human, governments are directed by humans." Battra chirps, growls, chirps, and then hisses. "Battra says that humanity would better off being extinct. Because even if humans stop drilling for oil, they'll still destroy the environment for a new resource to replace it. Even if humans give up their advanced technology, humans would still put a strain on the environment. If you truly wish to help, stand aside and allow nature to do its work" Battra flapped his wings, the gust of wind threw Skye backwards into Mothra's soft white fur.

Mothra screeched, chirped, and hiss back at battra, "Mothra says to Battra, That was very rude! If the humans want to help, we should give them the chance. They are a young species, they have much to learn" the elias translate.

Battra emits a low growl, "Battra replied, They are not worth saving" the elias translate.

Mothra emits cries and chirps in response, "Mothra says, They are a part of this world, just like you and I. They are different from us, just like Godzilla is different from us. You once held the belief that Godzillas and their kin should have gone extinct because of how destructive they were. Let me not remind you of your colorful opinions on the Rodans" the elias translate.

Battra emitted a low chirp, "Battra says, Mothra...." the elias translate.

The ground began to shake as the trees began to sway. Tree limbs crack and snap around the two bug kaiju. "What the hell is going on?" Skye asked. Mothra and Battra stared at the sky as a giant rift opens in the sky. Both Lepidoptera kaiju screech "Something awful" the elias translate.



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Chapter 9: Monster X

Two bright red eyes peer out from within the rift's dark recesses. Shinmusu standing in the middle of a basketball courtyard surrounded by bodies of the people Coulson's team once saved. The beacons that Garret and Ward help gather was responsible for the rift's creation. Ward and Garret had their faces concealed with masks so not to blow their cover.

The two double-agents stood next Shinmusu as they stare up at the sky. The eyes stare directly at Shinmusu and his posse before reach out his hands to widen the rift. A massive white armored head emerges from the rift, the head raises up to reveal its white armored face and ebony lower jaw. It pulls the rest of itself little by little through the rift, there they could see what looked like two extra heads....well half-heads, acting as his shoulder guard or pauldrons.

He pulls his left leg out of the rift first, then the right. He then gracefully floats down to the surface as the rift above him closes. His tail lashes around as it came into view. His body was humanoid with white armored scrutes covering his chest, forearms and shins, while the rest of his body was a pitch black ebony. Shinmusu bows before the mighty monster, "My Master, my god, Kaiser Ghidorah!"
"Shinmusu, My faithful servant. I see the Xilliens are still strong with faith in me, something the Atlanteans did not have. Tell me what ever happened to those heathens?" the creature spoke telepathically in Shinmusu, Ward, and Garret's head.

"Historically the Atlanteans are all dead, my lord. Biologically they survived, they call themselves humans now. Atlantis has been destroyed by your great and terrible son, the Great King Ghidorah!"

"Interesting why do you call him Great King Ghidorah?" Kaiser Ghidorah asked.

"Because since he has fallen we made attempts to clone him but all the other King Ghidorah's lack his brilliance and terribleness. Please forgive me, My Lord" Shinmusu tried his best to suppress the fear in his voice.

"These Humans you surround yourself with? Are they loyal? Do they believe in me?" Kaiser Ghidorah seemed to ignore Shinmusu plea.

"Yes, Grant Ward and John Garret are true believers in you, My Lord."

"Hail Ghidorah!" Ward and Garret they performed the Cult of Ghidorah salute.

"Very well. Now tell me, where are my sons and daughters?" Kasier Ghidorah asks.

"Your oldest has fallen, defeated by the greatest of the Godzillas.... Your second oldest was destroyed by a Mothra, your third oldest was also killed by a Mothra.... Your youngest, he has betrayed you" before Shinmusu could even say another word. His body is vaporized by Kaiser Ghidorah.

Ward and Garret look at each other with some levels of shock. Kaiser Ghidorah breathed on Shinmusu's ashes, his body is rebuilt, molecule by molecule. "Remember your failure! Because next time, I will not be so kind to resurrect you"

"Yes, My Lord" Shinmusu bowed in compliance.
"Now you two? Both of you have secrets, secrets I will not even both revealing. Who is this MONARCH you pretend to serve?" Kaiser Ghidorah stares at the two humans.
"MONARCH is an organization that was founded on discovering giant monsters, originally they were supposed to kill Godzilla for purely human interest reasons" John Garret explained.

"So the humans no longer serve any of the Godzillas? How amusing, now they wish to kill that who once was a thorn in my son's side" Kaiser Ghidorah mentally chuckles.
"Heheheha, well that was their mindset before the damn 1960's" Garret added.

"The 1960's?" Kaiser was unfamiliar with this term.

"According to the Gregorian calendar, our year is 2012 A.D. The AD stands for Anno Domini, 'Year of our Lord', its a christian-based calendar system. Humans now believe in a god that looks human" Ward added.

"Enough with this nonsense, I didn't come here for a history lessons of false gods" Kaiser growled both telepathically and audibly.

"Well the 1960's was roughly 50 years ago. MONARCH had a sudden change of heart. Now they seem to worship Godzilla..." Garret explained before Kaiser Ghidorah growled.

"Sounds like this MONARCH needs to be destroyed. I cannot have the humans bowing down to that reptile again!" Kaiser Ghidorah then stared at Shinmusu, "Shinmusu! Rally your fellow Xilliens, we have a Final War to settle!"

"Yes, My Lord" he replies weakly.

"Oh come now, you are not dying!" Kaiser Ghidorah calmly exclaimed, Kaiser Ghidorah scooped up the sacrificed remains of the dead surrounding his followers. He consumes the sacrificed bodies. "Thanks for the meal"

Skye's eyes widen in terror as she saw that thing descend from the interdimensional rift. The creature vanished among the skyscrapers. Skye points at the sky, "Wha-what is that thing?" her voice was trembling. She looked over at the tiny elias they were equally terrified.

"That is the most dangerous kaiju that ever existed in the known galaxy, destroyer of a billion planets, consumer of all life that don't yeild. Kaiser Ghidorah"


Battra screeeched, the elias sighed, "Battra sarcastically asked Still want to help? That is very rude Battra! But you are correct, Skye, Ghidorahs usually take draconic forms but Kaiser Ghidorah is a bit different"

"Can he kill him? Can Godzilla kill Kaiser Ghidorah?" Skye asked.

"We never encountered Kaiser Ghidorah in the flesh, so not even we know the true extent of his powers, let alone if Godzilla can defeat him!" the Elias replied.

"Should we just wait around and find out?" Skye asked.
Jaeger Godzilla stomps on the banks of the Hudson River, he has caught the scent of a rival titan submerged down below, GYAOOOOOONN! A fleshy sail rises out of the water, before the rest of Titanosaurus rises out of the water. Its crocodile-like jaws were filled to the brim with conical teeth.

Titanosaurus, a mighty descendant of the Spinosurids, it drags itself ashore walking on its knuckles of its claws. It rears up on its hind legs, it bellows at Godzilla as it prepares to fight. The arrival of Kasier Ghidorah emerging from the portal caught both dinosaur kaiju's attention. Godzilla growled at Titanosaurus and Titanosaurus hissed at Godzilla before both Kaiju began their march towards the alien kaiju.
Battra growled impatiently and before the shobijin could translate he flew off. "Battra, no its too dangerous! You must wait for Mothra!" Moll cried.

"Battra is going to get himself killed, Battra is strong but...." Lora stated.

"Let me guess, Puff the alien dragonman is going to bug zap him? I mean, key jew zap him... er whatever!" Skye embarrasses herself. She then stands up, "Hey its really nice to meet you guys, Love the fairy wings and antennae thing you got going there." she complimented the elias, "Its also nice meeting you too, Mothra, saving nature and saving people" she adds "But there's people in danger right now, Lives I know I can save, so I have to go now" she heads for the smoke rising in the sky "Hey maybe we should hang out some time, I live in my van".

"She is very stubborn, foolhardy, human girl" Lora commented.

"But she has a lot of love though, to selflessly charge into a city full of dangerous daikaiju" Moll replied.

"Lets pray for her safe return, she's going to need it" Lora replied. The two elias look up to the burning smoke filled sky.

Meanwhile on board the Helicarrier. "Agent Phil Coulson ready for duty sir" Agent Coulson reports to Fury.

"Glad to have you back. I just messaged Tony Stark and he said he is on his way" Fury walked over with Coulson to the holographic strategic map.

"So when will Mr. Stark get here?" Coulson asked.

"I'm here now" Tony makes his entrance, removing his sun glasses.

"How did you..." Agent Coulson was about to ask.

"Private Jet" Tony replied. "I have been developing a prototype to a new anti-titan weapon. Based off my father's Atomic Heat Ray Gun that is now popular with G-FORCE however these new cannons can siphon radiation and store it"

"G-Energy" Nick Fury added.

"Yes, gotta love the Japanese for their simple jargon" Tony chuckled.

"What does the G stand for?" A technician asked, only for Fury, Hill, Stark, May, and the other MONARCH and Military personnel turn and stare at the ignorant technician.

"Godzilla, obviously. Please pay attention, you might learn something" Tony retorted sarcastically.

"Now then we can start collecting this G-Energy... You know what maybe we should give it a new name, how about M-Energy?" Tony suggested, "Monster Energy, Okay jokes and copyrights violation aside. If we can use the energy we collect from the giant monsters, we could be looking at the dawn of  clean renewable energy"

"So you want us to harvest the titans?" Ishiro Serizawa asked with an amount of concern in his voice.

"Harvest, no...NO! Just taking some energy off the top, completely harmless" Tony added.

"I don't think...." Serizawa was interrupted as the helicarrier began to shake, "What in the world?"

"Contact! New Titan, switching to visual" The monitors switch from the MONARCH logo to a live feed of Monster X ravaging the city.

"What in the hell is that thing?" Fury asked pissed as he points at the monitors.

"I don't know sir" Hill stared up at the monitors, her body shook with fear.

"Okay, I think now would be the perfect time to test out our new toys?" Tony suggested.

"Monster X, that should be its designation" Serizawa ordered, "We should first study it before making any drastic moves or we wait for gojira"

"Yeah or we could act now, like right now! Their are people who rely on us to save lives and you want to wait for an atomic dinosaur to save us? I think I'll try my idea first" Tony insisted.


Skye was running in the alley, the ground shook, she quickly hid behind a dumpster. Large trucks carrying what looked like big satellite dishes rolled out on the streets. The dishes fire a purple beam at something out of Skye's view. Skye slowly crawled out from behind the dumpster, she jogs closer to the trucks. A bright beam races across the street then hits the trucks, screams of the trucks occupants radiate from the vehicles as the windows glowed before going dark.

Skye slowly approached the trucks, she notices the MONARCH logo on the side of the door, "Hello?" she got closer, her heart started to beat rapidly as she got closer and closer to the truck door. She took a deep breathe before grabbing the handle and pulling the door open. Ashes flies into her face, she accidentally inhales the ash causing her to choke. She managed to cough up the ashes, then a loud roar caught her attention, Skye looked up and saw Kaiser Ghidorah turning away from the streets. He fires another volley of golden lightning at another convoy of trucks.

"Oh no..no..no" she turns back to the trucks. She races to the dish weapon, it bears the Stark Industries name on it. "Stark Industries? huh?" she glances over to see the creature continuing its rampage, "Okay lets put Stark's big toy to the test" she hooks her computer into the military computer, she cracks into the system. "Okay system boot, alright I'm in. This system is a piece of cake, alrighty. Lets dance big boy!" She fires anti-titan weapon directly into Kaiser Ghidorah's back. Kaiser turned his head, his glowing eyes burned red. "You!" a growling deep masculine voice popped inside her head. "You think you can stop me! Little girl, stay out of this!"

Skye trembled in fear, Kaiser Ghidorah turned away from her. "If you dare to fire upon me a second time, you'll die..." He is hit again in the back by the purple beam, "So it is death then" he turns his head preparing to use his gravity beams but to his annoyance. Skye drove off and turned the military vehicle down a back alley. Kaiser Ghidorah growled menacingly. "Skye what were you thinking! So stupid! Don't worry its going to be okay! Oh shit!" she turned out into another street before zig zagging around the dead convoy. She looks into the review mirror and sees Kaiser Ghidorah staring at her, slowly he approaches her despite flooring the gas petal. Golden lighting began to charge in his mouth, Skye's eyes were filling up with tears, her body was shaking violently, her was heart pounding in her chest all the while the evil kaiju draws closer and closer. Kaiser Ghidorah fires ahead of the truck, an apartment building soon crumbles in front of Skye; blocking her escape from certain doom. Skye slams on the truck's breaks, she turns the steering wheel hoping to redirect herself to find another path. Unfortunately the top heavy military truck flips over, the anti-titan device is destroyed as the truck tumbles. The air bags kept Skye from snapping her neck, she was unconscious and was severely injured.



MemberGiganJul-18-2019 11:03 AM

Okay so I kind of borrowed several characters from the MCU and Agents of SHIELD



MemberTitanosaurusSep-16-2019 3:48 PM

It's  alright. As long as it somehow explains the gap between this, the events of G2014, and G2019.

Also, yes, I am finally back on the website. Surprised?


MemberGiganSep-18-2019 12:43 AM

Awesome, sorry I am two days late. Well it kind of inflated to a multi kaiju crossover with some reinvention of the godzilla lore.



MemberGiganSep-18-2019 12:49 AM

https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/gojiverse-extended-edition-multicrossover-creative-feedback-is-appreciative.768371/ Also i've been posting it on spacebattle forum but if you want I could continue to post here on scified.



MemberTitanosaurusSep-18-2019 9:49 AM

I feel like you should continue to post here as well as post over on spacebattle. (As some viewers might not have access to the spacebattle forum or even know what it is, as well as leaving potential helpful criticism for your story here on the website. Plus, it makes it accessible to many G-Fans here on the site.)

But that's just my opinion.


MemberRodanSep-18-2019 10:29 AM

I agree. Really interesting story by the way!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberGiganSep-18-2019 10:40 AM

alrighty, posting it on both websites it is



MemberRodanSep-18-2019 10:42 AM

Ah yes

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


MemberGiganSep-18-2019 11:10 AM

Chapter 10: Kaiser Ghidorah

"Now look at your weapons, Mr. Stark! They are ineffective against Monster X," Serizawa retorted.

"Okay, switching to plan B. Let's see how Big G handles Monster X" Tony clenches his fists tight.

"Sir, one of Stark's truck is firing on its own" Hill stares at one of the monitors observing the chaos.

"That truck isn't firing on its own" Fury added.

"Some brave soul is firing your weapon, Stark" Coulson turned to inform the playboy millionaire.

"Who would be crazy enough to attack Mr. X here?" Tony Stark commented.

"Agent Hill, use facial scans on that driver" Fury ordered.

"Yes sir," Agent Hill types into the computer. An interface pops up on the screen and a list of names and faces popped up. Here: Unknown alias Skye. She is a hacker and a member of the Ufologists"

"Great a crazy person!" Fury face palmed.

"If we don't do something she is going to get herself killed" Hill added.

"Right: Fire starboard cannons on Monster X" Nick Fury ordered.

"Wait what about Godzilla?" asked a random technician.

"Gojira will have to wait, do you what you believe is necessary" Ishiro Serizawa turns and looks at Director Fury, "save the girl"

The helicarrier began firing a barrage of rounds at Kaiser Ghidorah. Kaiser Ghidorah turned his gaze upwards to the helicarrier. A swarm of meganula came flying at the helicarrier. "Contacts! An unknown titan species. Some sort of Dragonfly" Agent Hill read the info off her screen.

One of the meganula landed on the runway. It snarls as it crawls over the VTOL craft and jet fighter crafts. Then another meganula lands on the runway, shoving one of the aircraft off the helicarrier. A third meganula lands on the runway, shoving off two more aircraft. The helicarrier's turbines began to falter unable to support the additional weight. The aircrafts all slide off of the runway as the helicarrier falls from the sky. The three meganula leap into the air to rejoin the swarm, all following the plummeting helicarrier.

"I need someone to get those turbines back online, ASAP!" Fury barked.

"I'll do it" Tony volunteered.

"Get it done, Mr. Stark" Fury accepted.




MemberGiganSep-18-2019 11:13 AM

Skye awakens, the truck was flipped over. Skye was bleeding from her nose, mouth, and forehead, Kaiser Ghidorah turned his gaze back to the flipped over truck. The helicarrier was falling out of the sky behind him. The ground shakes as Skye struggles to release herself from the seat belt. The pavement cracks around the truck, the rubble just feet away from the truck begins to collapse downwards. A large broad reptilian head emerges from the concrete dust, the rest of the creature starts to pulls itself out of the ground. Backward shark fin spikes, theropod body plan, and brown scales. "SkssssshhhhhhhGYAOOOOOOON!" Zilla roared at Kasier Ghidorah. Another Zilla with a dark-blue coloration emerges from the next alley, "SkssssshhhhhhhGYAOOOOOOON!" Kaiser Ghidorah glances at both Zilla, he poses an defensive pose. The brown Zilla charged out of the hole, her foot barely bumps into the flipped truck sending it spinning away from the middle of the street. The dark-blue Zilla charges out of the wide alleyway. Kaiser Ghidorah, swing kicks the female Zilla into the nearest apartment building.

The male Zilla leaps on to Kaiser Ghidorah's back, Kaiser Ghidorah whips his tail around the male zilla's neck and throws him backwards. The male Zilla lands on the military trucks as he skids across the road. Kaiser Ghidorah growled furiously, gold lightning begins to radiate from his jaws. A menacing cry boomed from the sky, Battra readied its claws to strike at Monster X. Kaiser Ghidorah directed him gravity beams at the red and black butterfly kaiju, setting his body ablaze as he crashes a block away. The shockwave rumbles the city, Skye finally frees herself from her seat belt. She falls on her back, "Owww" she cried. She slowly crawls out of the military truck. her brunette-blonde hair messy from all the excitement. She slowly rises to her feet, she clutches her injured shoulder. The ground shakes again before another kaiju came into view. "Aeeeeeerunnnnnn!!!" Anguirus howled the spikey rhino-like archosaur.

Skye frozed in awe as the mighty beast passed by her, it howls again at Kaiser Ghidorah before charging at the white-gold and ebony demon. Kaiser stomps on Anguirus's head into the ground, Anguirus stood back up, defiant out of the humanoid kaiju. He snarls back, baring his sharp teeth. The male Zilla recovers, he spots his mate covering in building debris, the male Zilla roars viciously at Monster X. Kaiser Ghidorah huffed before turning to face the male Zilla. The male Zilla charged forth once more before Kaiser Ghidorah slugs the male Zilla across the face. He repeating punched the basal godzillasaurid in the stomach before kneeing the primitive in the jaw, fracturing it in several places.

Skye makes into the street away from the battle before spotting an injured Battra growling and moaning in pain. He chirps, hisses, and growls at Skye. She approaches the mortally injured Battra, he growls at her as she approaches. "I wish I could understand what you are saying" she fought back her tears, "Your dying aren't you? I wish I could help you but I'm only human" she breaks down crying. Battra's red glowing eyes slowly started to dim.

"GYAOOOOON!!!" Skye curled up in the fetal position before looking over her knees to see Jaeger Godzilla approaching. Before Skye could say something the female Zilla's body bursted out of the apartment complex. Battra with the last of his strength raises his wing above Skye, she turned to look at him, his now dim red eyes now fade to a dark red, Battra exhale his last breath. The female Zilla slowly tried to get back on her feet but was soon hit by Kaiser Ghidorah's gravity beam. The female Zilla howls in pain, Skye looked up and saw Kaiser Ghidorah's shoulder half-heads were now fully functional complete-heads.

The Helicarrier makes a controlled crash into the city but unfortunately they crash in-between Godzilla and Kaiser Ghidorah. Godzilla growled angrily at the fallen aircraft. Kaiser Ghidorah chuckled. The swarm of Meganula all swoop down on top of the helicarrier. The female Zilla attempts to stand back up, she then collapses too weak to stand, and soon she will succumb to her wounds. Kaiser Ghidorah uses his gravity beams to disperse the swarm of kaiju dragonfly. The meganula were then directed to swarm at Godzilla, only to be roasted by his atomic breath as the dragonfly kaiju fall to the ground burnt and dead.

Tony Stark, Nick Furry, Ishiro Serizawa, Maria Hill, and the rest of the helicarrier crew abandoning the fallen MONARCH vessel. Kaiser Ghidorah's heads roar in excitement, Godzilla fires his atomic breath at Kaiser Ghidorah again. Kaiser Ghidorah's necks start to elongate and become more snake-like, he drops to all fours as his forearms became more muscular to handle his weight, the spikes on his back rapidly starts to develop into wings. The final metamorphosis were his heads, each one was unique in form and horn structures. Kaiser Ghidorah then charges forward and so does Godzilla, their titanic weight makes short work of the helicarriers.

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