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Kongs Size In 2020

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MemberBaragonJan-08-2019 4:03 PM

    Kong is Huge Now!!! We can obviously rule out that he is bigger than Godzilla. But still he is huge! Looks at his chin he has a sort of beard. Now at first glance Kong looks taller. But hes jumping in this pose we can see his legs stretched out behind him. He's grown a lot in 40 years. And we can take an estimate on how big he's going be.

  In Kong Skull Island we see him at 108 feet tall. then we get a new look at him in the Birth of Kong Comics which takes place in 1993 20 years after The events of Kong Skull Island. He doubled in size now about 200 foot tall. He has grown 100 feet in 20 years. This takes place 27 years after the Comic events. so we can say he will be at the 300 to 330-foot mark. Which is huge for Kong. Tell me how big you think he will be. And how they are going to meet up.

    Thats all i have to say for now so PEACE!!

 King and Queen of The Skies.........

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MemberTitanosaurusJan-08-2019 5:12 PM

Yeah, about 300-320 feet or so sounds good.

Large enough to be a real physical threat, but not so large that he makes Godzilla look unfit :P

Besides, Kong's only real advantage thus far iis supposedly relative strength and agility.

Sci-Fi King25

MemberGiganJan-08-2019 6:12 PM

I think Kong will be 200-250 feet tall. Because he’s jumping at Godzilla in the picture, he does look larger but if they were standing up straight next to each other Kong would probably be significantly smaller. 

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


MemberBaragonJan-09-2019 7:07 AM

I don't think it's going to matter how big Kong will be in 2020, Godzilla's going to kick his furry ape ass!

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."


MemberBaragonJan-09-2019 7:09 AM


 King and Queen of The Skies.........


MemberBaragonJan-09-2019 7:12 AM

*Metal gear alert sound effect*


"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."


MemberTitanosaurusJan-09-2019 7:50 AM

He looks like just the right size for the fight. Kong is about the same size if not a little bit smaller than Godzilla which is what I was hoping for.

Long live the king...


MemberBaragonJan-09-2019 9:35 AM

      Hes just big enough to be a physical threat. Just how I like it..... Kong is going down like the titanic

 King and Queen of The Skies.........


MemberBaragonJan-09-2019 10:19 AM

i predict he will be just 200 ft tall


MemberBaragonJan-09-2019 3:32 PM

You're right about one thing, Zilladude, kong will be going down like the titanic- just look at this:

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."


MemberBaragonJan-09-2019 4:50 PM

That is so frickin EPIC!!!

 King and Queen of The Skies.........


MemberMothra LarvaeJan-10-2019 7:42 PM

We can’t actually see Kong’s legs in that picture stretched out behind him and it’s concept art after all though it helps us visualize more. 

I think he’ll reach or surpass the 300 foot mark by 2020. A size like that will make his fighting methods more impactful and effective. Though I may have the comparison mixed up it’s kindve hard for me to get perspective unless you pose them next to each other. It’ll probably be ok if he’s at least 250 minimum since “height” isn’t really everything 


something like this would be cool , idk how tall that makes kong in the image though. 

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