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Mothra LarvaeMember23 XPMay-30-2019 6:18 PM

Just saw G:KOTM at the Pointe Orlando theater in IMAX. Technically it's LieMax, not true format, but it was still a big screen, so not terrible.

Random takeaways, in no particular order. MINOR SPOILERS HERE SO DON'T READ ON if you want to see the movie fresh. I don't give away major plot points.

-- First, the theater was empty. About 10 people total but it was a weekday at 4:00PM. Still, bodes poorly for the movie.

-- Yes, there are a FEW other kaiju in the film, although none directly taken from Toho. Credits only show licensing of the big four (Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah), so they had to make up the rest. They get VERY little screen time. Movie says there are "seventeen" of them but you only really see the ones I will mention.

-- Kumonga / Speiga. There is a spider creature, but they deviated from the design so much, it barely represents Kumonga. I will assume it's him, though. That's the one you see coming up from the oil fields.

-- Anguiras: umm, no. The mountain creature from Germany may be Anguiras, but there's one split second shot of its face and it doesn't look like Anguiras. No other shots of it. Will have to get the the DVD to freeze frame it eventually, but it does NOT look like Anguiras. No spiky back.

-- Giant wooly mammoth. Yes, this one makes a few appearances, even toppling a building (the rumors were true.) Generally looks ridiculous, though. Not a good fit.

-- Muto is back, just one of them, makes a few appearances but doesn't do anything.

-- They mention a few others on the map, including Titanus Behemoth and Titanus Quetzalcoatl. You don't see these, though, just the names. Some others are named, but will need screenshots to see it. Can't catch them, the shots are that fast.

-- Kong is seen for about 3 seconds in video footage.

-- There's an easter egg for Megalon, in the form of an undersea kingdom. Not kidding, and it plays a big part in the plot. 

-- Holy crap, the score! They went full on Ifukube, with Mothra's theme and a LOT of traditional (but updated) Godzilla themes. This is a soundtrack YOU MUST BUY RIGHT NOW. Excellent.

-- There's a post-credits scene, but not worth sitting form. Only after the final, final credits, too.

-- Over the end credits there's some headlines and shots that (I guess) informs the future of the franchise, but nothing really interesting. Just a lot of references to Kong.

-- The movie is basically Godzilla vs KG, with Mothra vs Rodan as the side match. Rodan is a villain here, until the end.

-- It's not clear at all what turns Godzilla into Burning Godzilla. It's only partially explained during a mid-burning stage. Then he just "turns off" the burn at the end, going back to normal. Weird.

-- Humans are irritating, except for Serazawa and to a lesser degree, the Millie Brown character. All the others do things that are just inexplicable.

-- Action sequences with humans are great, though, and keep the movie interesting before the monsters arrive.

-- Monsters arrive early, so there's not much waiting.

-- King Ghidorah looks good, but they shoot him poorly. Doesn't look as menacing as he should. And, no, the producers lied. He doesn't make his electronic chirp at all.

-- The palette of the movie is the usual dull orange and blue. Ack.

-- The atmosphere is all clouds and smoke. They explain it later (Ghidorah is affecting the planet's weather) but they don't explain why it's like that before KG shows up. Basically looks like the entire world is on fire, always. Doesn't make sense, and makes the thing look fake. Not a single shot of a clear day throughout the entire movie. That was disappointing.

-- No, they don't make a device that can talk to kaiju. Just sort of interact with them, but it's almost believable.

-- Mothra has very little to do, but is greeted with cheers each time. Disappointing cocoon scene, though, as she's hidden behind a waterfall. Another weird decision.

-- An awkward fortune cookie joke by Serazawa. Fortune cookies were invented by Americans and served with Chinese food, but Serazawa is Japanese. The writers get their Asian cultures mixed up.

-- Bradley Whitford is THE BOMB in this. It's the typical "wisecracking nerd with funny coffee cup" role, but he pulls it off without coming off as stupid. He's a real joy in this, and has a lot of screen time.

-- Basically everyone in the movie defers to the "ex-drunk dad" character played by Kyle Chandler. The admiral, the military, Serazawa - EVERYONE. Which makes no sense.

-- Charles Dance's character is set up to be a recurring villain, but his motivations make NO SENSE at all. He's just "Lannister" mean. Barely has any dialogue.

-- Monster fight scenes are great, but obscured by dark rain and clouds. They really don't want to EVER do a US Godzilla movie on a clear day. Irritating.

-- There's a really bad easter egg for the Mothra twins

-- They throw out the "oxygen destroyer" with zero reverence. It's clear the writers just thought it was cool, so they put it in there as an afterthought.

-- There's one f-bomb used. In a Godzilla movie! LOL.

-- Godzilla gets "juiced up" during this, more powerful than ever.

-- Overall, a really good movie, despite my minor quibbles. Would love to see a proper Mothra film after this. Rodan gets a lot of screen time, but comes off as a dick. I have no idea how they intend to match up Kong vs Godzilla after seeing this, because Godzilla is just so powerful.

-- Go see it in IMAX if you can, but it wasn't shot in IMAX, so set your expectations accordingly.




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4 Responses to MINOR SPOILERS for G:KOTM

Harris B

Mothra LarvaeMember28 XPMay-31-2019 6:59 AM

 Yeah, I didn't understand why he stopped burning - Though I assume it was when he used his "superpowers"

But they did explain why it happened - It was cause they gave him too much radiation when they brought him back (BTW - him coming out of the water then gave me chills)


Mothra LarvaeMember23 XPMay-31-2019 2:33 PM

Yes, they explained how he got the burning power, but it was blue when he started. Mothra did .. .something? ... and he turned into classic red Burning Godzilla. Then switched it off. I think something was cut in the final cut. 

Also, it's clear the writers just wanted to insert key fanservice points in the script -- burning Godzilla, oxygen destroyer, Mothra egg hatch, etc -- without much thought about how they connect. A LOT of fanservice, but it wasn't obnoxious, at least.


Mothra LarvaeMember22 XPMay-31-2019 4:17 PM

Maybe, just maybe, that Godzilla's supposed to be meltdown from excessive radiation was somewhat cured by Mothra's life force. Instead of blowing up, it managed to power him up and unleashing it as a weapon would alleviate the radiation in his body. Just a shallow thought.


Mothra LarvaeMember23 XPMay-31-2019 4:22 PM

Sounds reasonable to me!

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