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Kong better not win! Here's my storyline. Whats yours?

Kong better not win! Here's my storyline. Whats yours?

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Mothra LarvaeMember68 XPJun-07-2019 3:40 PMTeam Godzilla

One will fall? Better not be Godzilla! I'll be pissed! Here's my take. I remember in my childhood I idolized Godzilla. He was my #1 hero! From flying turtles to smog monsters, three headed dragons to giant fuzzy moths, he ruled them all. Then the ultimate showdown took place. In 1962, King Kong vs Godzilla hit the big screen and the ending really pissed me off! A lot of King Kong fans believed that Kong killed Godzilla. Ha! I still to this day get a kick out of arguing with them about the ending. First off Gorillas can’t swim and Godzilla is amphibian. Godzilla was bigger and stronger, and when the battle started, Godzilla was kicking Kong’s ass all over the place until a lightning bolt hit him, making Kong stronger…Then they really started battling it out…remember? Ultimately they both rolled down the mountain into the sea, where Kong surfaced and started swimming back to his island, and that was how the movie ended! Remember that? That doesn’t mean Kong won. What happened to Godzilla? He probably didn’t want to fool with this overgrown ape anymore. He could have easily tugged Kong’s little toe, pulling him under and drowning him! Lol Or perhaps Godzilla, when rolling down the mountain, hit his head and was knocked unconscious for a while, taking a nap in his domain…no, no, no, I tell you Kong did not win that fight! lolololol As for the upcoming 2020 film, here's what I would love to see as a possible story line. However Hollywood wants to introduce another Alpha villain such as Destroyah for example, let them do so. Stage left, enter Godzilla and Kong. They cross paths. Two Alphas. They fight! Each one of them getting their licks in. But no ones a winner. It’s a DRAW! They both go back to their respected domains to lick their wounds. Stage right: Then Destroyer makes his appearance in society and causes havoc on the planet. Military cannot stop it. Monarch plans to lure Kong and Godzilla to Destroyer. Godzilla gets there first. Of course he's always the one to throw the first punch! Kong arrives on scene as Godzilla and Destroyah are clashing, but at first Kong does nothing! He just watches from afar trying not to get noticed. Being that Kong's a little more compassionate and emotional (remember what that blonde did to him) he realizes that Godzilla cannot win the battle by himself. Center stage: Kong decides to join the battle and pounces on Destroyah. Godzilla was taken by surprise of this, but takes advantage of the situation. The two Alphas unite and win! Both are winners. The one who falls is Destroyah! After their victory, they both turn to each other and stare each other down as if they are going to have a re-match. Then they both pause, do a monster gesture of respect towards one another, and then both walk away, returning to their lairs. Kong fans and Godzilla fans should be ok with that? What do you think? DO NOT KILL EITHER ONE OFF IN THIS BATTLE! We all know how Kong will perish. NOT GODZILLA!  He’s our protector of the planet!

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51 Responses to Kong better not win! Here's my storyline. Whats yours?


BaragonMember148 XPJul-02-2019 1:39 PM

I feel like a draw would be too obvious and ruin the purpose of the movie, the fight between two massive monsters. One has to win. No one should die but I still want one to lose. It should be Kong. He does not need or want to be the king of the monsters. He wants his island and that’s all. 

The Realist

Mothra LarvaeMember89 XPJul-03-2019 7:51 AMTeam Godzilla

Kong has always been portrayed as the more sympathetic character. He is more "human" and relatable to than Godzilla. Besides that, the underdog always wins. It will most likely be a reskinned Rocky film.

Im Durp

BaragonMember478 XPJul-04-2019 5:03 AM

I've always wondered why the Kong loss is such a sore topic for some people. I mean it's not like Godzilla has a perfect record outside of that loss, hell in the next movie he loses to 2 Mothra larva which always struck me as much more a WTF loss than the Kong one, at least when I cared about that type of stuff.


BaragonMember148 XPJul-04-2019 11:23 AM

Thank you Im Durp! Finally someone who understands! Why can’t he win? I know he is more popular now but why do people care so much?


Mothra LarvaeMember68 XPJul-05-2019 8:12 AMTeam Godzilla

Well I think we all want to see a great fight.  As I said earlier in the post, if Godzilla dies, then I believe Monster verse would cease to exist.  Keep him alive and if the writers and producers deem Kong a winner, then at least let it go to the score cards, like a split decision! Lol  I would still like to see them two unite to defeat a monster villain like Destroyah.  Now that would be bad ass!  

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4169 XPJul-05-2019 10:40 AMTeam Ghidorah

I don't know if the Monsterverse would end solely because of Godzilla's death. I mean, frankly, it's Kong's movie that's made the most money of the Monsterverse flicks.

"None of this makes any sense, it doesn't really matter. We just needed an excuse for them to do something and they had to go somewhere." - Adam Wingard


RodanMember1630 XPJul-05-2019 12:20 PM

Godzilla should win, I don't see any reason for Kong to win. I mean, Godzilla's ancient and in the 1900's Kong's still growing, so still a sub adult and therefore likely has less experience than an ancient creature that fought creatures with similar capabilities to him, (i.e. ranged attacks), and ones that could fly that were on par with himself (Ghidorah). Kong's main experience that we know of was that he managed to beat a big skullcrawler, which is still a great feat, but it's nothing compared to beating Ghidorah TWICE (cave painting+KOTM) Godzilla has Atomic Breath and possibly his classic Nuclear Pulse. He should be fine against a less experienced and probably weaker creature than himself. Especially since they're both anti-heroes. In fact, Godzilla seems to be more of a hero, as while Kong intentionally attacked people, Godzilla never did so, and saved them for the most part, though not as carefully as Kong did to ONE human. Godzilla keeps an entire world full of Kaiju in check, while Kong watches over Skull Island only, not influencing the main world much if at all. If it's based off of influence, then Godzilla has done more for the sake of humanity (whether intentionally or not) than Kong ever did, so he's technically more "heroic" than Kong, based off of acts of heroism alone. Of course personality and a bunch of other factors should be taken into account, there's not enough information about the Kaiju to do so. So based on quantity alone, Godzilla is more "heroic", especially from the narrative pushed throughout KOTM. Also, everyone should remember he used to be called King Kong, but like King Ghidorah in the Monsterverse had the title of king revoked, possibly because Godzilla is supposed to take the title, especially after King Of The Monsters. If that's actually an intentional decision, and that's what they meant from that decision, then Godzilla would probably win. Yeah, I know, it's probably a flawed argument, but I just wanted to give my thoughts on it.

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BaragonMember148 XPJul-05-2019 1:50 PM

I agree that Godzilla should win, but I disagree that he is weaker and less experienced. Kong is full grown now so his strength should be equal to or maybe even more than Godzilla’s seeing as Gorillas can lift 5 to 8 times their own weight. Kong has also been fighting super species every day of his life since he was born. Godzilla has been hibernating for periods of millions of years. I bet he was sleeping most of his life so his real life experience is probably 1/4 of his actual age. I don’t think Godzilla really had that many challenges on his level either. I imagine that he mostly was just left alone by other titans until a rival alpha rose to challenge him. I would have to put experience at a little higher than Kong. On Godzilla being a hero, no. He does not care about humanity, they are what ants are to us. They are just there and you don’t really care for them until they start crawling on you or invading your house. Kong did attack and kill the humans though, but they were dropping bombs on his home and waking up the skull crawlers. Of course he would kill them. Not to mention they were trying to kill him. Kong does actively help the good humans who were kind to him and helped him. He is not a hero by any means, but he is more involved with humans seeing as he saves them and defends their settlement in the comic. He actually cares unlike Godzilla who just indifferent. About King Kong having his title revoked, that’s wrong. He is Kong because calling the movie King Kong would just confuse merchandising and people. They want to differentiate him from all the other king Kong’s. He is clearly the king of the island as stated in his movie and is a god to the natives. Nothing was taken from him. I feel like they would make Godzilla win in the movie, but it would be one hell of a fight for Godzilla and he would just come out on top by a hair. But Godzilla would realize that he can’t protect the entire world or be the only alpha so he would just walk away. It would be impossible for Godzilla to keep every titan  in check just like it would be impossible for a wolf to keep every other wolf on earth in check. Kong remains alpha of the island and Godzilla keeps his alpha position and his crew. 


RodanMember1630 XPJul-05-2019 4:32 PM

Good points, but I don't think Kong was really helping the good humans much, what he did was keep one in his hand during a fight. I'm not sure why he helped her, there wasn't anyway for him to differentiate her from the bad, or possibly even from other humans, like a human looking at an ant. He might have thought she was a rock and wanted to smash her into the skullcrawler's eye until he realized he was holding a human. Maybe he thought she was one of the people who didn't hurt him so he didn't kill her. Also, Godzilla doesn't seem to be entirely indifferent to people, he shown multiple times in the movie to regard humans around him, like on the submarine when it was on the surface after they revitalized Godzilla. He spent a good moment staring at them and getting really close to them. He was either trying to see if they were a threat, or giving them thanks for helping him, if he and Kong somehow can tell good people from bad. Or maybe he just wanted another pat on the head like Serizawa gave him, who knows? Also, since the movie is called "Skull Island", I don't think it would matter if they put king into the title, and they called him King in the movie with no knowledge of Godzilla, as well as saying he isn't the only king while showing a picture of Godzilla in the post credit scene. Also, while Kong had a small civilization with few known shrines dedicated to him, Godzilla had an entire huge city absolutely covered with shrines to him, there was even an entire room dedicated to him for resting and/or healing him. Even if they are both kings, Godzilla seems to have a higher status among humans and monsters alike. Heck, even Monarch treats Kong practically the same as any other titan, and he was following Ghidorah's call to action in the movie, unlike Godzilla and even Mothra who resisted their calls as they were more among the alpha status than other titans, a trait Kong doesn't show. So saying Kong is a hero isn't necessarily true, he seems to be a regular titan who got a movie, looking over his area and following the occasional calls from the alpha titan, like Rodan or Scylla. Also, even a quarter of millions of years is still at least hundreds of thousands of years of experience, especially when you consider he used to be very active during the times of ancient civilizations, since he was around enough that people dedicated shrines and entire huge cities (or at least a giant room filled with lava and radiation in the heart of their city) to him. So he was probably very active, and he has experience with Kong's own species as shown by the underwater cave painting of him fighting one of Kong's ancestors. Kong also doesn't have experience with creatures on the same caliber as Scylla, Behemoth, Rodan, Ghidorah, or Godzilla, while that's the kind of fighting Godzilla specializes in. Kong is better for hunting other short range creatures, not ones with special powers and/or ones that can fly, both of which Godzilla has beaten. Also, technically Kong probably isn't a gorilla, based off of his species possibly being around since Godzilla's if assuming the same origins as other titans, and since his posture is more bipedal than a gorilla's mostly all four's (quadrupedal) position. So assuming the same strength isn't entirely accurate, especially when he's so massive he probably struggles to hold his own weight on land. Also, most of the super species you mentioned aren't enough to classify as actual super species, or titans, to Monarch, or else there would be a lot more titans than 17 and if not, there would be a lot more titans on Skull Island than the Monarch website mentions. So even Monarch thinks they aren't on the same caliber as Behemoth and the like. In fact, most of them were smaller than Kong, including the giant squid Kong ate. The only thing his size we saw was the giant skull crawler. 

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BaragonMember148 XPJul-05-2019 5:17 PM

I can admit your right about some things. Godzilla is the clear winner on paper and has a bigger role in the monsterverse. What you said about Kong not being an alpha is wrong though. The movie did not show it, but in the book there are a few pages dedicated to what Kong’s was doing during the call. He was ignoring and got pissed because the skull crawlers woke up. He got up and went to fight an army of skull crawlers. While not super species like I said earlier, the monsters on the island are clearly dangerous and powerful enough to be considered threats. They would surly have posed a challenge to a young Kong. Now that he is bigger, not so much. Godzilla is clearly the expected winner though, so that makes Kong the underdog. Honestly who knows at this point, I say they are equal. Nice to know there are some people who can see that Kong has a chance here. Seems like there are a lot of people who think this should be one sided. 


RodanMember1630 XPJul-05-2019 5:42 PM

Oh, sorry I didn't know about that information from the book! He still doesn't have the same experience as Godzilla though. I don't think it should be one sided though. I think Godzilla should beat Kong, or vice versa, or they get separated in their first fight, and in their second fight Kong gets the upper hand at first, but then Godzilla starts kicking his *** for the rest of the fight and then as he's about to finish him off they both end up having to fight the main villain Kaiju of the movie. Then they go their separate ways, still being an underdog fight a bit like Dougherty said, still having the clear winner being Godzilla. Kong does stand a chance, but that chance shouldn't be reality because of plot armor, it should be reality only if Godzilla has been weakened by something else, just woke up, or it's their first fight.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


BaragonMember148 XPJul-05-2019 6:03 PM

Yeah, as much as I Love King Kong he should and probably would lose. I do believe this would the first time this Godzilla fights a kong so he won’t be knowing what to expect. I have a thought that the cave painting is of another Godzilla and Kong or a prediction of the future seeing as the natives have a plant they drink to see visions. Both monsters will be learning as they pound each other so I expect both to have their moments of one sided glory but around the end one would eventually start dominating. Kong is probably going to lose but damn it he will give his all doing it. I actually have a topic on Kong’s and skull islands role in the monstersverse. Check it out if you want. I also want someone to upvote on it cause no one seemed to care when I posted it. Want to raise my rep around here.


RodanMember1630 XPJul-05-2019 6:50 PM

I honestly don't like Kong as much as other Kaiju, if he actually counts as one (which by literal definition he should), but I don't exactly dislike him. Either way, Godzilla would probably win. Kong's greatest weapon may be plot armor, if the writers grant him such an amazing power XD

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


BaragonMember148 XPJul-05-2019 7:20 PM

Everyone needs a little plot armor now and then lol. And I don’t really consider him a kaiju either considering the term came out after the fist King Kong. His movie is incredibly different from the standard giant monsters movies. I admit I love Kong more than Godzilla seeing as he actually introduced me to giant monsters. Godzilla 1998 was my first Godzilla movie so I love zilla despite what the rest of the fandom says. I don’t personally think King Kong and Godzilla fit in well together and should stay separate but monsterverse is doing a pretty good of making it work. King Kong was never designed to fight giant skyscraper size monsters with powers to begin with. He was just supposed to be a lonely giant ape in need of companionship. So bring on the plot armor and throw in a plot sword and shield too(no lightning powers though)! I’m betting on a berserker rage where he just relies on his savage instinct and rage to fight losing his rational thinking.

Im Durp

BaragonMember478 XPJul-05-2019 8:47 PM

Literally every single protagonists' greatest weapon is plot armor including Godzilla.


If 2 MUTOs can push Godzilla to a near defeat I don't see why people would think Kong is in for such an uphill battle.


BaragonMember148 XPJul-05-2019 9:52 PM

Most are just hardcore Godzilla fans who refuse to believe Godzilla can actually lose to anyone other than Mothra. Will King Kong win? I don’t know. Deep down I want him too but my brain is telling me he might lose. They don’t have the brain to tell them that. I can accept a Kong defeat as long as was not a pushover. Looking at all the development the monsterverse gave Godzilla, 2 comics, 2 movies, websites, and books, I can see he is the one they really care about. Kong was just an afterthought it feels like. So I’m guessing the favoritisms for Godzilla is leading to his win. I just don’t know much about this Kong beyond his movie and short comic to actually figure out his full capability. If I can get a comic focused on a full grown Kong and see some more feats then I can actually come up with a winner in my mind. As of now all we have is his movie when he was a child and a comic we saw him do almost nothing in besides kill a few spiders and a crocodile of page. I have to give it to Godzilla for now because I can at least see what he is fully capable of. Kong just doesn’t seem too important to the monsterverse atm. I really want him to win though.


RodanMember1630 XPJul-05-2019 9:52 PM

Game of thrones doesn't have much plot armor though XD

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


Mothra LarvaeMember68 XPJul-06-2019 8:16 AMTeam Godzilla

Lol…Plot armor…well that would be Kong’s only chance I think.  OK so here’s my honest take on the two in the ring.  I will humbly say that if you took Godzilla’s atomic breath away and “Let them fight” then it would be so so close.  Kong would be quicker, Godzilla would be stronger.  Experience would go to Godzilla because he had way many more battles in his growth in MonsterVerse, and Kong…well Skull crawlers, a few dinasours and a giant squid?  It would be very close though.  Look, I’m not a Kong hater; I just think if Godzilla had his nuclear battery all charged then it would be no contest. Maybe Kong realizes that in the beginning battle scene as Godzilla misses his first shot at Kong, and then Kong thinks it through and somehow dismantles Godzilla’s so called death breath.  Then and only then will it be somewhat even…I still would not want either one to perish though, but to eventually unite somewhere in the move to take down a bad guy.  "After their victory, they both turn to each and stare each other down as if they are going to have a re-match. Then they both pause,  do a monster gesture of respect towards one another, and then both walk away, returning to their respected lairs." This is the kind of  ending I think both fan bases would like to see, regardless the outcome of their first round battle.    



Mothra LarvaeMember22 XPJul-20-2019 12:03 PM

Do you guys think there will be a TRAILER soon?? I mean, I think they should start promoting the movie.. It releases next March


Mothra LarvaeMember68 XPJul-23-2019 6:49 AMTeam Godzilla

Yes I hope we could be seeing a trailer or two soon.  Hmmmm, I wonder what the odds would be in Vegas...Now that would be something huh? lol


Mothra LarvaeMember22 XPJul-24-2019 5:57 PM

I feel kind of let down after the epic battle of king of the monsters godzilla has to fight freaking kong its like ok my buzz is gone

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