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Godzilla Extinction:Chapter 1

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BaragonMember161 XPJun-27-2019 7:05 PM

Gojira looks around at the hellscape before him. The city is almost ruined, the little still intact is set ablaze and the bodies of Kaiju are littered on the floor. Ghidorah has an enormous hole in his chest, Anguirus’ jaws are broken, and almost everyone else is unconscious. There’s a few Kaiju Godzilla’s never met before, and they’re barely alive. Mothra is lying on the floor, her wings ablaze, and although Godzilla see Krystallak, he knows that he’s dead. Last, and definitely most important, there is a giant Kaiju standing over the bodies. One that looks like Godzilla, but easily twice his size, if not larger. The giant Kaiju grabs a demonic Kaiju Godzilla’s also never seen before and tosses it into a building so hard it completely collapses. Rodan suddenly gets up and flies at the giant Kaiju. Just as he’s about to collide into it, he turns 90 degrees and flies high into the sky. Soon, Godzilla can’t even see him. After a few moments, Rodan comes barreling back down and collides into the mega-Kaiju full force. He managed to knock off one of its dorsal plates and sets another on fire. The fire starts to spread from the single dorsal plate to another, and begins to slowly engulf its body. It seems unfazed though, as it grabs Rodan’s legs, snaps them, and throws him into another building. Enraged, Gojira gets up and runs at the titanic titan. He claws, kicks, bites, body checks, and tail slams it, but his attacks don’t even faze the monster. The monster hits him with its arm, and kicks him a distance away. When Godzilla finally stops sliding across the debris covered ground, he’s quite a distance away from the monster. The fire is almost entirely covering the Kaiju, when it suddenly opens up its stomach and starts emitting an electronic humming sound, and soon Godzilla can see a bright light starting to form in its gut. Knowing what is about to happen, Godzilla starts to charge as strong an atomic breath he can muster. When he’s done charging, he blasts the giant creature. However, it is also done charging as it releases an enormous, white beam aimed directly for Godzilla. The beams collide, and unlike the usual small explosion that normally occurs in these situations, the beam completely engulfs Gojira’s atomic breath. It doesn’t even slow as it begins to come at him with terrifying force. Soon, he runs out of energy, not that it matters anyway. The beam engulfs him, and he is in more pain than he has ever been in before, in unimaginable pain. Fire….. Everything is fire…….. The pain…… The pain…… 


The God of Slumber wakes up from his decade long nap. Someone woke up again?!! Why do they keep waking up?!!! He can’t tell who it is, though. However, he has more pressing matters. He only has dreams like those when something horrible is about to happen, they’ve never been wrong before. No one ever believed him when he said the ice or the meteor was coming, but then look what happened! Focus! But on what should he focus? The catastrophe that is bound to happen but he has no idea how it will happen, or the awakening Kaiju? Wait… what if the Kaiju is the same Kaiju from the dream! A look of fear crosses the face of the possibly soon to be dethroned King of the Monsters. He rushes over to the signal to send whatever Kaiju it is back to sleep. Why doesn’t anyone sleep anymore…. They seriously still can’t see why it’s so good after over 100 million years?” he grumbles to himself. For over a hundred million years he has been getting the other Kaiju to sleep, to see the beauty of it, and barely any have seen it. No matter how much he explains that they’ll exhaust the radiation supply if they all stay awake, they fought him to stay awake, no matter how many times they lose, they keep trying a few hundred years later. None have had much success since his early years, the only one who has ever beat him since is- Crap, what if it’s Ghidorah again! He thinks to himself. Well, if it is Ghidorah, I can handle him. Although Ghidorah has beat him once, Gojira has beat him many more times. Still, it doesn’t seem to deter the God of Awakening or any of the other Gods. He swims towards the signal through the Hollow Earth and exits through the vortex nearest to the signal. He exits the water and walks into an open desert surrounding a coastline, and a city in the distance. There. If it wen anywhere, it would be there. 

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2 Responses to Godzilla Extinction:Chapter 1

The true shark boy

BaragonMember111 XPJun-29-2019 10:12 AM

I like out the starts out, very intriguing


RodanMember1630 XPJun-30-2019 1:52 AM

Thank you very much!

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