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Godzilla: God of Destruction Chapter 3 (Ending)

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MemberGiganJul-04-2019 7:28 PM

On board the USS Saratoga, the US military continued with plans to kill both monsters. On the ship’s deck, Crow and Sakurai watched as a helicopter landed. The side door opened and out stepped Admiral John Franklin. Crow asked, “Admiral?”


“I’m taking control of this operation, Lieutenant. I’m sick of these bastards running around destroying cities.”


Inside one of the rooms, Admiral Franklin explained the plan. “All projections indicate that the creatures are heading for Tokyo. We’ll leave nuclear materials there and launch an airstrike on them when they arrive. With any luck, we’ll kill these things.”


Sakurai interrupted. “Admiral, Godzilla is the solution, not the problem. He will stop Zilla and restore the natural balance.”


“He’s a monster!”


“He’s an animal, rising to protect the natural order!”


“I can’t gamble the lives of 7 billion people on him.”


“If you destroy him, you’ll put all life on the planet at risk.”


“So far he’s shown himself to be in the same caliber as Zilla. Prove that he’s the guardian you claim he is and maybe I’ll take your research more seriously.”


“Very well.”


The USS Saratoga couldn’t get to Tokyo fast enough, so Franklin, Crow, and Sakurai arrived there via plane. Another aircraft carrier was stationed in Tokyo Bay, with its air forces ready for the strike. The city’s residents were evacuated and brought onto ospreys. However, during the evacuation, one of the monsters made landfall. Zilla let out a piercing shriek as he was immediately bombarded by missiles. He snapped his jaws at the jets that swarmed around him as a ray of glowing blue energy hit him in the shoulder.


He stood up to see Godzilla approaching. Godzilla released a deafening bellow at his much smaller rival. The citizens who hadn’t gotten to ospreys ran about, scattering like a herd of frightened herbivores. The military attacked him too as the monsters faced off. Admiral Franklin addressed the men on the aircraft carrier. “We can’t let them get their hands on the nuke. Crow, you’re going to lead an extraction team to retrieve it.”


Before departing, Crow turned to Sakurai. “Guess we’ll find out if Godzilla is what you describe him is. I doubt that he is, but a small part of me hopes you’re right.”


Sakurai was a bit surprised. “Good luck, Lieutenant.”


Crow and his team boarded an osprey that headed toward the city. They heard the giant creatures’ growls, cries, and shrieks. The osprey landed on the ground and Crow’s team rushed out. The first soldier to charge into the dark streets was crushed by Zilla’s foot. They looked up to see the two monsters fighting, Zilla leaping onto buildings to gain higher ground. Jets attacked both monsters, targeting Godzilla because of his larger size.


One jet crashed to the ground near the team, killing three of them. Crow led the remaining men forward as Zilla collapsed on top of a nearby building, crumbling it to dust. Godzilla kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying. Zilla landed near the nuke that had lured both him and Godzilla to Tokyo. He promptly swallowed it, causing Crow to shout. “Open fire!”


They fired their weapons at the monster like madmen, causing him to glare at them. Zilla’s veins glowed green as he powered up. He opened his jaws to release a green ray of energy that obliterated the entire extraction team except for Crow, who hit a nearby piece of rubble. James gasped for breath as Zilla prepared to finish him off with another beam. However, Zilla noticed that the dorsal spines on Godzilla’s tail began to glow blue. The glow rose up the dorsal plates on his back and neck. The God of Destruction opened his mouth, the inside of which was glowing blue, and fired a much stronger beam of atomic energy.


The attack bought Crow enough time to crawl away. As he escaped, he looked back at Godzilla in awe, cracking a small smile. Godzilla menacingly approached his much-smaller rival, who helplessly tried to escape. He was exhausted, allowing the much slower King of the Monsters to gain on him. Zilla fired one last atomic beam at his opponent, who was completely unaffected. Godzilla grabbed Zilla by the head, prying his jaws open with his hands. The mutated water iguana slashed and kicked at him, but it was useless. Godzilla fired his atomic breath down Zilla’s throat, decapitating him. Blood flooded one of Tokyo’s streets, pooling around Zilla’s headless corpse.


As the sun rose, James Crow struggled to stay awake. As his vision began to blur, he saw Godzilla roar in triumph. A helicopter landed near him as Masashiro Sakurai stepped out, extending his hand. “Are you alright?”


“Yeah. Just resting.” Crow took his hand and struggled to his feet. “I’m sorry.”


Sakurai was confused, and he could not believe what he was hearing. “What?”


“I...was wrong about him. We all were.”


Both men turned to watch Godzilla heading towards the Japanese coastline. Before entering the ocean, he let out one last bellow to assert his position as the King of the Monsters. Then, he returned to the depths of the ocean, leaving Tokyo’s residents to watch in wonder.





Matterhorn Mountain, Switzerland


Two hikers were trekking up the slope of the Matterhorn Mountain, exhausted. Gasping for breath, one of them asked, “How much longer, man?”


“I don’t know. But this is a good place to take a break.”


After five minutes, they continued before suddenly falling through the snowy ground. They slid down into a dark cavern, screaming for their lives. The hikers landed on the ground, standing up to see a wall of ice. “What the Hell?”

Inside the ice was the silhouette of a three-headed creature that looked like a dragon: The Golden Demise.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

3 Replies


ModeratorGiganJul-04-2019 7:42 PM

Legendary chapter

Good grief.


MemberTitanosaurusJul-04-2019 8:07 PM

 Ooh, I like that ending bit.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.


MemberRodanJul-05-2019 12:04 AM

Can't wait for the sequel!!! Also, liked the little nod to the 2014 movie at the end there!

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