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How I was before joining the Godzilla fandom

How I was before joining the Godzilla fandom

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Mothra LarvaeMember48 XPAug-25-2019 4:54 AM

I was living up life as the only g-fan in my area, and then I start getting my other family members into Godzilla by watching some Godzilla movies with them. Although when I was 2-8 it was really hard to find Godzilla movies so my grandparents got me Gojira "54" from online I would watch it for Godzilla scenes and caught interest in his basic unique traits, which is his spine, the roar, his size, and his radioactive breath(2 year old me thought it was fire) so I told my cousins about the creature and later they caught interest not only Godzilla but the other huge roster of kaiju that were there such as gigan, mothra, jet jaguar, rodan, mecha g, ghidorah, etc. Though they'd never bother watching Godzilla as much as I do and learn at the exact same level as me.. But it didn't really bother me I probably thought being the only one to know alot about Godzilla was great UwU, till I realize it pretty much sucks I'd tell others facts about Godzilla and I would get the feeling it didn't interest them Godzilla is special to me I've loved since I was able to process obsession. I would see some Godzilla youtubers for some Godzilla stuff and I am like damn they are FANS?.. I've been in love with the kaiju for 14 years. Since my mom passed away Godzilla was the only thing that kept me strong and happy especially seeing Godzilla KOTM. Later on I would always see topics on Godzilla on google so I finally decided to join the fandom which I probably already explained in "what made me a godzilla fan?" I just notice I don't really reply or create topics much for some reason?.. BTW how were you people before joining the fandom?

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Titan of Water

BaragonMember458 XPAug-25-2019 7:08 AM

You can read all about in my thread “my history with Godzilla”.

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