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Godzilla Extinction: Prologue-Chapter 4

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Sorry, reposting because would be difficult to find up to chapter 3 in the future. Posting chapter 4 on this account.


Original Idea By Dantefrancis

Made in collaboration with




Titan Of Water





3 years ago


Davison Howers, a brown-haired man in his late twenties wearing a black suit, calmly walks down the wood and glass corridors surrounding him. He has a meeting with a few potential investors, and can’t afford to lose them. By his side is his trusted partner, Christian Horvien, a balding man in his late 40’s with a muscular physique and a blue suit and tie. They calmly walk towards the conference room, but as Davison is about to enter the conference room, Christian stops him. “Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?” Christian asks. “Why wouldn’t I be? It’s for the protection of humanity!” Retorts Davison. “Yeah, but these things are a natural part of the ecosystem, you know. If we interfere with that, who knows what will happen? Maybe global warming will speed up, or the planet will freeze over, or the released radiation will make the planet uninhabitable. Or maybe we’ll awaken something much worse…” “Don’t go crazy on me now. These are animals, not gods, and all that is pure speculation. However, I do agree that they have some sort of presence in the ecosystem, which is why we’re only going to use them for defensive purposes, not to exterminate Kaiju. Ok?” Davison responded. “Sure thing Davey, I just wanted to be sure that you know what you’re getting into.” With that, they enter the conference room, about an hour early with only one other person who looks like she’s been there for hours. As time goes by, more people enter the room, and eventually almost all the provided seats are full by the time the meeting is supposed to start. The pair wait another 10 minutes for anyone running late. Sure enough, a few business men and women rush into the meeting, thankful that they’re on time, or at least so they think. Once that ten minutes is up, Dave begins the presentation. “Hello everyone, now before we begin I’m going to ask you all a simple question. What’s the-” Davison gets cut off by the last potential investor runs in, out of breath, and tries to silently reach the last seat while panting as quietly as he can, but still loudly. Once he is seated, Davison waits a few more seconds before resuming his presentation. “As I was saying, what is the biggest threat concerning humanity right this moment? I don’t mean back during when global warming or world hunger were problems, or a future issue that may harm a country, or a social issue. No, I mean what is the biggest problem facing the entirety of humanity, in this moment? I’ll give you all a few minutes to mull it over.” Davison walks back near his partner as the investors discuss it with the people sitting nearest to them. He sets a timer for 5 minutes and 10 seconds. When it has 10 seconds left he stops the timer so the buzzer doesn’t go off and so he looks like he timed it with his instinct and wit. It’s the subtle things that give off an air of professionalism, he realized that many years ago. “Alright, times up. Can anyone tell me what the biggest threat facing humanity is?” “Racism!” exclaims a random person in the back, so sure of his answer yet missing the entire point of the presentation. Davison deflates. “I said a non social issue.” “Socialism!” Yells a woman at the opposite end of the room. “How is that a threat to all of humanity?” “Oh right, communism!” Yells yet another investor. The person who first arrived in the room has a look on her face that says “I’m surrounded by idiots.” “It has to be an actual threat that doesn’t concern economical or social ideologies.” Christian says. “Energy consumption rates getting closer to exceeding production?” “Oxygen production reducing every year?” “Lack of clean, fresh water?” Finally, some good guesses. The original woman’s look of being absolutely dumbfounded by stupidity slowly disappears after hearing some of the more educated guesses, but still not entirely. She seems like she figured out what the answer is a long time ago. Davison finally gives up with this game, and says, “no, but still another good guess! It’s-” “It’s Kaiju,” says the woman who was here originally. “You’re right. It’s Kaiju. As of currently, we have no way of defending ourselves against these Kaiju, or Titans as some of you may call them, that actually works. We’re so focused on social issues that we fail to acknowledge the threat of these Kaiju that surface every few years that kill thousands, sometimes even millions of people. The only reason they go away is because Godzilla, or Gojira as some of you may call him, or Mothra come help us against them, and we just try to distract the Kaiju for them. We can’t rely on them because we have no idea if one day they just decide to not help us, and they usually arrive by the time many people have died. We need a faster and controllable way of dealing with these Kaiju. So what I propose is a way of dealing with them. I’m not going to lie, it will take a lot of time and resources to accomplish. However, it should be able to deter or even kill any Kaiju that comes our way.” “Well, what’s your idea then?” says the woman, who seems to already have a good guess to what his idea is. “Well, I’ll explain that right now….”


3 hours later


The meeting was an astounding success! Davison and Christian raised billions in dollars for their project in a matter of hours, and this is only the first of their investor meetings. They got an especially large sum of money from the person who arrived late. The pair still don’t know if the generous investment was for the project or a sorry for arriving late. As all the investors leave, one stays behind, the woman from before. “Hello, I have a quick question.” “Oh, I’d be happy to answer any question you have Ms….” “Naripes. Clarissa Naripes.” “Howers. Davison Howers.” “Well, Mr. Howers, I was wondering whether or not you have some experience in this field.” “While I’m not exactly an expert on Kaiju, I used to be part of the military, and have first hand experience with trying to defeat Kaiju. And as I mentioned in my presentation, most of the emergency measures the military currently employ are mostly ineffective, to say the least.” “Mostly?” “They work in distracting and/or pissing off the Kaiju.” “I see. Well Mr. Howers, here’s some beginners advice when tackling large projects such as these. Dream big, but don’t dream too big. Stay true to your initial intentions. While most projects start with great intentions, a large portion of those projects lead to horrible, horrible things, and corrupting the original founders, In short, some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions. Don’t lose try to work around your self set precautions or you’ll end up like them. Do you understand, Mr. Howers?” “Yes I do, Ms. Naripes. My partner over there, Christian Horvien, helps keep me in check.” “Then I look forward to working with you, Mr. Howers. I will be following this project very closely, and by extension, I will be keeping a close eye on you.” “I understand, Ms. Naripes. Have a nice day.” “Goodbye. We will be seeing each other again. Mr. Howers. You as well, Mr. Horvien.” Christian nods in acknowledgement. She then leaves out the door. Daveson lets out the breath he didn’t know he was holding, and turns to face his partner. “She’s right, you know.” “Yeah, I understand. Hey Chris?” “Yes Davey?” “If I ever stray from the path, and I’m too far gone…. I want you to stop me, ok?” “What do you mean Davey?” “I want you to stop me before I go too far, by any means necessary. I don’t want to become the next Hitler or the next father/doctor of Rosemary Kennedy. Do you understand?” “I can’t agree to that, you know I can’t-” “I need you to promise me. Do you understand?” After a seemingly eternal moment of silence, Christian says, “Alright, I promise.” “Thank you, Mr. Horvien.” “Your welcome, Davey. See you tomorrow when we begin our new job.” “Goodbye Mr. Horvien!” As the door shuts, it’s Chris’ turn to let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. He lets out a long sigh, and packs up for the day. As he leaves, he tries to mentally prepare himself for what the next 3 years will hold.


Chapter 1: The God Of Slumber


Gojira looks around at the hellscape before him. The city is almost ruined, the little still intact is set ablaze and the bodies of Kaiju are littered on the floor. Ghidorah has an enormous hole in his chest, Anguirus’ jaws are broken, and almost everyone else is unconscious. There’s a few Kaiju Godzilla’s never met before, and they’re barely alive. Mothra is lying on the floor, her wings ablaze, and although Godzilla see Krystallak, he knows that he’s dead. Last, and definitely most important, there is a giant Kaiju standing over the bodies. One that looks like Godzilla, but easily twice his size, if not larger. The giant Kaiju grabs a demonic Kaiju Godzilla’s also never seen before and tosses it into a building so hard it completely collapses. Rodan suddenly gets up and flies at the giant Kaiju. Just as he’s about to collide into it, he turns 90 degrees and flies high into the sky. Soon, Godzilla can’t even see him. After a few moments, Rodan comes barreling back down and collides into the mega-Kaiju full force. He managed to knock off one of its dorsal plates and sets another on fire. The fire starts to spread from the single dorsal plate to another, and begins to slowly engulf its body. It seems unfazed though, as it grabs Rodan’s legs, snaps them, and throws him into another building. Enraged, Gojira gets up and runs at the titanic titan. He claws, kicks, bites, body checks, and tail slams it, but his attacks don’t even faze the monster. The monster hits him with its arm, and kicks him a distance away. When Godzilla finally stops sliding across the debris covered ground, he’s quite a distance away from the monster. The fire is almost entirely covering the Kaiju, when it suddenly opens up its stomach and starts emitting an electronic humming sound, and soon Godzilla can see a bright light starting to form in its gut. Knowing what is about to happen, Godzilla starts to charge as strong an atomic breath he can muster. When he’s done charging, he blasts the giant creature. However, it is also done charging as it releases an enormous, white beam aimed directly for Godzilla. The beams collide, and unlike the usual small explosion that normally occurs in these situations, the beam completely engulfs Gojira’s atomic breath. It doesn’t even slow as it begins to come at him with terrifying force. Soon, he runs out of energy, not that it matters anyway. The beam engulfs him, and he is in more pain than he has ever been in before, in unimaginable pain. Fire….. Everything is fire…….. The pain…… The pain…… 


The God of Slumber wakes up from his decade long nap. Someone woke up again?!! Why do they keep waking up?!!! He can’t tell who it is, though. However, he has more pressing matters. He only has dreams like those when something horrible is about to happen, they’ve never been wrong before. No one ever believed him when he said the ice or the meteor was coming, but then look what happened! Focus! But on what should he focus? The catastrophe that is bound to happen but he has no idea how it will happen, or the awakening Kaiju? Wait… what if the Kaiju is the same Kaiju from the dream! A look of fear crosses the face of the possibly soon to be dethroned King of the Monsters. He rushes over to the signal to send whatever Kaiju it is back to sleep. Why doesn’t anyone sleep anymore…. They seriously still can’t see why it’s so good after over 100 million years?” he grumbles to himself. For over a hundred million years he has been getting the other Kaiju to sleep, to see the beauty of it, and barely any have seen it. No matter how much he explains that they’ll exhaust the radiation supply if they all stay awake, they fought him to stay awake, no matter how many times they lose, they keep trying a few hundred years later. None have had much success since his early years, the only one who has ever beat him since is- Crap, what if it’s Ghidorah again! He thinks to himself. Well, if it is Ghidorah, I can handle him. Although Ghidorah has beat him once, Gojira has beat him many more times. Still, it doesn’t seem to deter the God of Awakening or any of the other Gods. He swims towards the signal through the Hollow Earth and exits through the vortex nearest to the signal. He exits the water and walks into an open desert surrounding a coastline, and a city in the distance. There. If it went anywhere, it would be there. 

Chapter 2: Wraith

Rodan is on resting in Mount Fuji, resting peacefully after his fight with Methuselah. Recently, the other titans have been getting on his nerves. It’s like they are purposefully trying to pick fights with him for no reason other than for fun. Not that he doesn’t love fighting; it’s one of his favorite pasttimes after all, but he needs a break! Even though that he should of gotten used to it, he just wants a break. He’s tired of getting new wounds almost every year. But he would like it if someone helped him; if he just had someone to help him every now and then. Then something gets his attention. To his right, a… for lack of a better word, weird snake like titan that is pink, has two bladed arms, and is...floating? He’s never seen a titan like this before. But… it seems… unnatural… with every movement it makes, Rodan feels sick to his core, like there’s something demonic about it. Now that he gets a good look at it, it really does look like some kind of demon. Rodan immediately wants it gone. He isn’t going to kill it… ok if it comes to it, he will kill it, no matter what. Rodan flies down, nearing the titan. However, when he comes closer, he realizes that it’s larger, bulkier (for its kinds apparently light build)… a female. A new female titan? But why would she wake up now? And how did I not notice she was here?!!!!! However he doesn’t care, he just wants her off the island. “What. Are. You. Doing. HERE?!!!!” He roars. The titan puts her hands up, as if she surrenders immediately. Well that was easy. Thinks Rodan. “I’m Wraith, I’m just passing through.” Rodan doesn’t buy it, not for one second. Though the name does sound a little familiar… “Get off my ISLAND.” Wraith backs off a bit, actually looking scared, despite her demonic appearance. Rodan still doesn’t buy it, so with one flap with his wings, charges after her. Wraith proceeds to cover herself in a white light, and what Rodan thinks he saw, teleports. She appears again farther away from him. “Listen, I don’t want to fight, Lava-bird.” Lava bird? LAVA BIRD?!!!!!! She comes into HIS territory… She picks a fight with HIM… and now she’s insulting him?!!! “HOW DARE YOU?!!!!” “What?!!! What did I-” Rodan cuts her off by ramming into her and pecking at her face and neck, all the while clawing up her stomach. However, Wraith recovers and begins to claw back at him with all four of her demonic arms. However, Rodan’s kind is much stronger than hers, and he’s easily winning this fight. It all seems to be going well for Rodan; the fight going much easier than most, but then she stabs into his shoulder with her tusks. Rodan stops for a moment, shocked at the attack. Then, Wraith pushes him off, sending him falling into the ocean. Rodan doesn’t even try to right himself. He just falls… and falls… and falls for what seems like an eternity. Finally, he hits the water, and sinks. Wraith watches from the air in surprise. Did I just kill him? Man, lava birds must be WEAK. She chuckles to herself. 


Rodan just lets himself sink. He has the worst feeling of Dejavu. What’s the point? Every time he beats one, another takes its place. And every time it looks like he’ll win, they pull a Mothra (or in this case a Wraith) and get him in his shoulder. Why do they always go for the shoulder? Why won’t they just leave me alone? Angered, Rodan tries to calm himself down; everytime he gets angry, he gets reckless. That’s when he swears he can hear the demon chuckling to itself. I knew it… Now, he’s getting angry. I’m going to ****ing kill that son of a- Next he hears more laughter… this time maybe Mothra? Then another titan laughing. Ghidorah? Now Godzilla, Behemoth, Manda, Zilla- it seems like every titan that’s ever LIVED is laughing at his failure. Not again! Calm down Rhody, cal- then he hears 2 voices, ones that cut through all the rest. His parents. Ok… There’s no going back now…


Wraith watches the water a bit longer, just in case the lava bird survived. Nope, he’s dead. Well, I guess I can stay here for now. But I gotta- Then she hears something… something very faint, coming from the water. She also sees an orange glow coming from deep within the water, the closer it gets, the louder the sound is. It almost sounds like a roar from underwater, but there’s no possible way that lava bird can make a roar so loud she can hear it from here. Right? Suddenly, the lava bird shoots out of the water, at speeds she hasn’t seen in a long time. All the while, he’s creating the longest, loudest most rage-filled roar she’s heard in a LONG time. Rodan slashes her, but keeps going up. Wraith looks at her wound, and not only is she bleeding, she’s also been burnt pretty bad from that attack, even more than from his other attacks. But where is he going? Is he giving up? Wraith waits awhile, to see if he comes back. Nothing. No signs of life. Finally, after a few minutes of patiently waiting, she starts flying off relieved. However, she starts hearing that faint sound again… and the sound of fire crackling… and both sounds get louder and louder until she can hear that infamous roar. It’s coming from above her. Nothing. Am I just imagining things? However, she notices a faint, orange glow above the clouds, which gets brighter and brighter the louder the roar gets (which is quite loud, nearly as loud as the sound produced from a sonic boom!). After a long while of watching she realizes that it’s the lava bird. That realization took too long. Suddenly, Rodan, completely covered in flames, roaring like a maniac, and looking like he wants to kill everything in sight bursts from the cloud right above her. Wraith tries to fly away, but she can’t escape the inevitable. Rodan slams into her back, creating a shockwave around them. Wraith immediately starts to fall, and covered in flames. It’d be one hell of a miracle if she survived that. Rodan watches from above until she crashes into the waves. Rodan feels MUCH better than before, all his wounds healed, and he just kicked someone’s ***!!! Hmmph, showed them. Some titans… On that note, Rodan flies back to his cave, with a healed body, mind, and most important to him, with his pride restored. The flames he created in his re-entry must have healed him, or something. On his way back, he swoops down and snatches an orca from its pod and eats it in only a few bites. Should be enough to last him awhile; the flames gave him enough energy anyway. He flies on until he reaches his new, but familiar home. Mount Fuji. He lands by his enormous cave and slowly walks in. He hasn’t felt this good in a long time; he feels so good that he almost can’t even sleep! However, he does it anyway. His dreams are filled only with battles and many glorious victories for Rodan.


Chapter 3: Awakening


Location: Unknown

Titan: Titanus Goliath


Inside its egg, a new, or much more likely old titan rests within the confines of the laboratory. Suddenly, though, Goliath wakes up. Where is he? He doesn’t want to know nor care...but there’s one thing that keeps bugging him. Why are the others...so far away?!! Before he can contemplate for long, he feels a huge shock of electricity, causing him to break out from his egg. The first thing he sees is a small human with black hair and green eyes, in a white laboratory coat. Goliath growls at the lesser being before him. This human is going to immediately regret waking him up. No human will ever mess with him again, no other will try and wake him up, they will all know the wrath of Go-. Just before he was about to swat the human away with his giant arm, he feels something hit him with the force of a train (or the Kaiju equivalent). More enraged than ever, Goliath slowly gets up and growls at his attacker, a very familiar one. However, he’s a different color, silver with glowing, yellow eyes. Did he change from the last time I saw him? He charges at him, bringing him down, and started beating him with his gigantic hands. His hide feels like metal as he pounds him. Soon his own hands are bleeding from his own attack. That isn’t enough as he uses his tail like a whip, as he slashes it across Goliath’s back. ”Mechagodzilla, that’s enough just pin him down for now.” The silver creature does just that, throwing him down and digging his claws into his into his back. Goliath roars in anger, wanting this...creature to get off. ”Titanus Goliath, it is a pleasure to meet you in person.” Goliath growls at the human, but the human doesn’t even flinch! If you let me go, I swear to GOD, I will kill you for waking me up. Less pressing, somehow Goliath picked up on how to understand the human language while he was in his egg… Why does he keep getting some weird *** ability when he wakes up?!!! And it’s almost never useful!!! Well, except for- FOCUS!!!! Luckily, the human didn’t hear his death threat, and on the wall, the human uses something small to show Goliath something. It’s a cave painting showing Goliath with the same creature, but this one was the one he remembers. But that’s not it. The human presses a button, which makes a click sound, and it shows Kraken with...a moth? Why was it a moth? The moth seems… vaguely familiar. Damn it! It always takes a few weeks for my memories to come back! Another click, and it shows Wraith, but with what looks like a lava bird, again vaguely familiar. Goliath’s growing to be a bit curious. Why is he showing them this, he doesn’t know. But it’s interesting. But he already knows who is going to be next. Most likely the last click, is Behemoth and a three headed dragon. Wait, why did a dragon had three heads? Wouldn't that be a problem for the heads? Oh wait, that’s-The images disappear, and Goliath looks at the human. Ok, it knows what it’s doing. But why did it show me this? As if he heard he said,”Those are cave paintings with you and your brethren, bonded with Titanus Gojira, Mosura, Rodan, and Monster Zero.” Bonded? What does he mean by bonded? And I remember the lizard thing, but isn’t this it right- Goliath stops himself. It took him way too long to realize that that silver thing isn’t Lizard-Dude. Goliath knows that that was stupid; even for him! The human, unaware of  Goliath’s realization, continues on. “ The eight of you seemed to have had a relationship similar to Gojira and Mosura symbiotic relationship. With Wraith and Rodan’s being stronger than the six of you. ” Wraith’s relationship with Lava bir-Rodan is stronger than me and Lizard dude?. Goliath started to wonder. How was her relationship stronger?Everyone else is a lot stronger, and if he remembers right the lizard dude and three headed dragon thing were some of the strongest Kaiju out there! She’s shy...but extremely deadly when angered. Ok, after I destroy this...area,I’m going to find Wraith and stop her from meeting the Lava Bird. Then again, she’ll most likely try to find us. And there’s a chance that she’ll meet him before I have a chance to- FOCUS!!! Goliath prepares his fire breath, making his throat glow a bright red. Unfortunately the human keeps talking. ”Mechagodzilla, let him go, I want him to demonstrate one of his abilities” Oh,I’ll show you one of my abilities. Goliath lets loose a torrent of flame from his mouth, setting the whole lab on fire. Mechagodzilla goes to protect the human, while Goliath charges through the weakened walls. He runs and starts scaling a small cliff, before seeing a ruined city...


“Sir. Sir!!!”... He can only faintly hear what’s going on… “Dr. Bernard!” “Sir! Someone get him a doctor!!!!” Dr. Johnathan Bernard finally wakes up. He looks up at the mechanical creation above him. “I’m fine, just feel like I just got the worst hangover ever.” He can hear a few chuckles from multiple different voices coming from Mechagodzilla. “Do you need to go to the hospital?” Without hesitation he says, “I will when Howers is done chewing me out.” More chuckling. “Yeah, how are you going to explain… this?” “Research. And a … slight miscalculation…” “I’ll say” He hears chuckling from the team piloting the creation remotely. “Aren’t you worried that Hower’ll… you know?” “Nah, I’ll be fine.” “You sure about that?” “Entirely. Now, let’s get the hell out of here!” The mechanical creature leaves, carrying Johnathan with it. 


Chapter 4: Bonds 

Titanus Kraken

Location: Qingdao, China


“The S.S.S. Pearl sets off on the cruise of a lifetime! Join us as we journey along the Yellow Sea, spotting whales and maybe get a surprise visit from Mothra!” Says the captain over the P.A. system in Chinese. The mothra thing has to be a lie, she has to stay asleep like all the other Kaiju, thinks Jackson Sparing as he boards the ship. Dave sent him here to watch out for potential Kaiju, apparently they found evidence of one waking up in the form of immense tremors and a spike in radiation levels in the area. Which one it is, no one’s certain. Upon boarding the cruise liner, he walks up to the front deck, pulls out a lawn chair, gets his martini, and kicks up his feet onto the rails. Just because he’s on duty doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy the cruise! Well… actually it does kind of mean that, but whatever. Besides, he won’t be anywhere near the area that gave off the readings for days, there’s nothing to worry about for now. 

4 hours later…

“Everyone! Everyone! Come over to the front deck, we may be getting a surprise visit from Mothra!!!” Jack wakes up, and looks at the crowd of people starting to form. According to the captain, it is Mothra. Nothing to worry about then. He still gets up and looks over the side of the ship to make sure. The water ahead is starting to churn, and he can see a dark blue glow from the water. “Everyone, Mothra is surfacing from the water!” Wait a minute, if it was Mothra, she’d be flying, not surfacing. They must have something wrong. If anything, this is more characteristic of what I’ve heard of Godzilla. Jack stares, perplexed at why he’d be awake, and here of all reasons. Suddenly, a Kaiju surfaces from the water, one that is certainly not Godzilla. It’s a lot smaller, and has tentacles growing from its head. It weirdly also has a pair of small wings. It roars out, and that’s when Jack realizes he should call this in. “DAVE!!!!! DAVE!!!!!!! PICK UP THE ****ING SAT RIGHT NOW OR I SWEAR I’M GONNA ****ING-” Finally, Davison answers his SAT phone. “Christ, what is it Jack?!!!” “I found the titan, it’s a completely new-” Jack stops himself, The creature feels vaguely familiar… he knows no one has ever seen this one before, but he knows he’s seen this thing before. He feels like John told him about- “Jack are you there?!!! It’s a new titan?!!!!” “Sorry, I might have been mistaken. I think it’s that squid thing that John kept rattling on about, the thing in the cave paintings with Mothra? Kraken, right?” “Interesting, first Goliath, and now Kraken? Maybe more of them will wake up. John’s going to be pretty happy to hear this.” “Wait! Before we consider what’ll be interesting, I think we need to discuss whether or not this thing is aggressive, because it’s right next to a cruise liner packed with people and a densely populated city….” “Jack?” “Oh dear God…” Jack watches in horror as it wades its way towards Qingdao. “Dave!!! We need people here right now! It’s heading towards-” SCREEEEEEEEEEECH!!!!!!!! Suddenly, Jack hears a very characteristic screech. He looks up, and sees Mothra, who’s now heading towards Kraken…. And the city….

“Who are you?”thought Kraken as he looked at the winged insect before him. The Moth radiated a somewhat familiar energy… but how? It didn’t matter to Kraken. He just wanted it “I’m Mothra,and I know who you are,Kraken” Kraken was “BEGONE THOT!”  Kraken lifted his arms, summoning a lightning bolt to zap Mothra. Mothra notices the arcing electricity and moves out of the way. “Woah there Kraken. Why did you do that? I don’t want to fight.” Kraken growled angrily, not trusting this Moth thing one bit, even if it was rather familiar… Kraken then shot several of his siren bombs at Mothra, which homed in on her. Mothra quickly spat some silk at the bombs causing them to detonate before reaching her. However, Kraken took Mothra’s momentary distraction to summon another bolt of lightning. This time, it hit its mark. Mothra cried out in pain, her back smoking from the impact. “You leave me no choice Kraken.” Mothra dove at Kraken, slashing her claws at the monster’s face. Kraken roared furiously and attempted to grab Mothra’s body, but she moved out of the way just in time. Kraken took to the air as well, body-slamming Mothra. Mothra spat her silk at Kraken’s wings, tangling them up. “Huh? AAHHH!” Kraken fell down into the sea making a huge splash as he hit the water below. Mothra hovered high above the water, waiting for Kraken to free himself from the webbing. Just then, Kraken burst out of water roaring “WHOS BACK *****?” before releasing electrical energy from his body, electrocuting Mothra. Mothra shrieked from the pain, her tiny body not being able to handle energy attacks very well. She powered through the pain, however, and shot as much Silk she could muster at Kraken. “What? NOOOOO!!” roared Kraken. By the time Mothra was done, Kraken looked like a silken chicken leg. Mothra caught the bundled up Kraken in her many arms and legs, and proceeded to carry him out to sea. Kraken struggled within the silken casing that held him fast, but it was no use. He just couldn’t get out! “This is an outrage! Who knew that this Moth’s silk was so freaking strong?” He decided to take a risky gamble, but it might kill himself in the process. “I gotta do it, if not, I might be stuck in this thing forever!” Just then Kraken felt himself drop, and water seeped into the silk casing enveloping him. Kraken decided it was here and now he would get out. Summoning 2 of his Siren bombs, Kraken blew a gaping hole in the silk surrounding him.  “No way...it actually worked!” he thought. “Now, it’s time to finally finish off that pesky Moth…” Mothra watched the wrapped up Kraken sink out of sight, into the lower depths. She sighed and turned to fly off when she was zapped by another bolt of electricity! Spinning around midair, she saw Kraken speed after her, roaring furiously. Mothra spat some more silk at Kraken, hoping to deter him, but Kraken, knowing better, avoided the attack. Catching up to Mothra, Kraken grabbed her and sent electricity arcing through her body. Mothra screamed in pain as she struggles fruitlessly against Kraken’s indomitable grip. “I should have told him about his past…” thought Mothra as she lost consciousness. Kraken, sensing Mothra’s body and wings go limp, stopped electrocuting her. “I WIN! HAHAHA!” roared Kraken in Mothra’s face. Flying over the nearest island, Kraken tossed the unconscious Mothra onto the sandy surface of the island. “Good riddance, insect!” laughed Kraken before diving into the waves. But as he swam, Kraken could not shake the feeling that he did something wrong… but What?

“Dave?” “Yeah Jack?” Jack watches in awe and horror as Kraken flies off. “Kraken just beat the crud out of Mothra. Well, there goes that whole ‘bond’ theory John had.” “Yes, I’ve been hearing similar reports about Rodan and Wraith. I don’t believe Behemoth has woken up yet. Goliath hasn’t met Godzilla, as far as I know. But I don’t believe John is wrong. He mentioned that Goliath didn’t have his memories intact, so perhaps they’re attacking each other due to lack of memory?” “Maybe… I’m not sure, but I think Mothra was hesitant to attack Kraken. It also looked like she should have beaten the crap out of him. He also looks smaller than in the cave paintings.” “... Well, if that’s true… then this could be like Mothra’s rebirth, when she was reborn she didn’t seem to recognize Godzilla until she grew her wings. John also found paintings of 3 different forms of the 4 creatures… Maybe… maybe they only retain their memories after they grow? And they probably have 3 growth stages, so they might get their memories back after their 2nd or 3rd stage, but I’m not sure. I’ll probably have to run that by John. Anyways, is Kraken still heading towards Qingdao?” “No, he’s heading deeper into the ocean, away from the city.” “Good. In that case, report back to HQ immediately.” “Yes sir… but I was hoping I could at least take a couple days off?” “What? Why?” “Well Dave… this is a cruise after all…” The two share a hearty laugh. “Sure. It’s about time you used those damn vacation days you’ve been saving up.” Jack laughs and ends the call. It’s about time he gets some rest, and if he’s lucky, maybe he’ll get a surprise visit from Mothra…


If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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2 Responses to Godzilla Extinction: Prologue-Chapter 4


RodanMember1789 XPSep-09-2019 2:00 PM

Sweet, it's up.

Tell us what yall think pls, we appreciate feedback

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


AnguirusMember1443 XPSep-10-2019 6:09 AMTeam Mothra

Yeah boiiii

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