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Godzilla Extinction Chapter 17: The Most Useless Titan

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RodanMember1630 XPNov-22-2019 9:18 PM

Sorry this one came so late! We're still hard at work at Godzilla E, so don't think we've stopped at all! I'm just a tad bit late to post the chapter lol.


Original Idea By: dantefrancis


Made In Collaboration With:




Titan Of Water








Location: Mount Fuji, Japan

Rodan flies off towards the ocean, flying nearby (but thankfully not over) Fuji. He hears what can best be described as a constant ac***ulation of screams. He looks over to the city to see they’re cheering him on again… but with a lot more vigor than usual. Well yeah, I’m their hero! I guess… not sure why I’m taking so much out of that, but I am… Aw…crap…. Rodan does a little anemial roll in the sky as a little show to the little creatures down below, and heads towards the ocean. Hmm… I wonder… if Wraith looks like something from the deepest reaches of Hell… and she really likes the food from the bottom of the ocean, even though it tastes like nothing but slime… does that mean she’d heal faster from eating that stuff? Maybe that’s where she’s from, and so the nutrients would heal her faster because they’re the nutrients her body adapted to? Rodan thinks about it, and not seeing the flaws in his logic that would have allowed him to be lazy and not go the extra mile, he decides he’ll go get that slimy stuff again… even though it repulses him to his very core. The only thing that repulses him more than that is the thought of letting TWO demons stay on his island, especially when one is so annoying! At least the one already here keeps to herself and just lives in a cave… Rodan dives into the ocean, diving deeper and deeper until he reaches the Twilight zone… where all those eel-sharks and slimy fish live. With his internal magma illuminating the surrounding waters, he can easily pick out where all the stuff is. And by God… they’re everywhere. GROSS GROSS GROSS GROSS!!!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!! He collects what Wraith will probably need and frantically pushes himself upwards until he bursts out of the water. Ok… I don’t have to go back in there… until tomorrow… or later today, if this isn’t enough- Aww, come on… Rodan sees a baby Humpback swimming with its mother, and aims for it. Oh I love those things! They’re so fat and delicious! Like the filet mignon of whales! He outstretches his talons and grabs the calf right from underneath its mother, leaving burn marks on the side of the now childless whale and burning the baby whale alive. Rodan doesn’t think anything of it, though, and heads back to the beach where he left Wraith… and she’s gone. Wait, what? He drops down on the beach, where a ton of humans are standing, looking down at large imprints in the sand. Then they notice him, and stop. “Oh my god… It’s Rodan everybody! Look!” The crowd starts to clamor in excitement, and as Rodan starts to walk up to see what they’re looking at, he realizes he should probably tone down the heat a little due to the fact that the humans in front of him can be baked like little pancakes. He continues to walk towards them and, for whatever reason, they aren’t giving him the wide berth they usually do. Um… aren’t you going to move? He stares at them expectantly, and is pretty miffed when they don’t move. “OK, THAT’S IT, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!” he roars. The humans, as if though they understood him, get out of the way. Finally, stupid little bugs… Rodan gets closer to the imprints and notice that they’re all along the beach. Oh my god I get to track stuff! I haven’t gotten to do this since I was a kid! Rodan, energized by the nostalgia of a difficult hunt, starts inspecting the different tracks. Hmm… it looks like these tracks are from Wraith, Ghidorah, and Krystalak… and Behemoth? Rodan pauses a moment, inspecting the tracks of the creature he had long forgotten. How did I forget about that guy? He’s one of the craziest guys I’ve ever met! And didn’t he have, like, a friend group? It was him, Goliath, that squidily thing- Kraken… and… the last one was… Wraith? Wait so I do know her? But I don’t remember anything about her… or much of Behemoth and the others either… what? So Ghidorah was right? Rodan sits there, perplexed, but then comes to a conclusion. Eh, we probably met each other at a get together in the Hollow Earth and I forgot. Never been much of a Kaiju that remembers other titans… Didn’t know Ghidorah cared so much, though. Maybe he introduced me to them, I don’t know. Still, maybe Wraith’s tracks lead to her? Rodan follows her tracks, but they lead to a dent in the ground, with a few Ghidorah prints around it. Oh…. Well, I guess Ghidorah decided to do me a favor after I scared him off. Ope… nope… I can smell her… she’s just near my mountain… WHY IS SHE NEAR MY MOUNTAIN?!!!! Rodan frantically begins to take off, but at the last second realizes he’s still being swarmed by the little humans. Ugh, I’m surrounded by idiots. Maybe if I just take off it will teach the rest of the humans a lesson or something. Rodan takes off anyways, blowing all the humans meters and meters backwards, some hitting their heads on rocks and not getting up. Rodan doesn’t care, though, and flies towards where the scent is coming from…


Wraith lets out an enormous yawn and stretches. “That was some good sleep! Victory naps are the best!” Wraith gets up and looks around, and sees the creature is still knocked out at the base of the mountain. Or she’s enjoying a post-loss nap. Those aren’t half bad either. Suddenly, she hears a screech. “Senoshi?!!! What are you doing out of your cave?!!!” She looks down and sees the creature-Senoshi- sit up and give a relaxed smile as she says, “Anata ga ****te iru watashi no shima ni imasu..." “I don’t care, just get in your cave!” “Genki.” Senoshi begins to head back to her cave when suddenly Rodan calls out, “Hey, you didn’t happen to see another demon here did you?” “Oi! Kore wa hito shsabetsu shugi-shadesu!!!” “Wow, I’m the racist? View must be nice from that glass house of yours.” “Son'na koto o itta wake janai!” “Sure, of course you didn’t mean it like that… anyways, it sounds like you did see her.” “Yeah, I’m up here.”  Rodan turns to look at the ledge she was sleeping on… right beneath his own cave… How did I not notice that she WAS RIGHT UNDERNEATH MY CAVE?!!!! “GET AWAY FROM MEH CAVE!!!!” “JEEZ FINE!!!! Wait, you live in that cave?” “Yeah… why?” “... I… uh… I thought birds didn’t like living in caves?” Rodan floats there, flabbergasted. “My god… HEY SENOSHI, SEE WHY I THINK YOU’RE BOTH DEMONS?!!!!! YOU’RE BOTH REALLY-” “Shattodaun, hato o taberu imaimashi hi...” Says Senoshi, chuckling, resulting in a sigh from Rodan. “Wait, how did you guys even meet?” “Kare ga saisho ni tochaku ****a toki ni watashi wa kare no o shiri o kettanade, kare wa tsubasa o kowa****anode, watashi wa kare ga todomaru yo ni shima****a." Says Senoshi, chuckling. Rodan sighs and turns back to Wraith, and he realizes something… “Hey Wraith, come get your fish.” “FIIIIIIIIISH!!!!!” Wraith jumps off the ledge and floats down to where Rodan deposited the slimy demons from the sea. Wraith begins to feast with gusto. Hmmph, thought so. “So you didn’t bother telling me that Senoshi fixed your arm with her healing mist?” “Kossetsu ****a ude wa dodesu ka? Mata, kanojo wa somosomo kok de nani os hite iru nodeshou ka?" “Oh, we got into a fight when she was intruding on the island, I won, breaking her arm. Then she was stuck here because her arm was broken, keeping her from flying, and so I agreed to feed her until she could get off my-our island. But I guess you handled that.” Wraith finishes gorging herself and starts to respond to Rodan, “I was going to, but kinda got distracted by HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW THAT THING?!!!” “****surei shiri ika..." “She has a name, walrus-squid. And that, I’m afraid, is a story for another-never, now get off my-our island!””Fine, fine.” “Kanari haranbanjo no yoru." “Yeah, it has been pretty eventful. I actually beat Ghidorah last night!” “Watashi wa anata o shinjite inai, anata wa hato o tabete uso o tsuite iru hi o kinisuru...” “Actually, I saw him do it. He beat up this Ghidorah dude.” “NANI?!!!” “Yup, cuz I’m awesome." “Sutekina jobufaiyahato! Tonikaku, watashi wa ne ni ikimasu.” “Sure, see ya in a few hundred years I guess. Good… night? Morning? Afternoon? Whatever. Just go to sleep.” Senoshi chuckles, and says, “Anata wa tsugi no yo ni kikoe hajimete imasu Gojira.” “NO!!! NO I DO NOT!!!!!” Senoshi chuckles and teleports away. “... By the way, why is Ghidorah so important?” “Why do you know Ghidorah?” “I asked first!” Rodan sighs, realizing arguing with her isn’t going to get him anywhere. “Basically, he’s the rival alpha.” “Rival alpha? What does that mean?” “You are literally the most useless titan ever. Ok, so basically we have an alpha, Godzilla or Gojira or Godzirra or whatever you want to call him. Then there’s Ghidorah, the rival alpha who is about as strong as Godzilla and every few millenia or sometimes decades, he tries to take the alpha role from Godzilla because he doesn’t agree with him on one major thing.” “And what’s that?” “Sleep. Godzilla wants all the Kaiju to sleep, only getting up to eat or reproduce, and Ghidorah wants Kaiju awake at all times, to rule the world again and to clean it.” “So… Godzilla’s just lazy?” “Well yes, but actually no. He’s kinda lazy, yeah, but that’s not why he wants all the Kaiju to sleep. Back when all the Kaiju were all awake, everyone was constantly fighting one another, I mean, Ghidorah just woke us all up last night and there were 2 fights on this island alone! Not only that, but you have absolutely no idea how many Kaiju there are. Hell, I don’t even know them all! Here’s the problem: Godzilla thinks that if we allow EVERY SINGLE Kaiju up at once, it’ll deplete the entirety of the planets’ radiaton supply, and eventually the rest of the food supplies too. So Kaiju will either A. Eat each other. B. Sleep until the supplies are replenished. Or C. All die off. Or D. some kind of combination of the ones above. That’s why he lets humans all over the world, because wherever they go, there’s radiation to feed off of.” “So Ghidorah’s the bad one?” “Well, one of his heads is downright evil, but no. He wants them all awake because humans are kind of destroying all the life on Earth, and are mucking the place up. He also thinks Kaiju are the rightful rulers of the Earth. He, like you just thought, thinks that Godzilla is just plain lazy and wants to be alpha but with no responsibilities.” “So… Godzilla’s kinda wrong?” “Well, it depends on how you look at it. He thinks that even though all the life is dying, he noticed that wherever he and other Kaiju go, life fluorishes. So I think he knows, or even counting on that even if all the humans die after destroying almost everything, just from walking around a little he can bring life back. And he’s not exactly wrong…” “So Ghidorah’s wrong?” “Well no, not exactly… He thinks it’s wrong to force everyone asleep all the time because they can’t do what they want to for forever.” “So Godzilla’s wrong?” “Not exactly, because he says you can’t force them all awake or else fighting will brew out and some will die just from lack of sleep.” “So-” “OK, SHUT UP!!! Neither one is absolutely wrong, which is why they’ve been fighting over this for over a hundred million years!!!! Even though the humans are only a recent thing, they’ve been fighting over it for millions of years and every other Kaiju gets up in arms about it and start fighting too. Some for Godzilla, like Mothra, and some for Ghidorah, like Krystalak. Others just fight for themselves, don’t fight unless attacked, or are like me.” “And like you how?” “They just want a good fight, but even when they aren’t in the mood for it will tear people apart for intruding on their territory.” Rodan gives a grin of pride, but then realizes something. “Wait, why am I even explaining this to you?” “Because you wanted to know how I knew Ghidorah. He basically landed on the beach and spoke with Krystalak and Behemoth, who were mocking him for losing to you-” “Wait, they were here too?!!! I’M GOING TO RIP THEIR THROATS OUT!!!!! THOSE-” “Anyways, I mocked him too, the right head got angry, drove me into the sand, it got all over my eyes and I couldn’t see, so the other heads agreed to take me ‘home’ while I healed.” “And that would be-” “Senoshi’s cave.” “... So they brought you to MY mountain… INTO MYYYYY HOME… and into SENOSHI’S cave… because they thought that was your home… After me INCINERATING Ghidorah… WHY?!!!” “I don’t know! I just got carried there! But one last question before I go, please?” “... Fine.” “If Ghidorah wanted all the Kaiju to wake up, why didn’t Senoshi wake up? And what about all the Titans in the Hollow Earth, and what about Godzilla?” “THAT’S THREE!!!!! But, fine. We’re the only two Kaiju, as far as I know, that know of her existence. Not even Ghidorah and Godzilla know about her, I think. The titans of the Hollow Earth usually don’t respond to a call unless it’s cemented for at least a year, besides the *few* that wake up whenever because they’re more hyperactive or just live nearer to the surface so it’s not as much trouble. As for Godzilla… he’s either been killed, defeated and lost the alpha position for a few hundred or thousand years, cheaply and lightly defeated and will come back in a month or two to defeat Ghidorah, or he just went to sleep and Ghidorah took the opportunity to wake everyone up, knowing Godzilla won’t be back until at least a month long nap.” “Sorry, one last question.” “NO!” “But it’s really important because it pertains to you!” “... I know you’re playing me, but now I’m interested. Fine. Last one. Go.” “If any Kaiju that defeats the alpha becomes the alpha, and if Ghidorah was the alpha and you defeated him, are you not now the alpha?” Rodan looks back at her in complete shock. “Oh… oh… you’re right. Do you know what this means?” “That you have authority over all other Kaiju?” “No… I just accidentally created complete and utter chaos…” “What do you mean?” “You know how there was such anarchy when it was just a choice between Godzilla and Ghidorah?” “Yeah…? I mean, a lot didn’t even fight for them, like you.” “Now imagine if some random titan, known to be kinda upper elite tier or lower god tier strength-” “You aren’t god tier-” “SHUT UP!!! Now, where as I? Oh yeah, imagine if an everyday, strong but not ALPHA strong Kaiju were to beat the rival alpha… right when they claim they’re alpha and no one knows where the actual alpha is…” “Oh god… it’s going to be complete and utter chaos…” “....Yeah…. Anyways, get off my island!!!” “YEESH FINE!!!!” Wraith starts flying towards the city, meaning to pass over it and get to the ocean. However, she flies at full speed and accidentally clips the mountain with her shoulder. Hard. This sends her spiraling out of control for a moment at an insane speed, causing her to anemial roll down into the city. She crashes through a few buildings and finally lands at an awkward angle. Rodan, dumbfounded, just stares from where he is. Finally, he decides to go down to see if she’s dead. Upon arriving, his hopes are immediately smashed as she sits up, gingerly holding her arm. “You. Are. LITERALLY. The most. Useless. Titan. Ever.” “Oh shut up!” “Literally the most useless titan ever.” “You know what else?” Says Wraith, staring at him through some tears of embarrassment, but with an evil grin on her face. Rodan, dreading what she’s going to say, hesitantly chirps, “.... what-” “I broke my arm again! Woop dee doo!” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Well… at least I don’t have to go fly off for more- oh no.” “... What?” “I LEFT MY WHALE ON THE BEACH!!!!” Rodan frantically takes off and aims for the beach, leaving Wraith in his wake. “... So… how do I get out of here?”


If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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RodanMember1789 XPNov-23-2019 9:38 AM



Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

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