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Who would win?

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RodanMember1789 XPFeb-24-2020 8:47 PM

First topic i've started in a LONG time.

Tell me who you think would win for each of these fights (I'll leave my personal verdict below each fight):

Godzilla and Mothra (Final wars) vs King Ghidorah (Legendary)

Ghidorah wins

Godzilla and Mothra (Legendary) vs Kiezer Ghidorah

Godzilla and Mothra win

Biollante vs Mechagodzilla (Showa)

Biollante wins, but barely

Godzilla (Legendary), Toonzilla, Behemoth, Female Muto, Fire Rodan, GMK Ghidorah, and Megalon vs SpaceGodzilla, Destroyah, and Monster X

Team wins here.

King Ghidorah and Rodan (Legendary) and the MUTOS vs Godzilla (2003), Kiryu, Mothra/Mothra larvae (Millenium)

MV team wins

Godzilla (Heisei) vs Toonzilla and Hanna barbera Godzilla

Oof, I dunno.

Gorosaurus, Anguirus (showa), Titanosaurus, Rodan (Showa), Baragon (Millenium), and Varan vs Toho King kong, Gaira, Sanda, Mechani-kong, Gypsy Danger, and Gypsy Avenger 

Probably the dinosaurian kaiju team.

Godzilla (GMK), Godzilla (Shin) and Godzilla (1954) vs Desghidorah and Dahgara

Godzilla team, but by the skin of their teeth.

1000 Kamacuras (Showa) vs Godzilla Earth

Godzilla earth.

Who do you guys think would win for each fight?

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Rodan: The Fire Demon

Mothra LarvaeMember57 XPFeb-26-2020 6:23 AMTeam Godzilla

Ok I’m just talking about the first fight (Godzilla and Mothra FW vs Ghidorah 2019) we have to remember that Godzilla FW was a bloody legend walking through anything till monster X. Yes he had help from Mothra+Gotengo but he was wasted from fighting all the other monsters. If it was just a 2v1 Against Ghidorah I have no doubt that Godzilla FW would win even though he’s a little shorter...(ok he’s pretty short against Ghidorah) Godzilla FW is a beast in close up action+ his red spiral atomic breath is no joke. It disintegrated Monster X in his second form sooo... with mothras help it would be a good fight but in the end Godzilla FW and mothra would win the day

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