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How about a new poll: Team Godzilla vs Team Kong.

How about a new poll: Team Godzilla vs Team Kong.

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TitanosaurusMember666 XPMay-22-2020 2:54 AMTeam Godzilla

I believe that this is really necessary. Why not? It is fun and allows you to show your preferences, even if the choice is only from two options.

KotM survey doesn't have to be replaced by GvK. GvK results may be added in the second line below.

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8 Responses to How about a new poll: Team Godzilla vs Team Kong.


GiganMember3193 XPMay-22-2020 9:04 AMTeam Ghidorah

Gojira has to win. Kong already did. 

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


BaragonMember200 XPMay-23-2020 12:09 AMTeam Godzilla

Team Godzilla because

 "We must keep our faith in Gojira"

 "He fought for us died for us he is not only proof coexistence is possible he is the key to it"

-Dr. Ishiro Serizawa

Trash panda

AnguirusMember1265 XPMay-24-2020 10:44 PMTeam Godzilla

I’m Godzilla all the way but I wonder what other people on like Insta, Tick Tock, etc. would think

Ah **** I’m using my wrong eye again. Sorry that was meant to be behind your back


SpaceGodzillaAdmin22767 XPMay-25-2020 6:58 AMTeam Ghidorah

Indeed Leto, an update is on the way, which will focus on Godzilla and Kong :)

The other KOTM teams will remain optional so Team Godzilla will still have a majority vote, however I will update the poll so it allows for a heavier focus on Godzilla and Kong.

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GiganMember3193 XPMay-25-2020 1:03 PMTeam Ghidorah

That would be better since KOTM came out a while ago

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

Trash panda

AnguirusMember1265 XPMay-25-2020 10:08 PMTeam Godzilla

Sounds fun.

Ah **** I’m using my wrong eye again. Sorry that was meant to be behind your back


Mothra LarvaeMember19 XPJun-09-2020 10:45 AM

Nice idea. Team Kong!.


Mothra LarvaeMember11 XPJun-30-2020 6:47 PM

Pretty cool and awesome.




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