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2021 latest Godzilla vs Kong leak.

2021 latest Godzilla vs Kong leak.

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hawk4117 #TeamGodzilla

Jan-17-2021 10:51 AM

So the latest leak states that Godzilla will be deemed the winner against Kong, barley, and that Godzilla will then confront Mecha-Godzilla.  When those two fight, Godzilla will supposedly get his ass handed to him by the Mecha, and Kong sees this as he is close by to witness their battle.  Not sure how the plot supports Kong deciding to help out the mighty lizard, but he does, and that’s when it happens.  They both team up to take on the Mecha…so the leak exploits.  Hmmmm….not sure how I feel about the Mecha-Godzilla.  I was hoping to see the Mecha-Ghidorah but other sites have mentioned Mecha-Godzilla as well.  It’s not uncommon in past movies that Godzilla has teamed up with other Monsters.  He teamed up with Jet Jaguar to battle Gigan and Megalon…remember?   Now as far as the characters and their story line, I don’t have a clue.  The leak did mention that they will focus more on character structure.  As for the battle between Kong and Godzilla? Well it does appear that neither one will fall to their death.  That would be tragic and downright un-productive for future projects.  I’ve mentioned this before that if Warner and Legendary get’s this movie right, and if it’s profitable, there could be more future MonsterVerse projects down the road.  There’s other worthy Monster’s to mention that can easily make appearances  such as Destroyah, Gigan, Megalon,  Biollante, and Hedorah.  And who knows, maybe Godzilla and Kong could possibly tag team to take on the mighty Mecha-Ghidorah if Warner and Legendary wants to go that way. I always take leaks with a grain of salt, but it does appear that other sites have mentioned this scenario as well. What are your thoughts? Long live the King!

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8 Responses to 2021 latest Godzilla vs Kong leak.

G. H. (Gman)

Jan-17-2021 11:17 AM

There's another source that claims the Godzilla/Kong team up is BS. And MechaGodzilla has all but been confirmed since last year thanks to the toy leak.

MechaGodzilla is one of Toho's most profitable monsters. Plus WB got the rights to use it in Ready Player One, so it adds up.

As for profitability, in the age of streaming and covid, which has already resigned projects to lose money, I doubt we'll see any more Monsterverse after this.

hawk4117 #TeamGodzilla

Jan-17-2021 4:46 PM

Yeah I read a site that stated that. Actually there's two that I came across that stated Kong and Godzilla would not team up.  But there's at least 6 others that stated otherwise! It's all speculative and hearsay. The truth will come out in March. As for your comment saying "MechaGodzilla is one of Toho's most profitable monsters"...I beg to differ.  We're talking Toho! It's Godzilla, being the number one most profitable toy ever...Toho and Godzilla are Brothers' in the toy and movie market for Gods sake! I do agree with you about future projects being impacted all across the board because of the pandemic.  No doubt, the Corvid pandemic has definitely affected profits in the movie industry. We'll see! 

G. H. (Gman)

Jan-18-2021 8:40 AM

MechaGodzilla is one of Toho's most popular and profitable creations in the Godzilla series which is why they keep bringing it back. Toho was so pleased with the first MechaGodzilla movie in 1974 they made sure he was in the direct sequel. In the Heisei series they brought it back after bringing King Ghidorah and Mothra back proved so successful. And they brought it back again in the Millennium series after, once again, bringing back Mothra and King Ghidorah proved successful. The Kiryu toy sales were very high during those films' run. It played a significant role in the anime series. It was in Ready Player One. And each incarnation has been in video games and comic books as a constant.

The reason MechaGodzilla is being brought back is because he's a more bankable character than Mecha King Ghidorah, Destoroyah, Gigan or Hedorah, which haven't been in as many movies or marketed media.

hawk4117 #TeamGodzilla

Jan-18-2021 9:00 AM

Well your research does make sense.  I always thought Godzilla made Toho and without him, the toy market would not be as profitable as it is.  It's all good! As for the future possible projects, we will see.  I was hoping there could be at least one more down the road.  As for the battle itself.....LET THEM FIGHT! lol Thanks for your comment.

G. H. (Gman)

Jan-18-2021 12:19 PM

Toho was already the most powerful studio in Japan before Godzilla was made in 1954. Toho certainly learned to make money off the character later on, but it would be 8-10 years before Toho realized they had a franchise on their hands.


Jan-20-2021 9:20 AM

I’ve noticed a trend with Supposed leaks, there are no actual story and they tend to stay ambiguous. Otherwise they falk apart every time new information is released. I remember a leak that described a hedorah like monster, and we have Warbat. This still could be a possibility, but too many villains makes for a muddled story. (In my opinion. I don’t mean a group of people, with a leader who is the villian.)

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hawk4117 #TeamGodzilla

Jan-21-2021 11:10 AM

Yeah I read the same thing about the Warbat.  I saw saw how artists depicted his appearance and it seems to me it wouldn't even give Kong a little bit of a hard time in combat.  I don't even think it had any legs! lol Yes all the leaks I have came across is just hearsay but makes for an interesting read.  I like to see what other Godzilla fans think and who they might want to see Godzilla fight next, if even Kong and Godzilla do team up after their battle? Who knows it might not even happen.  Come March we'll all find out.

G. H. (Gman)

Jan-21-2021 3:27 PM

The toy for Warbat has already been released. There are no legs. It's a serpentine-like creature.

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